Green Thornytail Iguana (Uracentron azureum)

The Green Thornytail Iguana is an arboreal species of lizard from the Amazon rainforest and forests in the Guiana Shield. It is found in Colombia, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, northeastern Peru, southern Venezuela and northern Brazil. It can reach about 9 cm in snout–vent length, has a relatively short spiny tail, and is overall green with black spots and bands. It primarily feeds on ants.

photo credits: reptilesrevolution, zoopicture


In honor of National Lizard Day, here are Iggs and Poppy:

Iggs is an eight year old green iguana who had a hard first couple of years until she came to her second owner, who took great care of her until over half a year ago when the second owner didn’t have time for her anymore and decided to rehome her to us. She has done multiple reptile expos and a couple presentations and is the most friendly, tolerant iguana I’ve ever met.

Poppy is a four year old Argentine black and white tegu whom I just adopted recently from people who were moving to an apartment and couldn’t take her with them. She will soon be doing the same educational work as Iggs, and is just as sweet.