I just don’t get it man. This not even close to being fair at all. Nothing is working out like I want it to and I’m tired of people saying “stick it out” and “you have to do what you have to”. NO!! 😡😡 that don’t work for me. If I’m not passionate about it I’m not gonna do well and I will flunk. Simple fact. I get lazy when I don’t want to do something. 😒😒 Not gone lie that is just it!!! #IHateMyLife and #IHateMyMajor here at JSU. they’re not teaching me SHIT I need for the career field I want!! This is just plain STUPID!!!!😭😭😩😩😡😡😒😒 #IWannaWin tho. 😔😔

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Story of our lives. @amandapie08 @jlriver2 #collegesucks #fuckme #ihatemymajor