If you’re not following ihavelotsofdogs you’re making a mistake

The photos are extremely high-quality and are all properly sourced, right back to their original flickr posts

The blog is easy to navigate and uses a really good theme that makes liking and reblogging pictures quickly super smooth

Posts are tagged by dog breed so if you’re in the mood for some pugs you can just look at pugs or if you want to look at Alaskan malamutes you’re all set

The mod who runs the blog is very friendly and does an excellent job maintaining it

Overall, 10/10 will reblog again

It’s as good of a dog blog as a dog blog can be

This has been a review of a dog-themed blog on tumblr dot com

ihavelotsofdogs replied to your post: handsomedogs is pissing me off again i might just…

I don’t follow them, even though they post beautiful pictures. I just can’t stand the amount of stupid. Oh holy shit I just read it. I guess my emotionally stable German Shepherd puppy is one of the exceptions.

its a shame they post so much of their shitty opinions when their photos are really nice. i just cant ?? understand how they can generalize a whole breed like that ESPECIALLY when their favourite breed is pit bulls????