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IchiHime Month / Fanmix Week / Day 3 / “Hurt”

The breakdown and retcon get clearer every day… 

from Chapter 681 & other chapters

Rukia and Ichigo don’t even talk, but she’s nursing her bestie back to health while her bestie is only concerned about not being able to restore future hubby-kun’s Tensa Zangetsu.

Renji acts as his bro’s ray of light. Ichigo suffers despair similar to when Ginjo took his Fullbring. Basically an exact redux since Yhwach took Ichigo’s Hollow and Quincy powers. Renji is the one to get Ichigo back on his feet again and then Tsukishima restores Tensa.

Ichiruki’s friendship and what they’ve always been to each other in battle is completely brushed aside and divided using Renji and Orihime. And this guy…

This guy has been knocked out of his best bro place with Ichigo by Renji. He doesn’t even get to fight alongside him in a fucking Quincy arc but comes in at the eleventh hour after Ichigo has been fighting Yhwach with Aizen and Renji. He’s literally a footnote at the end of his own arc where he parallels Ichigo more than ever before. Hello, their moms were both killed by Baddie Moustachio, but yeah, give Renji that moment and let him get in on some of that payback. Never mind the fact that Ishida didn’t even show up again until after Everything but the Rain, and still never got significant panel time or development while we had to watch Renji get a new bankai and take out an enemy that two Visored captains couldn’t defeat. 

To add insult to injury, where is Ishida in the novel? He’s not even good enough to sew the veil even after making clothes for Rukia in the manga? I guess Kubo. But Orihime gets to after only being mentioned as being in the handicrafts club with Ishida and being a dynamic sewing duo along with Ishida in chapter art. The sewing thing was always Ishida’s thing. It was never about Orihime. Ever.

Ishida’s not even the one to have the IH moment with Ichigo even after being the only one in the manga who even cares to acknowledge Orihime’s ugly ass feelings for Ichigo.

But Renji is the one to pimp Orihime? He’s the one to notice these sudden feelings Ichigo has for this girl after Ichigo never shows any sign of any feelings for her in the manga. Renji? A guy who doesn’t ever talk to Orihime, and the only thing he says about her is that she’s not cut out for battle? But that’s our heroine. Bleach was never about battles, clearly. It was all about Orihime getting Kurosaki-kun and all the nakama signing off on it.


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anonymous asked:

Hey IR idiot! Remember how Orihime brought ichigo to life? How ichigo needs to protect orihime before anybody else? Ya know ichigos poem is for zangetsu? Remember how you pretend to like Orihime? Remember how IR is a pretend ship created by idiots?

Look, IchiHime fans are never, ever going to be open-minded or thoughtful when they read and interpret anything in Bleach. I get that. The mind-numbingly ignorant comments, attempts-to-piss-me-off reblogs, and the obsessive endeavors of enlightening me with 10+ hateful inbox messages prove that to be fact.

Oh and self-promotion here, but I got an IR post in the works that’s just gonna blow that “pretend ship”  and “Zangetsu over Rukia” bull crap out of the water. I know how committed IH fans are to IR so I thought you’d be interested.

I know you guys are in your own deluded community concentrated in blind support and hate on others, but how the hell are you going to go on and on and on about how instances like “Can I keep up with it? The speed of the world with no you?” are completely falsified by the IchiRuki fandom and then cling so desperately to your mistranslated “Orihime bringing Ichigo back to life” argument?

Again and again and many an again more, that was perhaps the most common knowledge incorrect, egregious translation of the entire God-forsaken manga. Orihime didn’t call “Help me, Ichigo,” she called “Help” or “Help me” Followed by “Kurosaki-kun,” “Kurosaki-kun,” “Kurosaki-kun,” “Kurosaki-kun.”

Instead of the usual kanji, Kubo wrote it in hiragana, a Japanese syllabary. I couldn’t find the raw Japanese scans, but I did find this.

‘Kurosaki-kun’ is not a name anymore, it is syllables because Orihime lost her ability of elocution, of any sensible thought. She snapped, she broke, she lost it. For good reason? Yes. Does it change the fact? No.

Ichigo didn’t need “to protect her,” he needed to “protect (general).” The pronoun ‘her’, as explained by the Japanese fan-base and those proficient in Japanese speech and linguistics, is just not there. No inner intention of Ichigo focuses his will or motive of protection on Orihime.

And what else? Ichigo fucking failed.

