Dragon Languages pt 1

I’m going to eventually get to all the Flight languages but for now I’m just doing common, Wind, Fire, and Water, the Flights my clan have/do belong to.

Common Draconic: Wide spoken common tongue of Sorienth and usually the second and majority language of most dragons. Originally started as a merchant and messenger language and is similar to English in that it incorporates a lot of different languages/slang that actually makes it up. So pronunciation and grammar can sometimes be all over the fucking place and every grammatical rule usually has three instances where you can ignore it. Is written as a series of forty runes with several variations of R, S, Ch/Sh, and K. Reads left to right in most Flights. Is read right to left in the Isles, the Wasteland and the Labyrinth though no one is quite sure why. Has many different names across Sorienth but is mostly just called common draconic.

Sihngari [Sing-ari]: The local common language of the Plateau. Spoken by Wind dragons as their first language and hard to learn for most other dragons as its mostly an uninterrupted stream of speaking that requires air being continuously drawn into the lungs (circular breathing) that most other elements cannot accomplish. The series of sounds Sihngari can make are very strict and its a very tonal language with several ‘words’ written the same but when spoken have vastly different meanings based on if they’re base, ascending, or descending. Written Sihngari is rare to find and nearly impossible to read even to some Wind natives as there is only a single punctuation mark and some characters can mean six different sounds. As such Sihngari is a mostly verbal tongue and most Wind records and written stories are written in common draconic. Sihngari is also known as 'the Singing Tongue’ because often times the stories Wind dragons tell in Sihngari turn into songs so the entire language is known to have a sort of cadence to it that makes it seem like a song or poem and Sihngari honestly sounds best when sung. The ‘ihng’ makes an ‘-ing’ sound similar to ding or sing and when spoken its expected to havewell a ring to it.

Larwhrl [Larr-whurl]: The common tongue of the Wastes. Spoken exclusively by Fire dragons but it isn’t always a Fire dragons first language because of how you speak it. Because Coatls are the progenitors of Larwhrl it is very tonal and very very subtle. Most speaking in Larwhrl is in humms or just general sound and not so much words, which can be very difficult for some dragons to speak, even coatls who aren’t taught from a very young age. Even then coatls and other dragons will have different ranges of just what a specific sound is supposed to actually mean and sound like and dragons on different sides of the Wastes can thus have the same sound, both in Larwhrl that mean entirely different thing! Instead Larwhrl is a majority written language. So those same two dragon populations that say the same word differently both have it spelled the same. So for example the word 'car’ in English. West side coatls might say 'char’ (which would mean car) but east side coatls would say 'car’ (also means car) but 'char’ would mean something different to them like 'table’. So when dragons from different parts of the Wastes they often don’t even bother talking and instead just have entire conversations in text form. This leads other Flights to think native Fire flighters are just very quiet.

Ouaq {O-oo-ack]: The dominant language of the Sea and Water dragons across Sorienth. Ouaq has no official form of writing or even verbalization and will vary throughout regions and locations across Sorienth. As such its impossible to have a runic alphabet for Oauq or even get a real reading on just what Ouaq sounds like because six Water dragons from six different parts of Sorienth will talk completely different to one another. However should they come together they will be able to talk to one another without even missing a beat. That is because more than any other dragon language Ouaq is a language of signs and body language. In the water many sounds do not travel well and writing is difficult because it will be destroyed by the water/eroded. So Water dragons basically developed an incredibly in-depth form of sign language that involves just not the front claws but also the entire body. So while Ouaq spoken and written can vary from place to place the signs of Ouaq stay the same so Water dragons across Sorienth can communicate with one another easily.