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Niall’s solos in Up All Night :

One Thing 
Now climbing the walls 
But you don’t notice at all 
That I’m going out of my mind 
All day 
And all night 

More Than This 
If I’m louder would you see me 
Would you lay down in my arms and rescue me 
Cause we are the same 
You save me but when you leave it’s gone again 

Everything About You 
Guess I like the way you smile with your eyes 
Other guys see it but don’t realize that it’s m-my lovin 
There’s something about your laugh that makes me wanna have to 
There’s nothing funny so we laugh at n-n-nothin 

Stand Up 
Take you and make you mine 
Whatever it takes is fine 
It hurts me to think that you’ve ever cried 

Close the door 
Throw the key 
Don’t wanna be reminded 
Don’t wanna be seen 
Don’t wanna be without you 
My judgments clouded like tonight’s sky

Harry has a total of 17 tattoos now!

List of Harry’s tattoos: 
1. A star - which he got filled in recently.
2. “won’t stop ‘till we surrender…” - Lyrics from Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap.
3. A - for his mother, Anne.
4. Hi
6. A clothes hanger
7. A padlock - done by Ed Sheeran
8. An iced gem - Gemma’s nickname (Harry’s sister) when she was little
9. Gemma’s name in Hebrew.
10. A shamrock
11. 17 BLACK - a lucky gambling number in roulette
12. A birdcage
13. Green Bay Packers logo (unknown)
14. A tattoo on his ankle 
15. The word Pingu
16. Comedy Tragedy (Theater) Faces
17. SMCL - “Smile More, Cry Less” or “Smile More, Cry Later”.