He ruined two of his friends, he butchered an arrancar worse than the espada of nihility could have ever done, and Ichigo hated every last piece of himself for it.

But rest assured anon, I do not think you or your fandom total hypocrites for preaching the same shit you are guilty of in twenty fold of what you pretend a fandom at least three times the size of you does. I just think it makes you insecure.

Spare me your hypocritical humility and attempts at promoting the ‘IchiHime brand’ and their misguided, quite frankly fucked up mantras of wisdom and morality.

“God gave you one face, and you make yourself another” (William Shakespeare). Act 3 of Hamlet I’m pretty sure.

Even past sentence structure and linguistics…how could any spin on this, how could any point of view, how could any translation, or any interpretation lead any human being with half an iota of common sense and half an idea about the concept of human decency, to believe Ichigo becoming a hollow was an intense, gut-wrenching, God-tier-esque leading shipping moment?

Ichigo became a hollow. One without thought or true cognitive function. Please explain to me how something the fandom dubbed IchiThing somehow becomes a positive, otherworldly creature who decimated death with the carnal need and the pure intention to protect Orihime?

Orihime’s most scarring moment, her most traumatizing experience, the utter rotting of her emotional and mental stability, her feelings of Ichigo being a safe and kind and funny guy dissolving with a cero to Ulquiorra’s skull is considered an IH moment?

The utter dishevelment of the self-appointed values Ichigo sets for himself, his moral code of conduct being acid-washed away, the stigmatic behavior/approach Uryu and Ulquiorra treated him with, Ichigo wanting to mutilate himself in a hopeless attempt to reestablish a sense of honor, Ichigo loathing and hating and thinking of himself as worse than the bottom-feeding, dregs of societal scum he fights against, Ichigo hurting his friends and killing someone (something Rukia, back in their beginnings, had to comfort him with the knowledge that ‘no Shinigami don’t kill, we cleanse’)…Ichigo had his humanity dying.

“Up until now, I’ve been fighting you hollowfied and unaware..That’s not me!”  …Is Ichigo like this a okay to you?

You also cling like needy little leeches to Orihime’s verbal (because the actions of others don’t mean anything right?) oath and commitment to protecting Ichigo. Guess who besides Ichigo failed? If you are so ignorant and so facile with your imbecilic belief that Orihime is the only character in Bleach who doesn’t ‘use’ Ichigo for something (usually protection) or that Hime is the only character who shows desire to protect Ichigo thus making her the only one who really, truly gives a damn about him, why do you cling to this so desperately?

Why do you use your precious mistranslated manga pages when they butcher the goals, morals, genetic-makeup, and fucking sanity/well-being of the ‘two most important characters’ to you? You don’t understand Ichigo, you sure as hell don’t understand Orihime, and any criticism or aspect of these characters that isn’t presented as altruistic good or universally perfect is rejected before being marked as hate and delusion? Do you realize how rare it is for manga characters to be presented like this? Don’t erase it. Learn from it.

How can you tell me Ichigo was awakened by his carnal, core deep instinct or by his unabated gall or by his utter need to protect Orihime when the hollow you claim he became for her protection and for her benefit scared, terrified, hurt, and robbed her of her stability.

Don’t pretend Orihime wasn’t mortified of Ichigo. ‘She’s only sixteen, give her a break.The love of her life is a monster now. Of course she’ll be scared. Her brother got turned into a monster before!”

I think this is a pretty complacent ‘defense’ of Orihime’s character because once again she’s being protected in the name of a ship, not in the name of Orihime. Not for herself. She’s shown to have some of the highest caliber of emotional and mental strength in the series. She deals with things, she can handle herself. She can pull herself together and get her job done.

When she saw her big brother and the monster he was, she pulled herself together and she could help him. Orihime wasn’t scared of Sora. Orihime was scared of Ichigo. She couldn’t do anything that she swore of herself here. If she could hardly breathe in witnessing a hollow-masked Ichigo in full control of his power and in the middle of the act of saving her and Nel, how well do you think she could handle IchiThing? Realize how bad this is for them both and realize how good it was when Orihime managed to contain her fear the second time Ichigo had to go Vasto Lord.

Why was the protector who you claim came back to life for her pummeling her through stone and dirt? Why did he cut and hurt her? Why did Uryu have to catch and protect her?  Why didn’t IchiThing consider what it’s reiatsu could do to her? Why isn’t his ‘life work and sole function’ to protect her meaning anything? If he came for her protection, why did she still get bruised and thrown around because of him? Why is she forced to witness more damnation? Why was she disgusted of herself for calling for help? Why wasn’t anything IchiThing did protective?

