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HWCH Meme iHetalia Music Time America 

The song used in the video isn’t mine, is: / La cancion utilizada no me pertenece, es:

Title: Last Friday Night
Original from Katty Perry
Version used in the video is from Glee Cast (Glee of Ryan Murphy) singed by Darren Criss

My Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/HeroSkatman

HeroSkatman (Me) as Alfred F. Jones (America) and Postproduction of the video
Christian Vera as Sadiq Adnan (Turkey) and Production of the video
Sidarthur as Francis Bonnefoy (France)
Cabe as Ivan Braginski (Russia) 
Jimmy Sanchez as Roderich Edelstein (Austria) 
Chexamakey as Arthur Kirkland (England)
Adriana Pino as Lily (Liechtenstein)
Johanna Sheccid as Elizabeta Héderváry (Hungary)
Josue Rivadeneira as Kiku Honda (Japan) / Wang Yao (China)

Watch on pixelcaster.tumblr.com

iHetalia - iPod dance party APH (by Alejandra Gutierrez)

(Originally saw this a few years ago, I don’t know the original video sources, I assume these were ripped from NicoNico. If anyone knows the ORIGINAL creator of the iHetalia vids, please let me know so I can source it properly.)