I Know What's Best ~ A Markiplier Ego Fanfic

Okay so i got a really kind and lovely prompt from an immensely complimentive anon and hoooooo BOI I HOPE YOU’RE ALL READY FOR SOME TEASING BECAUSE I SURE AS HELL AM NOT…..LET’S DO THIS!!!

Bim was nervous, even though mentally he knew it was silly. It was a doctor’s check-up, and it was going to be carried out by one of his friends no less?! God Bim pull yourself together, you have no reason to be nervous. None at all….and yet…..Bim sighed to himself as he sat in the small waiting room, thinking to himself. He wasn’t sure why he was nervous….he just had this strange nagging feeling in the back of his mind that something was going to happen. Bim’s brain wasn’t being very specific, which was annoying, so Bim tried to ignore the little nagging sensation. His hands fiddled in his lap as he looked around, he was surprised to see that he was the only patient waiting…..but Bim didn’t question it. He was about to sneak a peek at the clock again before one of the check-up rooms opened and a nurse came out, smiling gently as she approached him.

‘Bim Trimmer? He’s ready for you.’

Bim smiled as he stood, smoothing out his suit as he followed the woman through the door she’d come from. Bim relaxed a little at the sight of Iplier sat at his desk, and he looked up to Bim with a kind smile as he stood.

‘Ah Bim, excellent. We should be good nurse.’

The nurse nodded and promptly left, shutting the door behind he with a small click, thus leaving Bim and the medical man alone in the consultation room, which also had a patient bench…..which actually looked rather comfy. Iplier stood and paced round to where Bim was stood, a wide smile on his face.

'How are you doing Bim? No pressing medical things you need me to address first?’

Bim smiled in response as he shook his head, he was already beginning to relax at Iplier’s kindly tone; and he was at the point where he was questioning what on earth he’d been so nervous about in the first place.

'No, no I’m pretty sure I’m fighting fit.’

Iplier grinned as he clapped a hand on his shoulder, and began leading Bim to the patient bench as he talked.

'That’s what I like to hear, but I’m just going to do all the basic checks to be safe. Skeletal and joint integrity, muscle response, nerve response…..’

As Bim perched on the bench he let out a small snicker, looking to Iplier with a wide grin.

'I’m not gonna pretend to know what ANY of that means.’

Iplier let out a gentle chuckle as he began slipping on his mandatory latex gloves, he grinned widely at Bim before leaning forward and pretending to whisper.

'It’s fancy wording for “check all the right shit works”. But don’t tell anyone I told you!’

Bim giggled before miming zipping his lips shut, he legs were swinging a little…..since his feet couldn’t touch the floor when he was sat on the bench but that’s not an important factor pffft Bim’s not a midget or anything. Said man had by this point taken his shoes off and tentatively laid himself on the bench…..and it was in fact immensely comfy. As Iplier tested his stethoscope on his own chest he flicked his eyes to Bim.

'I’m gonna need you topless too.’

Bim immediately grinned wider as he shot the doctor an exaggerated expression of flirtatiousness, whilst also placing his hand on his chest; his eyes narrowed seductively.

'Why doctor…..’

Iplier couldn’t help but snigger as he sent Bim a wink, before rolling his eyes and speaking through small chuckles.

'Belieheve me, ihif that was going to behe the case I would have ahat least dimmed the lights. I have some class…..’

Bim giggled again lightly as he stripped off his jacket, neck-tie and shirt, which Iplier took from him and set on his desk in a neatly folded pile. As Iplier turned back to him, he grinned widely before he fanned himself lightly whilst gesturing to Bim’s topless form.

'Oh sweet lord…..’

Bim used a hand to cover his mouth as giggles streamed from him, and his cheeks were even going a little pink at the doctor’s silliness. Iplier found himself grinning fondly at Bim’s giddy and relaxed state, a lesser known fact was that Iplier got all of his patients into this state one way or another before he actually started whatever procedure needed to be done. He always felt that a happier patient was a more relaxed patient and a more relaxed patient meant Iplier could get his job done with less awkwardness and discomfort; it was always his key aim. 