He fought. He killed. He hurt. He did not protect.

Why was Orihime afraid of Ichigo (with his mask alone and as a certified hollow), but not afraid of Ulquiorra? Ulquiorra is the one that caused all of this, after all. He killed Ichigo, he mutilated Uryu, he was aiming to kill Uryu, he tortured Orihime, he threatened her friends…so why?? Why did she give him one of her most tender, most vulnerable, and most warm gazes?

Because, at least a little, she understands Ulqiorra in a way she doesn’t understand Ichigo. She got a perfect nihilist to become curious, to embrace, no matter how short a time it was, an imperfect human emotion. He reached out, and Ichigo killed him. What she did wasn’t a small or negligible or normal or throw away for the sake of our ship thing. It meant something. It meant a lot of things. It made Orihime more powerful. Don’t erase it because an ‘UlquiHime’ moment makes you insecure. Do you want to protect Orihime’s unique strength? Figure out who the hell she is.

And onward.

Ichigo’s hollow is not his inner protector. Ichigo’s inner hollow is his lifeline’s defense mechanism. It’s plan B for when Ichigo starts losing, when he starts dying. Remember:

When becoming a hollow, you lose the heart (even more reason Ulquiorra is a ‘perfect’ nihilist) and the hollow simply becomes a heap of instinct. Ichigo’s instinct is to protect. Not to protect Orihime, just to protect. His protection isn’t dedicated to Orihime. It’s dedicated to a mountain-load of people.

First it was his mom, then the need got added on to with the birth of his sisters, and it’s been multiplying since.

Ichigo protects all (yes some matter more than others). Ichigo’s hollow protects Ichigo. We were introduced to that damn fact back in his fight with Byakuya. But, I know, I understand. The Soul Society arc (the damn core and basis and roots of the manga) is so damn triggering, IH fans have shoved it into their repression boxes…along with every moment and arc they don’t perceive or pretend is IchiHime.

The only protector Orihime EVER had up there was Ishida Uryu. Ishida Uryu had one indisputable, concentrated, soul reason to go to Hueco Mundo.

Inoue Orihime.

(Ichigo went for…more than that. To dip the reason in sugar and not start a whole new post). But nobody in your fandom considers this perfect archer-boy worth a damn.

Ichigo and Orihime brought out the worst in each other here. Orihime’s mental and emotional strength snapped, Ichigo’s humanity snapped. They didn’t help each other, they hurt each other.

What’s worse…where’s their actual emotional connection? Ichigo woke up and asked her if she was okay before quickly turning his attention to an Uryu he stabbed and an Ulquiorra he destroyed. They didn’t talk, she didn’t understand the pain in his eyes, her focus wasn’t on him it was on Ulquiorra, his focus was on what he had done…then Ichigo left to continue battle. No precious reunion or comfort or anything to help each other heal. They healed on their own, they didn’t help or heal each other…compare to Rukia and Ichigo who helped each other get over years of depression, their feelings of loneliness, uselessness, powerlessness,and sadness, changed each other and each others worlds, brought real smiles and real emotion back to each other,etc.

And ‘before anyone else?’ Remember when Ichigo just about abandoned rescuing Orihime when he felt Ruka dying? If Orihime is always his priority why did the thought of leaving even enter his mind?

Ichigo and Orihime….just can’t do anything for each other.

Ichigo lost. He felt like a monster, not a victor, and sure as hell not a protector.

Orihime broke. She felt useless, she failed her promise to herself, and she got the worst experience of her entire life

Orihime didn’t heal or bring Ichigo back to life. Ichigo brought himself back to life, though he wasn’t healed.

Orihime stayed with Uryu and Ichigo went to Rukia.

And that’s how it goes. Romanticize emotional trauma, death, misery, and their new found moments of anxiety, panic, and self-loathing all you want. Just quit pretending this is good for either of them.

Do better by Ichigo and Orihime. There’s my problem. This didn’t help them and this didn’t help their relationship.

It sent all the characters involved into a bottomless hell and not one good thing  for any one of them came out of that arc.

But “Oh my God IR fans are so delusional.” You’re right.

Let me hear one more of you say that Orihime really doesn’t mean shit to me and see how well and informative and calm I’ll be next time. Orihime and Ichigo mean everything to me.

Wish they meant as much to you.

In the bleach fandom...

