Commentary Crew Preference – How They would react to someone making an exposed video on you.
• “Today I’m here to talk about the very interesting video that was released about y/n recently.” He spoke into the camera, annoyance clinging to every passive aggressive word.
• “ I don’t know what there is possibly to expose, this video is fake.” His voice raised as he feigned insult underneath his opera mask.
• You giggled, stood at the door as he ranted about the expose video released about oneself.
• “The cretin decided to make an appearance.”
• “I was dumbfounded when I saw this video, dumbfounded, it’s just so stupid.” His voice lacked excitement as he reluctantly shot down all of the fake rumours circulating because a particular exposed video on you.
• He was not pleased to say the least, Alex had ranted to you for at least half an hour about why he hated exposed videos.
• He certainly reminded everyone why he was called IHE, although it was clear you were an exception to the everything part.
• “It’s fucking stupid, honestly why would you even consider making such a video, look at the blatant lies!” He yelled, much more annoyed then he had been in any other video he had made.
• Some called him over protective, but how could he not be protective of the one he loved the most.
• “It’s alri-“ “It’s not though is it!” he interrupted, showing his vexation on the matter.
• “I’d like to say this lie is fake but it’s true, it just is.” He spoke half heartedly to the camera, recalling your past betrayals. He had wanted to avoid the video, you both knew it was true, but his audience begged him to cover it.
• You broke his heart, this was clearly to see as he spoke to his subscribers.
• “Please stop with this kind of video, it’s such a dickish thing to do.” He frowned addressing the viral video.
• He certainly was not pleased.
(I ran out of things 2 say sorry)
• “Exposed video, I think it’s time for ‘If y/n was honest’ yeah she didn’t send nudes, get get the cunt.” He stated, clearly mocking the previous video.
• He’d probably expose you for views & ad revenue let’s be honest.

Commentary Crew Preference - They hold your newborn baby for the first time.

Commentary Crew Preference – They hold your new-born baby for the first time.
Fem! Reader unless stated otherwise.

• He would lift the baby away from you, sitting back in the hard, leather chair beside your hospital bed, he took his time to admire her. She had eyes that matches his, he saw his life in her and couldn’t hold in, his happiness as he rested her small head in his hand and let a small tear run down his face.
• “She looks like me.” He’d smile and bob the baby girl on his knee
• “I’m so proud of you.”
• “I cant believe she’s real.”
• He would tweet pictures of him and the baby 25/7
• For the first time in a long time, Calvin felt genuine happiness, he shook with gentle tears as he carefully lifted the small child to rest against his soft vans hoodie. He held him tight enough to pass all of his love to him but gentle enough not to hurt the small baby who shared his eyes.
• “I love him so much. Daddy loves you.” He spoke in almost a whisper, attempting to keep both members of his small family calm
• ‘Leafyishere literally dies after child of actual SATAN keeps him awake for 300 days 100% real.’
• Oliver felt blessed by the child, a little less blessed when the baby began to cry and shriek because it’s tiny lungs had taken their first breaths outside of the womb but nevertheless he still felt an abundance of love he couldn’t control, he didn’t even want to let her go when the nurse came to take him away.
• “All little longer with the boy please ? I just want to look at him.”
• While he hated most things, including you at times, there was not an ounce of hate in his entire being towards the tiny child, he felt full of love instead of annoyance. It was funny to him, this small human he had only just met made him feel at home, like he’d known him forever.
• “I love you little guy.” He said, putting on a voice, causing the small boy to erupt in giggles and his heart to erupt with love.
• “Meet baby IHE, I don’t hate him before you ask.”
• He never loved a girl like he loved his little girl, he didn’t understand it and he never would but she was his entire world and he loved her.
• Billy had always seen himself as a man, until the day he met his son, he knew the minute he met him, that he was a man.
• “I love him, I love my son.” He proclaimed, sitting next to you on your hospital bed.