'Oho my god stohop!’

Iplier cackled gently as he came over to Bim, who had rested his arms at his sides.

'Ahalright, alright I’m done. Ohokay so first things first breathe in for me…..’

The check-up was going well, Iplier managed to check Bim's breathing capabilities and the mobility of his muscles and so far he was indeed fighting fit. Apart from a few little back strains from Warfstache working him too hard, he was doing pretty good from Iplier’s perspective. Now came for the bone and nerve checks, these were often able to be carried out relatively easily since all Iplier had to do was have a bit of a feel around. Bim meanwhile was also feeling pretty content by this point, what had he even been worried about?

'Okay I just need you to raise your arms so I can check your ribs now…..’

Bim complied as he raised his arms above his head, a small chill went down his spine as the cool air hit his ribs, but he nevertheless relaxed. Iplier leant forward and placed the tips of his fingers on either side of Bim’s ribcage, starting at the top, and he lightly pressed and rubbed at the upper bones just so he coul-

'AH! Wahait!’

Iplier very nearly jumped out of his skin at Bim’s outburst, and he immediately stopped in his rubbing for fear of having hurt him. He looked to Bim’s face and started to try and deduce how much pain he was in.

'Oh god did that hurt? What kind of pain was it? How would you place it on a scale of 1-10, 1 bein-’

’D-dohoc it’s fine! It uh….it didn’t hurt, you just surprised me that’s all…..’

Bim spoke hurriedly, immediately wanting to dissuade Iplier from thinking that he’d caused him pain…..because in this situation that was certainly not the correct diagnosis. At Bim’s words Iplier immediately relaxed…..but then his insatiable curiosity had reared its head. Iplier had spontaneously checked other areas like this and Bim hadn’t reacted so abruptly then, so what was different now? He narrowed his eyes at Bim and the latter could feel himself shrinking back a little under the doctor’s analytical gaze.

'Hm…..are you quite sure that your surprise was the only thing that prompted your reaction?’

Bim didn’t hesitate to nod, he knew that if Iplier underwent a realisation about his…..sensitivity, he would be utterly screwed. Bim’s cheeks were pink once again as he nodded….but he couldn’t keep the frantic and insistent nature of it at bay.

'Yes I swear i-it was just my s-surprise! Nothing else, honestly!’

Iplier let out a light hum as his mind worked away, his gaze took in Bim’s seemingly desperate demeanour. He knew Bim was lying…..but he couldn’t yet figure out exactly what it was that Bim was trying so hard to cover up. Hmmm…..Iplier suddenly smiled gently with his narrowed eyes, he leant forward as he spoke.

'You see Bim…..I just have this feeling that you’re lying to me…..’

Bim gulped a little as he squirmed on the bench, suddenly feeling extremely vulnerable as Iplier got closer to him…..and extended his hands back to his ribs.

'Nonono I’m not I’m not!’

'Oh really?’

Iplier’s voice was harsh and stern, making Bim’s cheeks darken as his gazed became fixed upon Iplier’s hands which were inching ever closer. In the space of a millisecond, Iplier’s fingertips were back to prodding and rubbing at his upper ribs…..and Iplier’s keen eyes were fixed on Bim. The latter couldn’t escape or hide it anymore, he yipped as frantic giggles left his lips as he looked at Iplier imploringly.

'Dohohohon’t dohohohoho ihihit!’

A wave of realisation passed through Iplier…..and the first thought that ran through his mind was the incredulousness that Bim could get any more adorable, which Iplier personally thought would have been an impossible feat for the already immensely cute man. It seems Iplier was mistaken. But now the doctor finally knew what was happening…..he was going to have a LOT of fun with his patient.

'Oh Bim! Oh how could I have been so blind to your ailment!’

Iplier spoke with dramatized woe as he moved his hands to the middle of Bim’s ribcage, where the pads of his fingers vibrated and massaged every inch of ticklish skin Bim had. Bim meanwhile was getting progressively more embarrassed and giggly as he looked at Iplier with a wide-eyed expression of apprehension.

