My Amityville Horror (2012)

A documentary on the Amityville Horror story, with the eldest child, Daniel Lutz recapping his memories regarding the events.

A number of interviews with him, and some other people. Daniel shows the camera different areas in the neighborhood and has a wide range of emotion throughout the shoot. Plenty of emotion, some anger, and it really shows how he grew up being known as the “Amityville kid”.

If you’re a skeptic of Amityville this is still worth a watch, there’s a lot of personal information that Daniel talks about. How his stepfather added more to the story, and how his stepfather was also very into the paranormal. When asked certain questions he couldn’t answer them. Overall a very nice look into Amityville, if you like documentaries of paranormal stuff it’s a good decent watch.

6.5/10 rotting corpses
-C. Vengeance

In God We Trust's Backyard Bazaar | Events

For quite some time, I had made In God We Trust a regular pit stop during my Soho strolls.  Not that I was buying much, but I just enjoyed the ambiance of the store coupled with the authenticity and inspiration of the merchandise.  For far too long, I had been really sluggish and apprehensive with my travels off the island of Manhattan.  Brooklyn just felt too far.  I’m glad I corrected that little issue and forced myself out to IGWT’s Greenpoint location for the Backyard Bazaar.

I had learned about the Backyard Bazaar from Twitter.  This was the second time I was invited to their Brooklyn home base, so this time I just couldn’t refuse.  When I walked in, it was just how I pictured, expansive and awesome.  Shana Tabor, the store’s founder and owner, came out and greeted me.  And after all the pleasantries were out of the way, ended up being one of my favorite fashion people yet.  She’s got that spunk and excited personalty that makes you organically inquisitive and engaged in everything she’s talking about.  I don’t want to fail to mention that her style is rad…like seriously, she’s got a true individuality.  Shana helped me pick out my favorite Hill-side fabrics and even supported my decision to widdle down my “shopping cart” to stay within budget.  She knows how to treat a customer!

I was amazed to learn that all the design and creativity of IGWT’s in-house brand was all done in a studio out back.  Don’t you love that kind of stuff…home grown and made locally.  In God We Trust takes that same passion and infuses it in its purchases of other brands as well - i.e. The Hill-side for example.  During the Backyard Bazaar, there were several booths set up.  I visited a couple, so check out the pictures and make sure you’re there for the next one.

The Hill-side has some of my favorite fabrics ever; find them at IGWT and Hickoree’s

Handmade leather wallet made with one singular piece of leather

Colorful and unique handmade shoes by Osborn

Live portraits by a local artist

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Justin Bridges of Tucked LLC


The other day I had the pleasure of going to my pal Samantha Pleet’s S/S 13 presentation at the Wolverine store in Soho where a lot of goat cheese with cranberry was eaten on crackers. However I also got a peek at her next amazing collection of shoes in collaboration with the folks at Wolverine. Tonight at IGWT in Greenpoint Samantha’s boots will be available for pre-order and everyone will have the chance to finally see in person those two-tone Bonny boots from the F/W 12 collection that have been floating around the Internet for months now. Hope to see some friendly faces there and hope this dang thunderstorm stops!