For those of you just tuning in.... NEW CONTENT!

Marie here; iHeartGeek owner and Geekdom extraordinaire!

After being gone for an extended period of time, I have been trying very hard this weekend to post new content, and a lot of it. (Over 100 posts of pure Geekness last night alone) and will be working continually to pull this blog from the ashes. Feel free to follow iHeartGeek on Twitter to get INSTANT updates when we post something new! 

-M. Malevolent. ♥


Fucking A, I’m super motherfucking geeked that I can make this post…

IHEARTGEEK is this badass blog that has been a little to silent for over the past year. Well, good news… IHEARTGEEK is now making its long over due comeback. So if you’re a fan of Nintendo, Star Wars, Pokemon and/or Geekery in general follow this fucking awesome blog. It’s well worth it. 

Fucking A, I’m so excited for this…

Changelog 1.337

A lot of new things buzzing around iHeartGeek this week! Lets go ahead with a rundown of all the new things available to you, while I work on bringing this site back up and running!

  • iHeartGeek.Tumblr.com has become iHeartGeek.Co.Vu! 
  • No longer a bottom bar listing stats and other fun things. They have now been arranged to the right sidebar, with an added colorful addition of Pokeballs!
  • The lovely Affiliates section has remained the same. If you would like to become an iHeartGeek affiliate, simply leave a link or an image of ours on your page, and we will do the same!
  • Links to Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are now displayed with Glossy icons in the bottom right. 
  • Several new Menu items, with removal of any unneeded ones.
  • Categories Menu has replaced the Tag Cloud, giving you easy access to the content you want! 
  • Brand new About section, giving you a history of iHeartGeek, a little about me, and some general FAQ’s. 
  • Site has been tested in IE, Opera, Chrome, Safari and Firefox so hopefully everything runs smoothly no matter your Browser! 
  • I did other stuff and I can’t remember. 

Queueing new things now! Love you guys! <3


For those who missed my post yesterday (or you fucks that ignored it. Yes, I mean you.)…

The most badassed geekery on Tumblr is back bitches. IHEARTGEEK is back and better than ever. So go check it out. Read the Dark Knight Rises review. Batman, Pokemon, Tech… fuck why are you still reading this. Give the IHEARTGEEK page a follow.