Commentary Crew Preference – How they would treat you whilst you were pregnant.
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• he would always film or take pictures with the bump and upload them, proclaiming himself as the happiest man on Earth.
• Niall would insist on taking care of you, he didn’t want you to do anything unnecessary that would cause you any sort of stress.
• “Look I bought more baby clothes;” He’d yell, waving various tiny outfits that he had spent his YouTube revenue on, it became a routine until you convinced him that you had more than enough.
• You didn’t know how his friends and followers were putting up with his incessant babbling.
• Leafy themed baby grows™
• Pictures of him frowning at the bump, tweets of the birth and an adorable introduction to the baby.
• “Meet the love of my life “
• He was hesitant to announce the pregnancy
• “Before you say anything thinking you’re funny, no I don’t hate my fiancé and I will not hate my child, its not funny.”
• He would get angsty when anyone asked if he hated the child, replying with “No, but I hate you.” Contrary to popular belief, he wasn’t joking
• “My little baby, they will be here soon.” He smiled, resting his forehead delicately against the bump.
• He was so sweet and understanding, even when the baby was born he helped out so much, you we’re incredibly lucky to have him.
After the birth.
• “He’s loud and I don’t like him.”
• “Can I include him in a shitpost?”
• “What does the ugly cunt want now?”
• He actually loved him and was very caring.
• “Whos fatter me or you?”
• “Will it inherit my tongue?”
• “Who ate all the pies? It was you dickhead!”

A Preference – You ignore them after a fight.
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It’s snowing in all of these preferences.
• snowing
• “Fine maybe I’ll just leave then!” You yelled, replying to his angry rant with venom edging your words.
• Storming out of the house, you grabbed your coat and slammed the door harshly behind you ; Niall was startled.
• “Y/n,” He shouted, his voice following you out of the door as he walked quickly behind you, he zipped up his coat and pulled his hood over his golden brown hair.
• You had been walking for a good while now, you could hear his footsteps following you still, he hadn’t spoken yet, he just followed.
• Niall continued to follow you, his feet were hurting because of his worn down shoes and he could tell you were freezing, you had no coat but you we’re dowsed in snow but he couldn’t quite catch up.
• He never could quite catch up.
• You weren’t with him when you had argued, he was miles away and you weren’t speaking to him.
• He got to your house as soon as he could, knocking on the door and holding a bunch of colourful flowers that had tiny white speckles melting all over their petals.
• Calvin realized you weren’t prepared to answer him, so he turned on the spot, his fabric shoes becoming wetter by the second, and sat on the grass verge outside of your house. He took off his hat, set it down next to him along with his flowers and ruffled his hair in frustration.
• You stared down at him through the tainted window, he looked back at you, neither of you made a move.
• He stood up gently, leaving his possessions as you opened the door and wandered into his arms and stood, quietly in the snow with the freezing boy.
• He sent message after message scrawled down on least scrap paper and post it notes under the door you wouldn’t open, each of them begging you to open it ; You could never keep the door closed to him
• You sat side by side, feeling the tension and awkwardness creep in after you bit back at a critique of his.
• He opened his mouth to speak and instantly closed it, unable to handle the retort that had hit him harder than a tonne of bricks.
• Alex, felt sheepish, so instead of speaking, he turned towards you, hugging you from the side and kissing your hair lightly ; You both stayed like that for a while, neither of you wanted to move first.
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Commentary Crew Preference – How They would react to someone making an exposed video on you.
• “Today I’m here to talk about the very interesting video that was released about y/n recently.” He spoke into the camera, annoyance clinging to every passive aggressive word.
• “ I don’t know what there is possibly to expose, this video is fake.” His voice raised as he feigned insult underneath his opera mask.
• You giggled, stood at the door as he ranted about the expose video released about oneself.
• “The cretin decided to make an appearance.”
• “I was dumbfounded when I saw this video, dumbfounded, it’s just so stupid.” His voice lacked excitement as he reluctantly shot down all of the fake rumours circulating because a particular exposed video on you.
• He was not pleased to say the least, Alex had ranted to you for at least half an hour about why he hated exposed videos.
• He certainly reminded everyone why he was called IHE, although it was clear you were an exception to the everything part.
• “It’s fucking stupid, honestly why would you even consider making such a video, look at the blatant lies!” He yelled, much more annoyed then he had been in any other video he had made.
• Some called him over protective, but how could he not be protective of the one he loved the most.
• “It’s alri-“ “It’s not though is it!” he interrupted, showing his vexation on the matter.
• “I’d like to say this lie is fake but it’s true, it just is.” He spoke half heartedly to the camera, recalling your past betrayals. He had wanted to avoid the video, you both knew it was true, but his audience begged him to cover it.
• You broke his heart, this was clearly to see as he spoke to his subscribers.
• “Please stop with this kind of video, it’s such a dickish thing to do.” He frowned addressing the viral video.
• He certainly was not pleased.
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• “Exposed video, I think it’s time for ‘If y/n was honest’ yeah she didn’t send nudes, get get the cunt.” He stated, clearly mocking the previous video.
• He’d probably expose you for views & ad revenue let’s be honest.

