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dont get injured in darkest dungeon
  • vestal:The power of the LIGHT INDOMITABLE will ease your pain, brother. Now if you'll turn to page 342, recite psalms 3 through 19, and scourge yourself thoroughly with this length of chain, we can begin.
  • occultist:I've worked out an understanding with Thulgi Lenk'igur to dispatch a chittering swarm of his Winged Spawn to seal your wound with their mandibles and cauterize it with their burning blood. The experience may be somewhat traumatic, but no lasting harm usually results.
  • plague doctor:*holds up a fistful of maggots and leeches* i swear to god im fuckin licensed.

I’m wondering if we should be buying some Preemie clothes for Scarlett just in case she is swimming in the newborns… I never considered that I might have to do that until now.

Maybe I should buy some from a store like Babies R Us and just keep the tags on them in case she doesn’t need them? I could buy one or two on consignment (if they have them) and prewash so I can bring one or two to the hospital? Thoughts?

holy shite im so glad i could finally get the movement right.

I want to gift that coat to those who want to support me on patreon https://www.patreon.com/coweetie?ty=h
Also I will keep improving it until i cant improve anymore and you’d get the updated versions every time.
So if you’re willing to help me, i’d gift you that thing i sit on 3 to 8 hours a day.

casual medifc igure by doktorbirdbrain http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?l=german&id=291043093

I feel like Ashton meeting your parent(s) would be adorable yet so funny because you want them to like him and hes doing his best to be polite and helpful during dinner while you try to test the limits of teasing him by dragging your nails up his leg or rubbing your leg against his which makes him choke on his water and when he’s asked if he’s okay he does that lil awkward smile and says yes but he’s figuring out how to punish you best tonight aayyyee


igure of Diana

Artist/maker unknown, German

Made in Germany, Europe

17th - 18th century Medium:
Boxwood Philadelphia Museum of Art

Things I wanna draw from the AU:

William figure skating

That one time Anthony and William totally make out

William leaning against Veylas when he has migraines

William figure skating

Jack being a cheerleader

The boys’ boxers strewn across the football team spelling GET FUCKED after the girls did a boxer raid

Jack being thrown into the outdoor pool with his clothes on because he was the inside man for the girls for the raid

William figure skating

Boys and girls posing in their sweet school jackets

William figure skating

William figure skating