Real life "UP" house built in Utah;

I really liked the animated Disney/Pixar movie Up and the colorful little house that Carl and Ellie spent their lives together in. I still get sniffly just thinking about that opening montage that tells their love story.

So I was intrigued when I heard that some enterprising homebuilders were recreating the house from the movie in Herriman, Utah. What a fun idea! Here’s how it turned out:

Love it! Local station KLS.com reports that Bangerter Homes first got Disney’s permission to build it and then went to work.

It’ll be open for the Salt Lake Parade of Homes July 29-August 14 (man, I wish I could go!) and then it’ll be sold for around $400,000–just enough to cover the building costs.

They paid attention to every small detail, from the weather vane on top of the house:

To Carl and Ellie’s mailbox:

Remember the murals Ellie painted in the nursery and above the fireplace? Those were recreated, too:

The interiors aren’t finished yet, but they’ll have furniture designed to look like what was in the movie.

I would love to see it when it’s finished. Any readers in the Salt Lake area who could go to the Parade of Homes and snap some pics for us? Pretty please?  

External image

There were a lot of colors in the animated version of the house for the builder to replicate:


This makes me wish we used more colors on all of our houses. It’s so cheery!

“The movie kind of captured the idea that a house is a place where you live and you grow up and you live your life,” builder Blair Bangerter says. “We’ve tried to take this movie and bring it to life in a real home.”

They added a little extra space to the house and included a basement that the one in the movie (obviously) didn’t have. Their version has 2,800 square feet and a 2-car detached garage.

With the exterior finished, lookiloos are already stopping by to snap photos of the Up house. The builder adds balloons to the roof on the weekends for fun. “But not too many,” he laughs.

I’m sure there are some Disney/Pixar fans out there who would love to live in a house like this. Would you?

You can read more about it and watch the video on KLS.com. There’s more information and photos of the house being built on the builder’s website. Parade of Homes info here. Thanks to Sherrie for telling me about it! (Via iHeartGeek)


Fucking A, I’m super motherfucking geeked that I can make this post…

IHEARTGEEK is this badass blog that has been a little to silent for over the past year. Well, good news… IHEARTGEEK is now making its long over due comeback. So if you’re a fan of Nintendo, Star Wars, Pokemon and/or Geekery in general follow this fucking awesome blog. It’s well worth it. 

Fucking A, I’m so excited for this…


For those who missed my post yesterday (or you fucks that ignored it. Yes, I mean you.)…

The most badassed geekery on Tumblr is back bitches. IHEARTGEEK is back and better than ever. So go check it out. Read the Dark Knight Rises review. Batman, Pokemon, Tech… fuck why are you still reading this. Give the IHEARTGEEK page a follow.


So depending on how observant you are, you’ve probably seen the 3D Globe that’s been spinning on our page since March 12th, 2011. (Which is a shame, because iHG was almost a year old at this point. I missed a whole year of visits. Drats.) In any case, I decided to take a look at it’s stats, nearly 5 months to the day. 11,715 UNIQUE VIEWS AND 87 COUNTRIES. That’s just, mind blowing. Here’s a confirmed list of where I’ve spread Geek across the world:

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