'Wh-whahahahat dohoho yohohou mehehean?!’

Iplier was trying so hard to maintain a serious façade, and as of now he was doing quite well. He decided to stand up so he was leaning over Bim menacingly, and he relished in the nervous shiver that he managed to elicit with his movements alone. Iplier’s tone deepened as he spoke solemnly.

'I am afraid that you have a severe case……’

Iplier paused for a effect as he also paused his fingers, thus keeping Bim in jittery suspense. Then suddenly his hands shot up to scratch and scribble in the hollows of Bim’s underarms as he exclaimed.

'Of Ticklish-Liaritis!’

Bim burst into snorting cackles as his arms came slamming down, but nothing could stop the shocks and ticklish waves that Iplier’s skilled fingertips unloaded.


Iplier let his eyes widen as he expelled a loud gasp, opening his mouth wide at Bim to present his strong indignance and offense…..which to Iplier’s amusement only seemed to make Bim laugh harder.

'How…..DARE you! Here I am, trying to HELP you if you please! And here you are, being silly and giggly in the middle of my procedure whilst you question my credibility as a doctor?!’

Bim could only laugh and squirm as he blushed harder at Iplier’s reprimanding, his grin was wider than it had probably ever been before as his mirth and embarrassment intermingled like butterflies in his tummy.


Iplier fought back a wide smirk as he lessened up on the wiggling of his fingers, but he still kept them moving so Bim could stay encased in his little world of giggles.

'Mmmmm I guess you can be excused for your rudeness, this is clearly your affliction talking…..’

Bim giggled squeakily as he tried to hide his face in his shoulder, his breath was jittery and jumpy……and he mumbled embarrassedly.

’……hohow doho wehe fihix ihihihit?’

Iplier was taken aback…..Bim actually wanted him to continue? Iplier observed him, his rouged cheeks, his wide smile…..his flusteredness. Iplier aww'ed internally, well if Bim was enjoying himself then who was he to cut it short? Iplier’s eyes were shining as he looked down at Bim, his medical persona back in place. 

'Well…..I’m going to need to see how far it’s spread of course, to see how much of your body has been affected by it…..’

Iplier fought back a grin at Bim’s visible gulp, and yet no protest came forth. Bim only nibbled his lip and remained relatively silent, with the odd giggle slipping out. Iplier thought for a moment….until he let his eyes rest on Bim’s bare stomach.

'Perhaps your tummy would be a good place to start this investigation?’

Over the past few minutes, Bim’s clamped arms had been gradually un-tensing which allowed Iplier to now remove his hands from his hollows; not without a few skitters here and there though. Bim was yipping and giggling gently now, and in his mind he couldn’t believe this was actually happening…..well at least he now knew what he’d been nervous about. Except….perhaps the word 'nervous’’ isn’t the correct term. You see, the truth of it is….this is precisely what Bim had been hoping for; it was practically the only reason he’d agreed to the check-up. In the hopes of being tickled. Well he’d certainly got his wish, since Iplier’s fingertips were now gently tracing over his belly.

'Ohohoho gohohohosh……’

Iplier furrowed his eyebrows with mock concern, keeping up the teasing lightness so he could watch Bim squirm and giggle…..and from Iplier’s point of view it actually seemed like Bim was squirming INTO his fingertips; this was too damn precious.

'Dear oh dear, yes this is quite a serious case……my goodness you poor thing, I can’t imagine how horrid this affliction must be for you…..’

Bim’s cheeks seemed to get even hotter at Iplier’s devious words, and through his giggles he was gasping and squeaking like a mouse that had just run a marathon.

'Ohohoho my gohohohod shuhuhut uhuhuhup!’

Bim spoke in a giggly whimper, thus making Iplier harden his touch……significantly. There was no warning, not even a transition into scratches. Iplier just straight up dug his fingers into Bim’s abdominals, squeezing all over Bim’s poor tummy and even his sides; for added research. Amidst his ruthless onslaught however, Iplier’s vernacular remained perfectly nonchalant.

