So I bought a new comic box from @thejokerschild the other day and thought it could use some decoration. Funnily enough, this is my first time drawing Deadpool. I need to start drawing again. It’s very calming….

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#IHaveIssues %% @SpikeLees’s #ChiRaq%% I supported the film. Here’s why. 1) I respect Spike as a black director who has always tried to use facts on black culture and make it entertaining. He gives you history. He tries to teach within his art. 2) I’m also from Chicago born & raised #Southside. A lot of Chicago actors, musicians, artist, productions and business were used for this film. This brought jobs to a city we’re it is difficult for minorities to get jobs. What people don’t understand about movies are budgets are spent to create them. When you don’t support a film it makes it go into the negative. So that means people who WORKED to make this movie would lose money of it failed and I refused to see my friends who took part in this film not eat because people are ‘offended’ or feel exploited. People exploited Chicago & colored people EVERYDAY!! L👀K at our Mayor? look at these funeral homes in Chicago? Look at these landlords and business owners? This people have taken advantage EVERYDAY but you mad about a movie??!! If you REALLY mad support these protestors. Volunteer at these community centers. If you want to see this city change , CHANGE it yourself! Long story short I supported this movie to support the arts & support businesses. My opinion of the film overall: Terrible. I see what you TRIED to present in your approach but the state of Chicago isn’t comical and everything in the movie felt like a giant JOKE! The approach you took with Malcom movie or even with School Daze would have been a much better approach to present your arguments which☝ where great arguments by the way. So @SpikeLee THANK YOU for giving Chicago entertainers work and expanding their opportunities but for future DONT play comedy when it comes death because its REAL Chicagoans who are facing this everyday that can’t call “CUT”.
As you would say
“✌” #twofingas

If you ever wanted to purchase paper goodies one of my favorite online stores to purchase from is @paperissues (totally not sponsored lol). Cassie always has quick shipping and lots of new CHA items ready to ship. I absolutely LOVE @maggiehdesign new bloom line and @pinkpaislee c'est la vie line, my memory keeping, travelers notebook and planners are going to be happy babies!! Tell her hello and that I sent you :) I have a periscope of my unpackaging if you’d like to see: FlorenceAntonette #paperissues#ihaveissues#scrapbook#scrapbooking#paperlove

Just some of the basics that I like in a boy: 

-brainy boys yes.

-I like blue eyes

-blonde hair is cute

-glasses hell to the yes.

-a boy that knows what he’s doing

And what do I get?

bow chika bow wow. amirite. This 10 year old animated kid has every aspect of a guy that I like. Can you just be real and be a few years older please? Kthanks. :) 

And bring Pokemon with you. Kbye.

I wish people would educate themselves before opening their big mouths.

No, I cannot turn my anxiety on and off. I can’t calm down. I can’t “get over it”. There are days when I can barely lift myself out of bed, and there are weeks and nights where it gets so bad that I can’t get to sleep until I can see daylight hitting. I can’t stop the worrying and I’m sorry that you think what I worry about is stupid. I can’t stop the crazy thoughts. I can’t help it that I’m scared to walk at night or look out the window. I can’t help it that I think that person looked at me wrong and it set my mind off. I can’t help it that I can’t look you in the eyes or I feel claustrophobic in public. I could go on for days about that one but we’ll leave it at that. 
As for the other things I have to deal with: I can’t help it that I have to lock the door 4 times before I go to bed, I can’t help the specific way I have to do things, and I can’t help the random bursts of sadness and then happiness and then sadness and then happiness.

There’s so much more I could say. 

If any of these things makes you feel less about me then that’s okay. I’ve learnt to cope over the years. 

I just wish that people would think before they speak and realize that the world isn’t all fucking roses. I’m so happy I have Adrian and the friends that I do, who understand. And my beautiful children who have made this all so much more doable. They are my reasons, my better halves <3