The show needs to stop using L/xa to prop up Clarke and her leadership skills. Clarke was a better leader BEFORE L/xa. L/xa told Clarke to change everything about herself that made her a good leader (her love for her friends) and when she shut herself off from that in s3 she was a bad leader.

I’m sorry but what Clarke did tonight, sacrificing herself, is something L/xa would not have done. It wasn’t her leadership style so L/xa didn’t shape her into that. 

What she did tonight was something that she more likely learned from her FATHER. The person who chose to try to tell his people the truth to save them, even if it cost him his life. And she choose to be the test subject to save her people, even if it cost her HER life.

This isn’t even me hating on L/xa’s character. Just how they are acting like her character shaped Clarke into he person she is today. Like she wasn’t that person before L/xa. Clarke came down to Earth taking charge and being a leader. The show needs to stop erasing that.

We’re gonna get the worst cringiest one liners ever. Jason is gonna cuss and Dick is gonna say “LANGUAGE!”. We’re gonna have Barbara making dick jokes with Bruce. Jason Todd will boobplant Barbara for no reason. Joker will be like “I have a Harley”. Cue all the butt and boob shots. Zero acknowledgement of other DCEU canon. Ruined Batfam mythos. Even tho it will be a Babs movie, somehow all the males will get more lines. Rest assured any poc will be side characters with witty one liners. Fuq we’re gonna get choppy fight scenes. Terrible bland horns in back. Oh my god. Barbara is gonna make some cringey Black Widow joke in reference to also being redheaded in a black tac suit. My soul is literally weeping rn…..

RvB15: Mysterious Cobalt Guy

So, here’s the “inverted colours” image of our character wearing Church’s armour.

And here’s another image (THe yellow is on the door behind him, this isn’t Wash.

FInally, we have this image, which shows the Wanted list.

The top row shows Sarge, Grif, Simmons, and Donut.

The second row shows Lopez, Caboose, Church, and Tucker.

The bottom row shows Carolina and Wash.

Wash is in his grey armour, and is separate from Church. So this isn’t them thinking that Church is alive because Wash was using his name and armour. Given than Hargrove is likely orchestrating this, he probably knows the state that Epsilon was in prior to the end of Season 13, and Epsilon introduced himself to the galaxy as Epsilon, not Church in his broadcasts.

So… who is this mystery Church?