'I know it’s difficult to hear Bim, but I’m just in awe of how you’ve coped with it before coming to see me! Being so sensitive all the time…..it must be pure hell.’

Bim wholeheartedly agreed. This was pure hell…..and yet heaven simultaneously. He thrashed and laughed wildly as his dimples shone through from his wide, and very nearly insane, smile; whilst also trying to curl up on himself.


Iplier sighed at Bim’s hysteria, keeping up the ruthlessness by deciding to torment Bim’s belly button and waistline simultaneously. Iplier was quite proud of the fact he’d managed to keep up his stoic composure unlike Bim…..to be fair though Bim was the one being tickle-tortured so he was at a slight disadvantage. Iplier tutted a little as he spoke, all the while Bim was bucking and writhing.

'Ah yes, incoherency and loss of muscular control…..such terrible side effects…..’

Iplier decided to lessen the relentlessness, settling for tracing Bim’s belly and sides once again as Bim hastened to catch his breath and look up at his professional tormentor.

'Thihihis ihihis ehevihil!’

Iplier donned a sympathetic expression, all the while Bim giggled residually.

'I know…..I feel nothing but sympathy, I can assure you…..’

Bim resisted the urge to fling forth a retort, he knew damn well that Iplier was just being a mischievous shit. Speaking of said mischievousness…..Iplier knew that Bim probably thought he was done being ruthless, or in fact that he was done all together and that he was going to drop his façade. He was going to, very soon in fact…..but there was something he needed to do first.


Iplier felt his heart melt at Bim’s words…..the fact that he seemed so grateful, it just made Iplier feel honoured at the fact that Bim was his friend. The doctor smiled at Bim, all the while perceiving how progressively relaxed the man became with every passing second…..and it was now. Just after Bim had spoken….this was the doctor’s cue.

'You are most welcome.’

And with that statement…..Iplier grinned. A wide, and slightly feral, grin as he suddenly launched himself at Bim and buried his face in his neck…..where he unleashed raspberry upon messy raspberry, whilst barely stopping to breathe.


Bim screeched in surprise as he scrunched his shoulders and immediately started pushing at the doctor’s shoulders, which unfortunately did him no good as Iplier’s sloppy raspberry/nibbling attack continued.

'I still need a decent diagnosis!’

Iplier exclaimed as Bim wailed and cackled…..but then he screamed. For Iplier had decide to spontaneously reach behind him and squeeze the tops of his thigh muscles…..you could say that Bim noticed.


Iplier chuckled as he scratched and pinched at the, now heavily flailing, muscles all the while he messily nibbled at Bim’s ears.

'If I am to diagnose you properly, I need to carry out as much experimentation as possible!’


'Uhhh yes I dooooo!’

Iplier grinned at Bim’s protests, but was conscious of the fact that Bim’s strength to fight back was waning and the doctor certainly did not want to end up causing any real ailments to arise. Iplier started by letting up on Bim’s thighs, so that his reactions dimmed down from their hysteria gradually, and then relented on his ears and neck. Iplier did this because he was conscious of Bim’s breathing. If he had relented instantly, there would have been a lot of confusion for Bim’s lungs because of the sudden change in Bim’s body’s need for oxygen; but by doing it gradually, Iplier was allowing Bim’s lungs to get back to functioning at a steady rate by GETTING to that rate, in a less abrupt manner. He’s a doctor, he knows what’s best.

'Fuhuhuck Ihi thihihink Ihi’m dyihihing…..’

Bim gasped as he let his head fall back and rest whilst his eyes fluttered shut, his chest rose and fell slowly as his breathing rate turned to normal. Bim could still feel his legs, neck, ears and the entirety of his torso tingling from the aftermath…..Bim had never been tickled like that in his life. By god he loved it.

'Ihi can assure you Bim, that you are alive and….“fighting fit”.’

Bim felt himself smile at Iplier’s voice and at how it copied his earlier words. He opened his eyes and turned to the owner of that voice, who was in fact smiling gently himself as he observed his patient’s recovery. Bim slowly sat up and arched his back as he stretched, before looking to Iplier with a bashful expression.