100 reasons why I love Brallie

1. Everything they do is cute
2. He loves her
3. She loves him
4. The way they look at each other
5. Brandon was the first person Callie trusted and she continues to trust him with everything
6. When Callie runs her hands through his hair
7. All their kisses are full of passion
8. Outlaws
9. They never gave up/stopped loving each other
10. It’s a forbidden love story
11. There’s an element of secrecy and surprise and wonder
12. They are both hot as hell
13. Callie trusts Brandon enough to make love with him for the first time since being raped, and her first time ever having consensual sex
14. Brandon always believes in her
15. Sneaking around
16. The fact that they always end up back together again(hopefully)
17. They showed me what real love is
19. Their hugs
20. He does everything he can do protect her
21. They lay awake thinking about each other
22. They are best friends
23. Their babies would be beautiful
24. Hate Talya, Hate Lou
25.  They are always so comfortable around each other
26. The lip-touch
27. “Nooo”
28. “I wish we could stay here forever, and ever, and ever”
29. She would sacrifice a family to be with him
30. Their hand holding
31. Their first fucking kiss
32. He gave her a guitar
33. Circles
34. He won the competition at Idyllwild with the piece he composed for her
35. “You’re amazing, and kind, and smart, and beautiful”
36. She learnt from him that she deserved happiness
37. He made her and Jude feel welcome in his home
38. They are both victims of rape, and share common ground, but in different ways
39. They went hang gliding together
40. He wants what is best for her
41. The times Brandon has showed up outside GU
42. Their jealousy over Wyatt, Talya, Lou, AJ, etc.
43. Outlaws>Super Callie
44. AJ fucking sucks
45. His hand on her back
46. He found her mom’s necklace
47. “It’s about falling in love with someone you can never be with”
48. They bail each other out
49. She tells him everything
50. All of their songs from their scenes
51. Our beautiful Brallie fandom
52. They are endgame
53. They give me butterflies in my stomach
54. They are supportive of each others dreams
55. The looks they give to one another when they aren’t looking
56. He broke a restraining order and risked getting arrested for her
57. They’re jam sessions
58. No matter what, they can’t see each other as siblings
59. He will always have feelings for her
60. When he tucked her hair behind her ear
61. The advice they give to each other
62. Mavid friendship
63. They inspire each other to do the right thing
64. They missed each other when Callie was at GU
65. Secret texting from GU
66. Their love is so true, passionate, and inspiring
67. They teach and inspire each other to grow up and to develop as people
68. Callie learned that it was okay to let yourself love again after a tradgedy
69. He helped her save Jude form the abusive foster home
70. When everyone else is confused and worried, Callie thinks that he is kicking some ass
71. He doesn’t care about him, but he’s worried about what will happen to her
72. They awkward friendship in 1B
73. Their promise at Christmas
74. He is there for her when something is wrong
75. His hands on her waist during their first kiss
76. His fucking sweater
77. She believes that he can do anything
78. The way they smile between kisses
79. “There’s enough to go around”
80. He put lasagna on her plate the first night she was there
81. The way she stormed up to him at the hospital to express her feelings
82. They make me happy and positive
83. Their dance at the  Quinceañera
84. The time he beat up Liam to defend her
85. Brandon’s concern that she was hurt after they hang glided
86. They call each other out on their mistakes
87. He’s her greatest temptation
88. The Outlaws singing/makeout scene
89. Panda sweater
90. The morning after
91. He is nothing like Liam
92. I physically and mentally need them to be together
93. Their sex scene was passionate, mature, and beautiful
94. “Together?”

95. She would blow everything up if she was hurting him
96. They can help each other see reason
97. Callie knew that something was wrong the moment he walked in after getting kicked out of Idyllwild
98. The look on Brandon’s face when Callie came down the stairs in her dress for the Quinceañera
99. They are happy together
100. They are perfect together

I think for writers the worst feeling in the universe is when you can’t find the hand written copy of the story you’ve written and loved or somehow it got deleted accidentally or not on your laptop and you just feel like shit because all your hard work, all beautiful moments creating that beautiful story was put to waste because now, it’s gone.