his bone structure is heavier than hers
and her heart is probably emptier than his
she says “thank you”
while choking back the
burning at the bottom of her spine

solitude has become a dark friend that
never lets her down and honestly
she’s become accustomed to its company

‘forever’ is the narrow end of a rusty alley
that isn’t on her way home
and she’s not looking for diversions

on nights when her skin collapses
and her eyes bleed,
she prefers the comfort of her loneliness
as the deceased stars watch over her

she promised herself she’d never make
a home out of a man that makes her weak

she’s just the bridge of a sad song
and he’s the sweet chorus
of a beautiful lullaby.

—  i love you, but i love me more

And just like that, I watched her sitting in the corner of her room, with her head hung low on her hands. I went closer and tucked some strands of her hair behind.


Nothing. Nothing at all.

“Do you want to share what is it?”

She looked up and I swear I felt my heart break. Even with the rays of sun casting on her beautiful face, her eyes were devoid of any specks of emotion.
She just stared at a far distance. In that moment I knew she wasn’t grasping any of my words.
I knew I had to bring her back from whatever was eating her from inside. But I couldn’t push her more, not when she was so broken.

“I can’t help if you shut me out like that. Every time I look at you, my heart breaks a little more. Please let me get lost in darkness that’s pulling you back. I promise I’ll be your firefly and guide you through the paths to reach the door of lights. I know healing will take time-days, months or even years. But please let me do this.”

My eyes searched for any sign of approval in the depths of her brown orbs.

Nothing. Nothing, again.

“I will wait for you. Doesn’t matter however long it takes, I will wait for you.”

With a painful sigh, I kissed her forehead.
I knew it was a dangerous game I was playing; but in the end, we both were going to get damaged.

—  Thedaydreamingwriter/ @toothless98 on Instagram