Me: I have come to the conclusion that the only way to avoid this ship war and retain my sanity is by stalking the Kensei Muguruma tag

Ichigo’s Instinct

aka “Mistranslations that created the IH fandom”

aka I wanted to compare two moments in the manga to prove IHs wrong and ended up writing a whole analysis on the subject of Ichigo’s Instinct

I warn you it’s IR AF

Inspired by @wijnruit ‘s beautiful post

There are a lot of mistranslations that IHs take as evidence that their infamous pairing has ever even existed from Ichigo’s side before the 686 atrocity.

There are a lot of moments in manga, that IHs take as romantic for their ship

And all those moments are as pointed out by wijnruit and many others are recycled Ichiruki moments.

But let us concentrate on this particular one(this has probably been done by many, but still. Let’s refresh our memory, shall we?)

So here’s the moment from chapter 110

I don’t have the Japanese volumes, so I went and just wrote down what ichigo says in the original anime version. They are usually the same as in the manga, if they don’t change the plot

Here’s what he says in Japanese:
“くそ くそ くそ くそ。死にたくね。 死にたくね。 死にたくね。 こんな 所 で 死んでられんか よ。 まだ 死ぬわけにはいかねーんだ。 動け。  動けよ体。  止まれろ血。  俺 をもう一度戦わせてくれ 。 俺は… 俺はルキアを助けいけねーんだ 。”

“Kuso! Kuso! Kuso! Kuso! Shinitakune! Shinitakune! Konna tokoro de shinderarenka yo. Mada shinu wake ni wa ikanenda! Ugoke! Ugoke yo, karada! Tomarero, chi! Ore wo mou ichido tatakawasetekure. Ore wa…ore wa RUKIA wo tasukeikenenda!

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! I don’t wanna die! I don’t wanna die! There’s no way I’d die here! I can’t die yet! Move! Body, move! Blood, stop flowing! Let me fight one more time! I…I have to save Rukia!

Even though he knows that if he dies not only Rukia, but everyone who has come with him, Chad who’s practically dying at the moment, Ishida, Inoue, Ganju, Hanatarou, and maybe he even thought Yoruichi would die too, will die too. That’s Ichigo. He always thinks that he is the one capable of saving people. And he says so. Himself. Chapter 89

In the anime he says “たぶん俺だ”(Tabun ore da) - “Probably me”, just so you know.

But still Kubo chose for Ichigo to say “I have to save RUKIA”. Not “I have to save everyone”, but RUKIA.

Ok, 240 chapters later THIS happens. And I guess this is the translation that the IHs have read

Where Inoue says “助けて”(Tasukete) - which is just “Help” or “Save”. The same verb Ichigo used when talking about saving Rukia. And like, I know the Japanese are known for omitting the personal pronouns. But either way, let’s not belittle Hime here. She wouldn’t say “help ME” or “Save ME”, because there was Ishida literally getting beaten to death a few feet away from her. Not to mention, again, everyone else, who will die because without Ichigo they can’t do shit in this manga (except for Rukia, Rukia somehow always kicks asses. I guess Kubo just loved her very much until he decided to assasinate her and every other character in his own manga, but whatevs).
There is actually a very good post somewhere here on tumblr explaining this moment in the manga, 

but I am sorry I can’t remember how to find it, if someone can link me the post, I will edit this one with the direct link to that one.

But in short it is explained in that post how Inoue in the Japanese version screams in HIragana, indicating her just losing it. And it is explained how Ichigo’s words have no indication of him wanting to just save HER. No, he just hears someone calling and of course it triggers his instinct to protect. Here’s what he says  in the anime, for example:
“ 呼 んでる 。   呼 んでるんだ 。  聞こえる 。  立て 。 立て 。 立て 。 立て 。  俺 が… 俺 が… 俺 が 護る 。”  

“Yonderu. Yonderunda. Kikoeru. Tate! Tate! Tate! Tate! Ore ga…Ore ga…Ore ga _ mamoru”

“They(as in someone) are calling. They are calling. I hear it. Stand up! Stand up! Stand up! Stand up! I…I…I will protect”

He could have said “I will protect YOU” or “I will protect HER”, but he didn’t. You know why? Because that moment wasn’t about IH, it was about Ichigo and what drives him and his whole essence, about hi instincts. That was just a subtle continuation of a LONG discourse they had in Bleach about INSTINCTS

And you know what’s in Ichigo’s nature? What THAT instinct they were all talking about is?

