FYI this is what I look like now. At almost 30 this coming FeB. I made my tumblr back in the fall of 2011. I graduated college, still unemployed, but at least I have a degree right? The early ’10s has been a self discovery for me, for my mental health. Accepting life & it’s past & present. Living in the moment & not holding any past grudges. Finally letting go & not giving a flying fuck. 12.4.14 💋

GOING BACK TO COLLEGE! YAYA! Got my books today [so heavy] Stay in school kids! <3 In two years I’ll be a graduate! :) ::tears:: now or never, I’ve kept putting this off for years, I am 27 going on 28 in February. Doing this for my kids, husband & our future. Can’t wait to be a Dental Assistant! Here’s to the new me and first day of the rest of my life! [can I get some motivational music over here] LOL

My “fat girl jeans” are officially retired! I still have 60 more lbs to go. I’m embarrassed I got that big again 😆 thanks to running & toning at the gym, quit drinking, eating veggies, no fast food. No more eating processed food! Drinking my kefir! My nutritionist will be happy my next weight in when she can see my new results! My lungs & heart are feeling better & stronger. Gaining 80 lbs put a lot of stress on my heart, my back, hips & knees were hurting. My skin hurt from the stretching. I’m not suppose to be fat. Don’t ever accept being fat. Morbid Obesity is not healthy.