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Elvire aka Ohwarriorprincess for her wonderful tvd edits

Mary aka Poisonrain   for her Delena Alphabet

Tweety aka Iheartchair   for her Chair Alphabet

Alex aka Babyintrenchcoat for the awsome url and the Spn Work  

Carla aka Thequeenofdrama for her Memes like this or that

Tommy aka C0ckslut   for the Wincest edits

Tana aka Deanhasherpes for the Dean gifs

Sena aka Iheartwaldorf for her Chair edits

Mon aka Cheeryandbroody for the Brucas photosets // gifs

Catarina aka Opposites-Directions  for the Wrencer and Tate love 

Cath aka Candicetrevinos   for her Forwood and Chair gifs

Deby aka Frambouaz  for her “magnifiques” photosets from OUAT & TVD

Lana aka Rubybass for her Chair gifs

Lorena aka Pestilencewarfaminedeath for the Destiel edits

I’m thinking about a Xmas follow but…it’s taking too long : too quality blogs !!!!

Here are my Others Blogs :

My supernatural one : Destielstrenchcoat

My Blair/Chuck one: Inlovewithchuckbass

My Tyler/Caroline one : Forwood-and-Treccola

My The Lying Game one : Emmaswitchedsutton

My Hot-Sexy-Guys one : Fuckyeahguysofmydreams

I’m sure to have forgotten a lot of people…sorry…maybe next time !!