Sungmin favorite color is PINK
 Sungmin is anemic.
 Sungmin learned Chinese martial arts. He’s very good at it.
 When Sungmin was asked to finish the sentence, “Super Junior is..” He replied “a theme park”
 Sungmin was going to change his wardrobe once but there was too much pink so he decided not to.
 Sungmin is the pumpkin King.
 Sungmin has told his noona fans to call him ‘oppa’ if it makes them feel better
 Sungmin always wear a golden ring on his pinky. He been wearing that ring since he was a little.
 Sungmin and Eun Hyuk usually sleeps in the same bed. I think it’s because they were friends way before Super Junior debute.
 Sungmin likes to play the piano in his spare time.
 Sungmin claims his cuteness is “natural”
 Sungmin’s best friend in SJ is Shindong and usually goes to talk to Shindong about his personal issues and asks for advice from him often.
 Sungmin is the most frugal out of all the members
 Sungmin is so embarrased when he told SNSD Sooyoung that his first kiss was Eunhyuk and he already kissed Eunhyuk for about 3-4 times.
 The common sense that Sungmin was aware of was: No matter how much you love somebody there are times when you can’t love
 Sungmin likes being with himself. But he sometimes go along with Hyukkie.
 Sungmin likes the time with Hyukie .But he said that when he have a gf, we would love the times when he is with her.
 Sungmin showers together with Eunhyuk.
 Sungmin’s fave word is Sarang or Love.”
 Sungmin likes the times of the day when the numbers were all the same like 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, etc.
 Sungmin likes the day Friday.
 The biggest lie that Sungmin told was “I don’t have money”
 Sungmin like girls shorter than him,cute,acts cute a lot,nice,sings well or likes music,does a lot of pretty actions amongst celebrities.
 Sungmin’s cellphones are pink LG Chocolate and iPhone
 “Sungmin’s car is Honda Civic. Arcording to KangIn, Sungmin is very careful when he uses his car
 Sungmin’s most important thing is his family.
 Sungmin loves to cook for his member. The whole kitchen is to himself
 Sungmin’s roomate is Kyuhyun