Done with manga studio 5 . I’ve wanted to draw Himba locs for a while now and I finally got the chance to do it…just in purple. This picture is a conglomeration of happy accidents . I’m going to convert this into a sticker like the last two pieces. 

So, the current DeviantID I have IS REALLY OLD. I’ve cut all that hair off in that pic , regrew it back and dyed it in the amount of time it’s been there. So I decided to finally make a new one with my digital media. The hair is exaggerated (it’s not down my back yet, only armpit length) , but I don’t feel like making another one for another 4 years at least. Besides that I turned my little Chibi into a doll where i can change her hair, outfits and critters. So far this is her everyday drag look, and I have a formal look I’ll release later on. I’m highly considering opening Chibi commissions on etsy, so stay tuned 

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Girl and the Ghost

Features my OC Saiyuri WITH SOME HUGE NATURAL HAIR (diana ross realness). I got the idea from a buddhist belief that we shouldn’t be afraid of death, because our former selves are already dead yet we continue to live. Done with Oil Pastels and coloring pencils as usual. Features my other OC nene, and jigglypuff. Hope you guys like it.