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(inspired by this post)

lmao i tried making a comic strip but im honestly scared of panel placement so… i just made it like a webtoon 

@ihni its done! your interest in my doodles keeps me alive ilu

In this boy; a blazing fire
And there, on his flaming pyre

Is a pile of burning dreams
He is splitting at the seams

Breathe in smoke and breathe out pain
Stitch yourself up once again

Aramis from BBC’s Musketeers, played by Santiago Cabrera.

White, grey and black pencils on paper. Some details added with a white gel pen. (I can’t believe how long it’s taken me to try out the greyscale in pencils! I love the result and will buy more shades in the future.)

Musketeers in markers!

(and a little bit of pencils)

Yeah, so I’m still trying to learn how markers work. Now my 0,5-5 markers are all dead! … which is why this is darker than intended (note to self: buy more markers).

And yeah, I’m still very much into BBC’s The Musketeers. Very watchable show. (I’m in love with the costumes and the swordfights and the brotherhood. <3)