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iHeartMoosiq started as an outlet for all of Amy Huang’s music-obsessive ramblings, with little structure and no goal. She used to flood her friends’ Facebook feeds with constant music posts. They suggested she started a blog. She did, and we love it. 

Music: Who is this year’s Artist to Watch?

iHeartMoosiq: Norway’s AURORA is spellbinding and incredibly talented, keep an eye on her for sure.

How do you think social media has affected the blogosphere and its relationship with the music industry?

iHeartMoosiq: We live in a weird digital age of unlimited music accessibility. Jump on your phone and you get to listen to a flood of new acts and fresh songs. It’s really quite overwhelming. Gone are the days when you visit a record store to discover your next addiction, at the recommendation of the clerk or your friend next door. It’s an odd juxtaposition… On the one hand, you get to tweet your favorite bands and hear everything right away, on the other hand, we’ve lost the “drive” to explore and take that extra step to immerse ourselves in the music experience. The blogosphere and their socials are a fantastic way to help you find what you might enjoy, while expanding your horizons, too. The industry has picked up on that, big time, and they now interact with that scene via social media to get their music heard. It’s a new open ended PR machine, on top of the traditional one, but it drums up such buzz and excitement over new music. It also gives fans much more intimate, involved roles in supporting the music they love. For bloggers, it’s a precipitous edge to sit on, since it’s easy to get caught up in the glamour and excitement of it all. Bloggers should always remember to focus on sharing what they believe is truly good.

Who are your favorite new artists coming from California?

iHeartMoosiq: Aurora. Also, Powers, Oh Wonder, Clean Cut Kid, Day Wave, Shura, Lapsley, SIVIK,  Oscar, Gallant, Jack Garratt, Jaymes Young, Palace, Christine and the Queens, Josef Salvat, Vaults, RHODES, Coasts, Georgia, and many more! Is that too many? Sorry. I encounter so much amazing new music everyday that it’s tough to pick out my favorites. I’m always falling in love.

How do you see Hype Machine evolving (considering your participation with the service for so long)?

iHeartMoosiq: Actually, Hypem stopped listing iHeartMoosiq recently. While many de-listings lately have been due to integrity issues, iHeartMoosiq was de-listed, according to hypem, because the amount of content I share doesn’t fit their model. While I’m no longer on hypem, I’m grateful for the time they did track my blog. Their aggregation site helps to streamline music discovery. They help highlight some of the best new music emerging in the scene with easy and quick user accessibility. I see hypem’s service, and similar apps and sites to come, growing to be the main method of connecting music fans to new music, giving independent artists, producers, and bands more avenues of exposure without needing to go through ]major labels & channels. Fans can quickly voice their like/dis-like and help influence the discovery process for other like minded music listeners in the process.

Who’s an artist, pre-2000s, that you think would have been awesome at Tumblr and why?

iHeartMoosiq: Mozart. His Tumblr would’ve been genius, but wild. Mozart was doing his own “Meow The Jewels” sort of cat music in the 18th century. His was known to be goofy and eccentric.

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Favorite album currently?

iHeartMoosiq: Jamie xx - In Colour


Just so good.


ZHU… Just the mention of that name among music heads and EDM fans these days draws up such intrigue, such respect, and mind boggling hyped excitement. Having hidden his identity well and crafted some of the most unique electronic tracks we’ve heard this year, ZHU’s impending debut show at Day Of The Dead come Halloween weekend in LA (and a debut in NYC soon after) has been the subject of much elated discussion and high anticipation. I, for one, will not get to catch any of those shows, but I greatly look forward to his returning home to play San Francisco. It’s got to happen someday, right? In the midst of all the excitement, ZHU has dropped one of his very first music videos, for Paradise Awaits. The animated video is a mesmerizing complement to the sexy, slinky tune.



Great music from Desert Sound Colony, created by a lad who had his first sleepover at my house. Obviouly I mean the old-fashioned sleepover featuring a non-scary Disney movie (actually I think we were Land Before Time fans) and a midnight snack at about 8… we were 5 years old. Yep thats my claim to (soon-to-be mega) fame.

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I have a desperate need to revamp my iPod, the music is (mostly) good but I haven’t updated it in years and in general its more easy listening than dancey.  To get some inspiration for new tuuunes I’m following:


and have been hearing some great new music brought to my attention via said blog. 

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