JAR media preference – You appear in their video.
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• He asked you appear in a ‘trying to watch’ video instead of one of the boys
• “Okay I’m here today with my girlfriend Y/N, I can hear you typing, stop it. I don’t hate y/n, don’t be stupid.” He spoke in a low voice, his usual annoyance making an appearance.
• Alex would low-key try to be less cynical to try and make you have a good time, although, at times this became increasingly difficult as the film became increasingly poor. You didn’t mind of course, you we’re used to him and obviously found him amusing.
• “ A big thank you to y/n for putting up with that travesty of a film.”
• He asked you to appear in a blab video on JAR, he constantly asked for your opinion on the topic, stopping every few minutes so you could give your input
• “This is y/n by the way” He said casually about 2 minutes into the video.
• Viewers were not pleased with how stunted he seemed while you there.
• What everyone wants to know is ; Where does he gO when he leaves JAR cast?
• He let you do his make-up and tie his hair up, it was beyond adorable although he didn’t particularly enjoy it, he enjoyed letting you do it.
• “You pulled my hair” He shouted when you yanked his hair particularly hard on one occasion, He secretly liked it.
• “Don’t subscribe to her she pulled my hair”
(I used particularly like 120000 times shutup)
• It was Wednesday, he had diarrhoea.

I think for writers the worst feeling in the universe is when you can’t find the hand written copy of the story you’ve written and loved or somehow it got deleted accidentally or not on your laptop and you just feel like shit because all your hard work, all beautiful moments creating that beautiful story was put to waste because now, it’s gone.

Commentary Crew Preference - They hold your newborn baby for the first time.

Commentary Crew Preference – They hold your new-born baby for the first time.
Fem! Reader unless stated otherwise.

• He would lift the baby away from you, sitting back in the hard, leather chair beside your hospital bed, he took his time to admire her. She had eyes that matches his, he saw his life in her and couldn’t hold in, his happiness as he rested her small head in his hand and let a small tear run down his face.
• “She looks like me.” He’d smile and bob the baby girl on his knee
• “I’m so proud of you.”
• “I cant believe she’s real.”
• He would tweet pictures of him and the baby 25/7
• For the first time in a long time, Calvin felt genuine happiness, he shook with gentle tears as he carefully lifted the small child to rest against his soft vans hoodie. He held him tight enough to pass all of his love to him but gentle enough not to hurt the small baby who shared his eyes.
• “I love him so much. Daddy loves you.” He spoke in almost a whisper, attempting to keep both members of his small family calm
• ‘Leafyishere literally dies after child of actual SATAN keeps him awake for 300 days 100% real.’
• Oliver felt blessed by the child, a little less blessed when the baby began to cry and shriek because it’s tiny lungs had taken their first breaths outside of the womb but nevertheless he still felt an abundance of love he couldn’t control, he didn’t even want to let her go when the nurse came to take him away.
• “All little longer with the boy please ? I just want to look at him.”
• While he hated most things, including you at times, there was not an ounce of hate in his entire being towards the tiny child, he felt full of love instead of annoyance. It was funny to him, this small human he had only just met made him feel at home, like he’d known him forever.
• “I love you little guy.” He said, putting on a voice, causing the small boy to erupt in giggles and his heart to erupt with love.
• “Meet baby IHE, I don’t hate him before you ask.”
• He never loved a girl like he loved his little girl, he didn’t understand it and he never would but she was his entire world and he loved her.
• Billy had always seen himself as a man, until the day he met his son, he knew the minute he met him, that he was a man.
• “I love him, I love my son.” He proclaimed, sitting next to you on your hospital bed.