… If fate is a millstone, then we are the grist. There is nothing we can do. So I wish for strength. If I cannot protect them from the wheel, then give me a strong blade, and enough strength… to shatter fate.”

Big brothers… you know why they’re born first? To protect the little ones that come after them!!

At first, I thought “I want to protect Mom.” The ones to protect increased with the birth of my sisters. I kept going to a dojo for the sake of protecting them. I got a bit stronger. The ones I thought I wanted to protect became more and more.

I’m not superman, so I can’t say anything big like I’ll protect everyone on earth. I’m not a modest guy who will say it’s enough if I can protect as many people as my two hands can handle either. I want to protect a mountain-load of people.

“Rukia changed my fate. Rukia changed my destiny. It because I met Rukia I am able to fight and protect everyone

“When he finished doing the dishes and turned to look at her, she’d already fallen asleep.          
…What a happy expression you have there, he thought as he looked at her peaceful face. He felt deeply that… he was so fortunate to come to Soul Society, that he was so fortunate to have something to protect.”

Thank you, Yhwach, for putting it so accurately, by the way. Ichigo does think he’s the only one who can protect and save everyone)

For people who like to say “He never said he loved Rukia”, in order to dissmis Ichigo’s feelings towards Rukia, to claim THAT is Ichigo wanting to protect Hime specifically, is…strange. If IHs like so much for everything to be put down into words - here it is.  He never said he wanted to protect Hime specifically. He didn’t want to protect HER. 

He wanted to PROTECT. Period. “SAVE US” was just a trigger word for him. Because, you know, it’s in his fucking name! 一護 - Ichigo;  護る - mamoru. He’s the one who protects. It’s his whole character IHs think that moment in chapter 350 is an IH moment. No. It’s an Ichigo moment. It’s the conclusion of this long talk about instincts and what Ichigo’s instinct actually is. It’s his instinct to protect. It’s what makes Ichigo Ichigo

I could try and find even more of evidence in the manga, but I think this is plenty enough.

All of that and he still said he wanted to save Rukia specifically. When everyone was in danger. So we know where his priorities lay. And no amount of bullshit pulled out of the ass OOC chapters can erase that.

And fuck that ending for ruining Ichigo’s character. The one who was supposed to protect, the one who wanted to protect, whose instinct it was to protect…living a mundane life? Yeah, missed me with that.

thesplendidangharadd replied to your post “That’s why I didn’t understand your logic. While you admitted that…”

I know you hate it when I kinda “ hijack” your post but seriously I couldn’t stop myself on this one . Kubo did “show” us several times ichigo had latent feelings for Orihime . The lust arc ? The grimmjow fight ? The way he reacted when she was taken to hueco Mundo ? All of this happened around chapter 200 /300 it’s not the end of the story . The fandom went out of its way to prove those moments meant nothing and IT DID . The thing is that

all those ichiruki moments you think Kubo “showed” can be interpreted as a strong platonic friendship . Ichigo’s showing his feelings for orihime though ? Can only be interpreted as romantic . It’s the peak of mauvaise foi for you to show us yoruichi telling ichigo to say something nice to orihime and not show those like 6 panels of him blushing out of his mind just because orihime wore a revealing outfit which was the “ show” part of “ show don’t tell”

Kubo did not separate ichigo and rukia in order to push for ichihime . He separated them because from a story telling point of view their relationship reached its narrative end at the end of the fullbring arc . Ichigo doubted rukia was still his nakama because she did not come to see him while he was powerless but when she came back to gave him his powers he understood the bond he had with her was unbreakable which made him understand the bond he had with his other frien

friends ( who were under tsukishima influence at the time ) was also unbreakable . Showing scenes of them together had no point because the readers knew where they stood , their bond didn’t need further developemment . Ichihime did and renruki though and that’s why there is more of it in the last arc . Bleach was not a victim of ichiruki chemistry but of the ichiruki fandom who had a frienship who could be interpreted as love for the first 100 chapters and clung to it

for the other 580 chapters of the manga blindly refuting what was irrefutable proof that the manga was going in the ichihime direction

*sigh* You do realize that the reply feature is meant to be used for short messages? Save your interlocutor the trouble and hit ‘reblog’ pls?

(putting this under a cut because I care about my fellow man and their dash)

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anonymous asked:

Kubo: I only draw what I want Kubo: never draws an ih/rr family moment, never gives ih/rr titles, never gives ih/rr volume cover IH: kubo uvu loves us, he's one of us


Kubo Himself :

External image
RE: Bleach 589

I’ve already seen a few posts going around about the new chapter, and how Ichigo & Orihime’s interactions “shouldn’t be considered an IchiHime moment” (from IHs and non-IHs alike).

