Blog Lovin' Snippets

I do love Blog Lovin’, it makes it so easy to follow my favourite blogs.  I thought I’d share a couple of interesting articles with you from this weeks browsing:

1) How to layer up all those skincare products so they’re effective: skincare101

2) Some organisational tips from the fabulous IHeartOrganizing, because I’m sure a lot of us bloggers are always on the look out for ways to organise our stash! Click here

Better Homes and Gardens, Storage Magazine

this is what happens when you have three boys – you organize the lego peeps.

shooting in an amazing dressing room.

chalkboard drawings with molly & jay.

best salad ever – agave kitchen and cantina, hudson, wisconsin.

getting things done.

my favorite flower of all time.

cheers! to a fabulous week with great friends, colleagues, and new friends. 

follow Jen Jones for amazing tips and ideas for organization – one of the greatest people online and in person!

cheers to a fab week!

11 DIY Projects That Are The Perfect Additions To Your Home Office

1. Make a door organizer.

Tutorial via iHeartOrganizing

An organized alternative to the junk drawer.

2. Make a dry erase board and desk tray.

Tutorial via Two Twenty One

3. Revamp your bookshelves.

Tutorial via Pneumatic Addict.

Get a cheap bookshelf and update it yourself.

4. Make an iron mesh mood board.

Tutorial via My Paradissi

Inspiration at your fingertips. 

5. Make a boring file cabinet more exciting.

Use a stencil to create a cool design. 

6. Make a fabric pin board

Tutorial via Pontos de Interesse

Pin all your reminders to pretty little pin boards.

7. Classy Pencil Holders

Tutorial via View From The Fridge

You’d never believe it wasn’t from Anthropologie.

8. Make a custom desk pad.

Tutorial via A Little Tipsy.

Add some color and comfort to your desk with a custom DIY desk pad. 

9. Cover your office chair.

Tutorial via She’s Crafty.

You’ve found a perfectly comfortable office chair! Great! Now cover with fabric so it’s pretty and comfortable.

10. Hide office supplies inside a chest.

Tutorial via Martha Stewart

11. Make your own desk.

TUtorial via Home Talk

There’s so much you can do.