FYI this is what I look like now. At almost 30 this coming FeB. I made my tumblr back in the fall of 2011. I graduated college, still unemployed, but at least I have a degree right? The early ’10s has been a self discovery for me, for my mental health. Accepting life & it’s past & present. Living in the moment & not holding any past grudges. Finally letting go & not giving a flying fuck. 12.4.14 💋

GOING BACK TO COLLEGE! YAYA! Got my books today [so heavy] Stay in school kids! <3 In two years I’ll be a graduate! :) ::tears:: now or never, I’ve kept putting this off for years, I am 27 going on 28 in February. Doing this for my kids, husband & our future. Can’t wait to be a Dental Assistant! Here’s to the new me and first day of the rest of my life! [can I get some motivational music over here] LOL