no ones going to see this but i just need to put it out there

Feminism is not just about women’s right but also men. 

It means we need to stop defining a ‘man’ as 'muscular’ or 'strong’
It means men can show their feelings and be emotional and it does not make them less manly
It means that just because they’re not into sports does not make them gay, which shouldn’t matter anyway.
It means that being man is just a gender identity.

I think men themselves forget how they’re objectified just as much as women. If men weren’t judged in terms of their appearances or character then women wouldn’t be objectified either. So really everyone just needs to stop judging everyone regardless of gender, race, weight, appearances, class, height, talents, shoes, family, JUST EVERYTHING REALLY EVERYONE JUST STOP JUDGING EVERYONE GOSH NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO ugh.

My rant is over now.