Hey. Hey. How was it? It was weird. Oh? Yeah somebody slipped something in my drink I think it was acid cause I was sort of tripping balls. Future turned into a teddy bear and James was getting blown by a chicken. Mm Hmm. It was crazy. And then I got arrested or the cops came but they weren’t really the cops it was like this adorable little cartoon stripper. She gave me like a adorable little cartoon stripper lap dance. Mm Hmm. That was wierd. And then these two girls they pulled me into a room for a threesome and- *behati gives him a look* -nothing happened. Nothing happened. *behati rolls back over* One had the head of a donkey and the other one had the head of like a skull I guess. Of like a a hemsbach or a deer or an antelope or some shit I don’t really remember and then like this body builder lady, she was wearing uggs, she threw me into the pool, I kinda snapped out of it and left the car there cause I was way too fucked up to drive so I just *bleep* home and here I am? Did you get the milk though? I got the milk. Awesome. I love you. I love you. Goodnight. Goodnight baby.

2/100 Favorite Pictures of Adam Levine.

Can I nominate my own picture? I took this photo on March 8, 2015 in New Jersey during the V Tour. I was so close, I could almost touch him. It was seriously one of the best nights of my life. There’s so much emotion in his face and I’m so glad I got to capture it. Please don’t take/use this photo without my credit and permission. That’s all I ask. Thank you :)

Are you guys still with me?

I’ve noticed that not much has been happening on Tumblr lately. I’ve seen about 10 new posts on my dashboard within the last few days and I follow a lot of people.

Also, not saying that notes are necessary because they’re not, but no one has been reblogging and liking anything I really post anymore. It used to be 50+ notes in 2 hours and now it’s just like 1-5 notes in 2 hours.

Followers have been coming in a lot slower than usual too.

By the way, I am NOT looking for notes/followers. They never really mattered to me before. I just think it’s weird how much things have changed within the last few months.

So my question is, are you guys still with me?

You’re all still Maroon 5/Adam fans right? Lol. Should I continue and keep the blog going? iheartadamlevine is a huge part of my life and I would hate to see it go.

Or is Tumblr just not that important to everyone anymore?

Feedback please.