ihni draws

Aramis from BBC’s Musketeers, played by Santiago Cabrera.

White, grey and black pencils on paper. Some details added with a white gel pen. (I can’t believe how long it’s taken me to try out the greyscale in pencils! I love the result and will buy more shades in the future.)

Musketeers in markers!

(and a little bit of pencils)

Yeah, so I’m still trying to learn how markers work. Now my 0,5-5 markers are all dead! … which is why this is darker than intended (note to self: buy more markers).

And yeah, I’m still very much into BBC’s The Musketeers. Very watchable show. (I’m in love with the costumes and the swordfights and the brotherhood. <3)

Stiles Stilinski, Teen Wolf.

Stiles is a spark, so he gets … a spark. I also chose to draw him like I imagine his thoughts to be; chaotic, going in every direction at once, threads of thoughts stringing together … and basically a mess. But it still paints a clear picture. Stiles is sharp when he focuses. I don’t know what it means to be a spark, but Stiles is special. He is also very human, very vulnerable and not perfect in the least. Which is why I love him, really.

Watercolour, salt (yeah, don’t ask), ink, acrylics and pen on paper.