Here’s the thing, though: it damn well was an IchiHime moment (one with some clear-cut romantic tension as well), so I don’t really understand where the lack of confidence and skepticism is coming from (in terms of IHs feeling this way, not non-IHs).

Let’s quickly recap the scene in particular (I’m going to use mangapanda pages– because while mangastream has more high-quality scans, their translations tend to be heavily embellished and mangapanda’s are closer to the raws’ original meaning).

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What's funny that the episodes my friend watch was during the HM arc the supposedly 'IH moments/arc' and she lowkey ships ichiruki. My friend hates obsessive girls who only cares about their love, both in anime and in rl. I think you guys could be friends 😂

I am one of few fans I think, that absolutely detests Orihime. Some dislike things about her but still think she’d be good for Uryuu. Others irrationally hate her with no real basis because they just prefer IR, and others just stan for her. I hate her and it has nothing to do with IR so yeah, I think me and your friend would be good pals lol.

Remember when every day there was a brand new disgustingly violent anti-Orihime/IH blog popping up, when IRs would tell us how we were “allowed” to ship IH, when IRs would tell us that our IH moments were “actually anti IH”, when detractors would claim to love Orihime and then turn around and relentlessly bash her while STILL claiming to love her more than we did, when they would accuse us of not caring about Ichigo outside the context of IH but then trashed him (and still do) the second IH was canonised, when IRs would call us “delusional”, when they were so threatened by our ship that they made up stupid ass nicknames for us and insist upon calling us “Origos” as if it’s a premium insult, when for the last 15 years they thought they had the final say and Kubo was going to serve them IR on a silver platter in the end with Orihime off crying in the background?

And now we’re here still getting more IH & RR content in the months following Bleach’s conclusion. We’re still doing victory laps around them while they continue to embarrass themselves with their unbridled hatred. What a complete and utter victory.

LOL at the YT comment section regarding Bleach anime endings

Many of these damage controlling dipshits say “Fuck Bleach” “Kubo ruined his manga” “Animation company is the only Bleach cuz they shipped IchiRuki” “Kubo secretly shipped IchiRuki in which he only did IH just to give a fuck you to Jump”

Okay listen carefully by me.

I love the Bleach anime more than the Bleach manga. HOWEVER, I know for a fact that Pierrot did had an IchiRuki filler fetish and they removed several important IH moments in the 1st arc and early SS arc.

Now let’s go onto that immature Bleach ending 19. The song “Love You” is so fucking cringeworthy. I was laughing from start to finish of that song. 

Now let’s go onto Bleach ending 14, a nice symbolism of what is going on in the Arrancar arc with Orihime being the last person in that ending of what Ichigo holds dear. Now let’s go onto ending 15, a sad and lonely Orihime all alone with her cell phone. However she is very happy to be with her friends in that ending and Ichigo gets to smile at her. Ending 18 is IchiHime because of how Orihime’s livelihood is and she sees all the Shinigami in the sunset which she considers allies/friends. However in that same ending, Ichigo is in a flower field which focuses on Orihime’s love. Ending 22 is IchiHime since in that same ending you see Ichigo going to Orihime who’s sitting by at the end. Ending 24 is IchiHime in which Orihime gives Ichigo water. What I love about this is that it symbolizes what will be Ichigo’s hope in the future as well as her helping out after the Ulquiorra fight besides the fact she is giving Ichigo some water to drink or cleanse himself. 

Ending 25 here IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ICHIHIME ENDING OF ALL! What makes this ending the best is that it really focuses on Ichigo’s journey as a character from the comrades/enemies he met and Orihime being the last person in the group shows what his true love will be. This ending is what I consider Bleach’s story in a nutshell.

And before you IRs damage control, I also would like to say Ending 27 focuses on Uryu and Ichigo. Not as lovers but what will become of Uryu in the final arc. Ending 27 shows Uryu surprised at Ichigo greeting him but later goes away seriously as if they will leave each other one day. It symbolizes the final arc of Bleach.

Anyway, I would like to say that even if you like to use Pierrot as referencing for your precious IR fanfic shit, I can also counter your bullshit with the good things Pierrot did.