'I-I know I uhm…..said it before but uh…..thanks.’

Iplier’s smile widened as Bim sat up further and swung his legs over the edge of the bench, the doctor’s eyes glimmered with new joy as Bim’s shone with his embarrassment and his residual mirth.

'Bim…..you are most welcome.’

Iplier extended his hand to Bim, who looked at it for a moment before he took it and let Iplier help him off the bench. There was silence in the room as Bim redressed himself, and smoothed himself down….particularly rubbing the tops of his legs which Iplier couldn’t help but smirk at as he sat back down at his desk. He watched as Bim turned to leave…..but then a small thought popped into his head.

'Oh Bim?’

Said man turned, curious as Iplier smiled lightly.

'Remember…..it’s important that you have medical check-ups regularly, to…..keep on top of your health.’

Bim felt his cheeks go pink again as his hands started fidgeting with one another, but he grinned and nodded.

’…..I’ll remember.’

Iplier grinned widely at him as Bim departed, with a new spring in his step, and it’s worth noting that Bim does in fact have very regular check-ups. I mean, why wouldn’t he take Iplier’s advice? After all…..he does know best.

Ohhhhhhh this was so fun to write holy heck TELL ME IF YA LIKE IT AHHHHH LUV YOUS XX

Snow Is Falling

Fandom - The Mortal Instruments

Characters - Magnus, Alec

Summary - It’s snowing, and Magnus is demanding Alec takes time to play in it. Even Shadowhunters need to appreciate the beauty of nature, right?

(A/N) - I honestly apologise if this is terrible. I’m going through writer’s block like you would not imagine, and I’m fresh out of prompts, so this is the product of me and my friend scrolling through my dash for three hours and coming across some snow photography.

Also, thank you for 200 followers!

I love every single one of you guys, whether you give a like to all my fics, or read them in silence. Thank youuuuu!

Words - 747



“It’s snowing,” Magnus exclaimed, bounding over to his boyfriend. “Really heavily!”

“I… I’ve seen, Mags.”

“Let’s go outside!”

“Magnus, it’s freezing.”

“C’mon, Alec! Please? For me?” Magnus grinned, his eyes wide and playful.


Magnus rushed outside, neon purple scarf flapping in the wind. “Look!”

“What?” Alec sighed, teeth chattering. “It’s freezing.”

“It’s not that cold.”

“You have about 18 layers on.”

Choosing to ignore this argument, Magnus grabbed Alec’s gloved hand, dragging him to Central Park.

“Bet I can build a better snowman than you.”

“You’re literally 8 years old, aren’t you? You’re immortal and ancient, but you’re 8.”

“Maybe,” Magnus replied with a flashy grin, scooping snow into his arms. “Here, hold this,” he said thrusting it towards Alec.

“No, Mags, don- really?!” Alec grumbled, as Magnus’s armful of snow hit him straight on the chest, sliding down his body.

“I’m building a snowman,” Magnus defended.

“By throwing snow at me?”

“You’re the snowman,” Magnus laughed, throwing a snowball at Alec’s mop of damp hair.

“If you throw even one more snowflake at me, I will get Catarina to portal you to France.”

“You’d miss me.”

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Supernatural: A Hell of a Tickle Fight (Reader fic)

Anon requested: 

reader could be Dean’s 14(?) year old daughter who’s started to get bullied at school because her Uncle Sam is in love with Uncle Cas. She comes home and runs straight to her room. Cas and Sam, being concerned, find out what’s wrong and fluff ensues, then they cheer her up with tickles of course. Then Cas and Sam turn on each other and arghh just a cute tickle fight :“) then dean comes home and joins in and AHH HAPPINESS :"D

Honestly I fell in love with this prompt when I read it. And I tried to make the reader not so much a specific age, just to make it more versatile for the audience, but she should be in ‘school’ still, whatever that means for you. Also, side note, this was the fic that I started and it got deleted so I’m sorry it took so long. 

There’s also just mild Sastiel, nothing too intense or too focused on.

Please Enjoy!

Supernatural ©

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