Supernatural: A Hell of a Tickle Fight (Reader fic)

Anon requested: 

reader could be Dean’s 14(?) year old daughter who’s started to get bullied at school because her Uncle Sam is in love with Uncle Cas. She comes home and runs straight to her room. Cas and Sam, being concerned, find out what’s wrong and fluff ensues, then they cheer her up with tickles of course. Then Cas and Sam turn on each other and arghh just a cute tickle fight :“) then dean comes home and joins in and AHH HAPPINESS :"D

Honestly I fell in love with this prompt when I read it. And I tried to make the reader not so much a specific age, just to make it more versatile for the audience, but she should be in ‘school’ still, whatever that means for you. Also, side note, this was the fic that I started and it got deleted so I’m sorry it took so long. 

There’s also just mild Sastiel, nothing too intense or too focused on.

Please Enjoy!

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