REAL Bleach endings: 12, 14-15, 18, 22, 24-25 (25 being the realest)

Also another thing that I loved about those IchiHime endings were that at the very least they weren’t cringeworthy of “Love You.” They had better lyrics and music composition and wasn’t a One Direction or Justin Bieber shit song which was “Love You” of ending 19.

Originally posted by usagisoup

“Naruto & Sasuke, Goku & Vegeta, Kira & Athrun, Gon & Killua, Mugen & Jin, Ichigo & Rukia.”

This was the list that was posted in reply to a post by someone, discussing another post about the Bleach ending, and questions of IR and how it was apparently ‘not supposed to be views romantically,’ and addressing some issues with that claim. The response was that list, calling them all ‘bromances.’

I don’t want to direct folks to that post because that person gets enough undue hate as it is, and hardly want to make that worse. For the context of this, as well, that is largely unnecessary, because the vast majority of this is actually going to be addressing a post by @commanderkurama. To which, I want to open by saying this is not a call out, nor am I expecting to start some big debate, though should he want to, I’m open. I’m just giving a counter point, from my point of view. 

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Thing is, their relationship wasn’t even as focused as any of those. They got SS arc (which wasn’t exactly devoid of IH and RR) which held undertones of him repaying a debt and then all you really get after that is the farewell when he loses his powers…which loses any real weight when after they reunite they just move right on along with no big fanfare and the IR fanbase salivates for the entire rest of the manga for this “Grand Reunion” that was supposed to show up all the “one sided” IH moments Kubo was hammering us all with. And they get it….after IH and RR are both canon already, married with kids.

So, to address the first claim, and the one above, in the list, we have some fundamental differences. For one, all the listed bonds, except for Ichigo and Rukia, are between two self-identifying males. Now, I’ve made a point that when I do have to make an argument against Naruto and Sasuke, I do so not because of the genders, but because of the portrayal, because I feel that is an argument I can make. However, the world we’d like is not always the world we have, and to that end, the fact that Ichigo identifies male and Rukia as female matters, in the context of this manga, as it sets it apart.

Secondly, all of the relationships listed are largely of a different character than that of Ichigo and Rukia. I’m not familiar enough with Hunter X Hunter to make a judgement, but I am with the rest. Not one of them shares much in common with Ichigo or Rukia more than a superficial level, but even more, the claim that Ichigo and Rukia’s relationship was not focused on more than really all of them is blatantly false.

Naruto and Sasuke’s bond may have it for the running, but is of a different character entirely, one of rivals and distance as a result of that. Goku and Vegeta’s as well was a rivalry. Kira and Athrun were childhood friends that largely were separate for their entire series, caught on opposite sides of a war. Mugen and Jin were, again, rivals. From what I know, this may very well hold true for the Hunter X Hunter examples, but I am not knowledgeable enough to say the same. All of these fit into a common shonen archetype of the rival character. This is not the archetype that Rukia and Ichigo fit into.

No, that is the archetype that Ichigo shares with Uryuu. Ichigo and Rukia share a much different archetype from this, so the comparison falls flat. Indeed, I cannot really think of a comparable archetype FOR Ichigo and Rukia; it’s something rather unique in terms of shonen series. Further, the claim that it ‘wasn’t even focused on’ and claiming their reunions ‘lost any real weight’ and so on. A lot of these seems to want to selectively pick apart the author’s own words. Though folks seem to want to cling to the line about ‘not just friendship, but not amorous’ or ‘not just friends, not quite lovers,’ or however you want to translate that line, they seem to want to ignore his words and actions such as when he talks about how he can’t just draw Ichigo without Rukia, and so on.

It also ignores the sheer difference in things when focused on. Further, putting ‘one sided’ in parenthesis to imply sarcasm doesn’t make them any less one sided. The list of moments brought up for IH simply doesn’t add up the way you think it does. The oft sided statements that somehow IR folks ‘sound like’ SNS or NS folks at the ending of Naruto is also not an argument. Mere appearance, even if so, is not the same thing as being, well, the same. In short, the arguments IR has can (and, in my view, are) significantly better than those where for NS or SNS.

