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My Q&A got cancelled. I went to the “higher ups” to ask what was going on, only to get yelled at by Dunn (as usual) and got told those who work non-stop deserve those spots. So apparently I’m getting punished for my “breaks”, which would explain why I also got taken out of recent live shows. To say I’m pissed off…it’d be an understatement.

Hey Shoot fandom! I am so sorry that some people on Swen haven’t been reacting so well to the poll thing… You see, this was very important for us because we felt like it would help getting more respect and recognition from the writers (who don’t always appreciate our fandom), so I guess we have too many emotions involved to think clearly. Anyways.. I just wanted to congratulate you on your win… You were a very tough opponent!!! You certainly earned the place on the final, so please don’t let any haters take that away from you. Whereas winning this poll could mean more recognition to SQ after being treated with indifference by the writers, I think shows like POI that actually put time and thought into creating nice femslash storylines and that appreciate their fandoms really need to be recognized and rewarded… So SQ may have lost this, but I still count this as a win in our fight for better representation. I don’t have a preference between Clexa and Shoot, because I only know both couples through tumblr, but I wish you guys the best of luck, and will be very happy if I hear later on that you won the championship! Big hug for you, and thanks for the great game :)