My lovely Ruby! My gurl omg Happy birthday!!! You’re getting old :) I’m so happy to have you in my life you’re such a perfect friend and I love you so much! My queen of photoshop Thank you for everything you are amazing! Thanks for being there always; no matter what! you’re always there and that means a lot. Guys is crazy how we met if you’re reading this you’re awesome “ I met her at my second concert of the Jonas brothers she was next to me and i don’t know why but she was so sweet and i was so random with her hahaha and omfg i’m such an stalker i was asking her about everything at the freaking concert i think i was so nervous lol but she was so awesome and still does hehe” We can speak about everything and that’s lovely and kfkdjfkd I love you so much babe. Hun I’ll be here forever & always <3 And We need to go to another concert together kdfjkdjfd oh yeah! So tell me how you feel getting old? :) hahha! About the graphic holy poop! I made that graphic about 1 month ago hahaha I hope you like it <3 Happy birthday corazón! 

~ Saribeth aka Bum face ♥