Keep in mind, anti’s called NH one-sided. They were wrong not because the ending had NH become canon, but because the moments weren’t one sided

The reason yall feel betrayed and hurt is because you refused at every turn to even consider the possibility that you were wrong even when evidence was thrown in your face from within the manga, which is why you want to bawl over some sticker. Every single time Ichigo and Orihime shared a moment, you repeat “unrequited, onesided” like a mantra to convince yourself she’s no threat, oh no, Rukia dried his rain they’re destined to be together. The problem is, yall have no real appreciation for the FRIENDSHIP between Ichigo and Rukia, which is all it ever was. Ain’t nothing wrong with wanting it to become something more but there’s a difference between what you want and what you receive. Problem is you let your desire distort your perception. Rukia’s relevance as far as Ichigo is concerned hasn’t been a central factor of the story since SS arc ended. Yea, it got its callbacks here and there with the farewell and reunion in the fullbring arc, but it was hardly the lynchpin of the plot yall convinced yourselves it was. Yes the series started with their meeting. But nowhere is there some kind of obligation that they needed to become a couple for the story to properly conclude.

There is a repetition of unrequited and one-sided because, throughout the manga, that is exactly how it was portrayed. Note, that is not an argument for IR, though some IR may try to use it as such, merely a knock against IH. It still stands, even with IH being canon, as an indictment of the way IH was portrayed.  Further, you can sarcastically parrot the lines explicitly used to describe Rukia and Ichigo, and then claim somehow she’s not the linchpin of the plot, but this runs into a major wall too: Rukia showing up less and less in the story actually coincides with the manga dropping massively in quality and popularity.

Further, to invoke one aspect of the Naruto fandom, unlike NH/SS and NS or SNS, where the population was largely equally divided due to the way Kishimoto wrote and presented things, the IH fandom has always paled in size compared to IR. It was not ‘desire that distorted perception,’ it was ‘perception created desire.’ 

Further, the argument, largely, is not that they NEEDED to become a couple for the story to properly conclude, merely that them being a couple made more sense. Merely swapping the ships around wouldn’t conclude the story properly, there are issues far beyond the ships, which have been extensively explored. My initial essay about the ending intentionally didn’t address ships, just for the reason of avoiding that accusation.

It’s not bawling over a sticker, its the furthering of a perception that Kubo himself set up. So the real issue is if Kubo’s intent was to all along do this, than he messed up somewhere along the way, because the vast majority of people missed it. It’s his story, he can do with it what he wants, but folks are no less equal in place to criticism his poor choices and execution, on the relationships as much as all the other factors.

Kubo has had issues with editors for a long time, yet in truth, he honestly should have listened to them probably, because it shows in his story, and the fact that he went from once being one of the big three, to being canned and finishing at the bottom of the popularity rankings. 

Apparently stopping to consider that maybe your desire shaped your perception, and that the other folks might have a point is beyond you, though, in this case. 

Kubo circa 2008 or whatever after SS arc ended: IR is the broest of brotps and im so proud of that.

IRs: so you mean they’re gonna bang someday? 😃

IRs: *endures 2/3 of the manga awaiting Grand IR reunion of Kubo promised romance while being dickslapped by IH moments left and right* shedriedhisrainblacksunwhitemoonhe'sthemaninherheartwhothefuckisrenjiwhenisulquiorracomingbackuryuumakeyourmovealreadyfuckfivelifetimesjustcoverupherboobwindowandshe'llforgetallaboutkurosakikunyouhavingasimilarpowermeansyouwilltotallytagteamyhwachanditwillberomanticunlikethissadexcuseofaswordandshieldtagteamwhereichigodoesntexplainanythinginthemiddleofafightlikehe'ddoforrukiabecausehelistenstoherdoesn'tgiveporkihimetheteofdayeventhosheaintleavehissideforlike150+chaptersfuckinstalkercomeonrukiaenterandputhisheadinyourlapwhilerenjiandbeatenorihimejuststareatyallawkwardlythisisitthisistherealromancelynchpinoftheseriesholdthesenutsorigos*

*686 is released*


Saw this from someone post and I realized, the moment that they call IH moment, for me it look like this..


Yoruichi-san and almost everyone never behaved like this until last arc. Maybe Ori tell the world “hey, I love kurosaki-kun, but he can’t see me, what should I do? ”..

and everyone like “okay, we support you. Hey wear this, we have boobs window dress and he sure like it and don’t worry, we will tell him if he doesn’t realize” .

Everyone seem like need to give a hint to Ichigo. Why must give a hint like that? (Chad, Yoruichi, Reiji)

The stalker will come in 3,2,1…..

When IchiRuki shippers moan that Kubo needs a novel just to justify why RR and IH happened,

I recommend to read the manga again and focus on RR and IH moments because some of you retcon them and insist that the endgame couples came out of nowhere, living in denial may be helpful but for fuck’s sake, why do you belittle some stuff for purpose? It won’t change anything…

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