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☆Comchat♪Countdown segment (2016.01.23)
Yuka Iguchi, Takahiro Sakurai and Mamoru Miyano
☆Comchat♪Countdown segment (2016.01.23)

This radio segment made me laugh so much, omg. I only partially understood it but still, it was fun! Basically, Sakupyon says that since the title of Mamo’s new single HOW CLOSE YOU ARE is written in English, he thinks that speaking English should be Mamo’s forte. So… let’s Mamo reply to the questions in English!

The first question is about a recent anecdote with a feeling of accomplishment after effort (I think?).

Mamo: A feeling of accomplishment after effort? *tries to sound like a foreigner*
Sakupyon/Yuka: Hahaha!
Mamo: This is a pen and… I am a dog. But my father is a horse.
Sakupyon: Really?
Mamo: And… an apple.
Sakupyon: I see.

Then, Sakupyon asks Mamo if he can translate into Japanese what he just said because some people might not have understood. And it’s something like: when you see someone who rides the same train as you giving up their seat, it feels nice.

Sakupyon: It’s good, isn’t it?
Yuka: Huh? It’s the story of a dog?
Mamo: Hm? Eh? Ok. Canon, Canon. … Camera.

The second question is “Please Miyano-san, teach us how to prepare curry!”.

Mamo: “Oh, oh, oh, oh… Happy day” and this is, well… and… Help.
Yuka: Help?
Sakupyon: Hahahahaha!! By the way…
Mamo: “Help! I need somebody”…
Sakupyon: Ah, somebody? Ok.
Mamo: “Help…”
Sakupyon: Everybody say?
Mamo: “Not just anybody!”
Mamo: “Help, help, help…!”

After translating into Japanese what they just said, Mamo starts to speak with a really strong accent…

Yuka: And the potatoes? (”Jagaimo” in Japanese)
Mamo: “Jagaimo” is mash!
Sakupyon: Hahaha… what?
Yuka: “Mashu”!?! (This word means “evil influence” in Japanese xD)

Next question is from “Ganbaritakunai-san” (= I don’t want to work hard) and that’s when we completely lost Mamo…

Mamo: I won’t give up!!!!! *laughs* What’s happened?! Miss Iguchi! What’s happened?!
Yuka: Be quiet, be quiet.
Sakupyon: Be quiet? Hahaha….
Yuka: Shut up!
Mamo: Concentration…

Then Mamo says some nonsense about “Comchat Countdown” and tea… 

Mamo: Waaah! What’s happened? “All my troubles seemed so far…”
Sakupyon: One more?
Mamo: No, no thank you.

Sakupyon: Have you finished?
Mamo: Hm, hmm…
Sakupyon: Ok, ok, ok…
Mamo: “Yesterday”.
Sakupyon: Yesterday?
Mamo: No! Ah, yeah… Ok, ok. Very, very cute!
Yuka: Oh, thank you!
Sakupyon: Present for you.
Mamo: You’re very cute.
Sakupyon: (something I don’t understand)
Mamo: No, no! Jesus! Oh my God!
Yuka: Your face, hahaha…
Sakupyon: Please!!!
Mamo: No!!
Sakupyon: Please!!!
Mamo: No! Get away!!
Sakupyon: Nooo!?!
Mamo: No!!
Sakupyon: Get away!?!
Mamo: No! Get away!!
Sakupyon: Get away, get away.
Yuka: No, no, no!
Mamo: Don’t move, don’t move!
Sakupyon: No, no, no!
Mamo: Breathe, breathe! Don’t move, don’t move!
Sakupyon: No way, no way.

Sakupyon: Finished?
Mamo: Finished.
Sakupyon: Ok, ok, ok. Sit down, sit down.
Mamo: Thank you.
Sakupyon: Ok. Please, information.
Mamo: Ok. “HOW CLOSE YOU ARE”. *laughs* My new single “HOW CLOSE YOU ARE” will be on sale on January 27th.
Sakupyon: Congratulation! *applause*
Mamo: On January 30th (Saturday) and January 31st (Sunday), “MAMORU MIYANO LIVE TOUR 2015-16 ~GENERATING!~supported by JOYSOUND” is going to be held at Nippon Budokan.
Yuka: Wow! Nippon Budokan?
Mamo: Yeah. Nippon Budokan.
Sakupyon/Mamo: Happiness Together. (?)
Sakupyon: For more details, check Miyano Mamoru’s official website, ok?
Mamo/Yuka: Ok.

Mamo: Well then, please listen to “HOW CLOSE YOU ARE Please step behind the yellow line". ♪
*laughs* Next, please listen to “HOW CLOSE YOU ARE” by Miyano Mamoru.
Yuka: Tonight’s Comchat guest was Miyano Mamoru. Thank you very much.
Sakupyon: Thank you!
Mamo: Thank you very much.


Okay. Here it is. The beast that is the hour(ish) long Serafest with the VAs of Seraph. Maybe I’ll get around to subbing it someday haha. It is pretty dang funny at parts.  If you have any specific questions about it, feel free to ask. (though I can’t guarantee answers)


Cause of death: Sakupyon being a total cutie pie (ft. Iguchi Yuka) [x]