Pugness Year of Dog 2018 Free Crochet pattern

It’s that time of the year to share my annual Chinese New Year animal crochet pattern! This year is the year of dog, I decided to make these cute pugs to celebrate it and i’d like to invite you to have fun with me! so no fuss! Let’s make this!!

It’s a really easy to make pattern as my other animal crochet patterns, if you do make them, feel free to share and tag me to your social media

Chinese New Year 2018 is Feb. 16th , Happy new year of dog to all!

Level: Beginner- Easy


  • 4ply yarn in dark beige, dark brown
  • The yarn I use is Red Heart Comfort for the dark beige, and Impeccable for the dark brown.
  • crochet hook size 3.50mm
  • stitch marker & sewing needles & scissors
  • 8 mm or 12mm or 15mm plastic safety eyes, I use 15mm here
  • Poly-fil/Wool to stuff the doll
  • Dark Brown, White and black felt cloth
  • Hot glue gun or fiber glue


ch: chain

st: stitch

sc: single crochet

inc: single crochet increase

dec: single crochet decrease

MR: Magic Ring/an adjustable ring

For example:

MR3: make 3sc in the magic ring

Finished Size  Approx. 3 - 3.5 inches tall


Always use the stitch marker to mark your first stitch each round.

Head (dark beige)

Rnd1— MR 6X (6)

Rnd2— inc in each stitch around (12)

Rnd3— (inc, sc) 6 times (18)

Now you will change color between dark beige and dark brown

Dark Beige: A

Dark brown: B

When you see A that means it is in dark beige

Rnd4— A: 5sc, B:2sc, A:5sc, B:2sc, A:4sc  (18)

Rnd5 to Rnd 7 — A: 4sc, B:4sc, A:3sc, B:4sc, A:3sc  (18)

Now you will only work on color A, dark beige only from this round to the end

Rnd8— (dec, sc) 6 times (12)

You can stuff the head now

Rnd9—dec in each stitch (6) Finish and cut the yarn

Mouth  (dark brown)

Rnd1— MR 6 sc (6)

Rnd2— inc in each stich around (12)

Finish off with a sl st and leave a tail to sew to the face later.Ears  (dark brown) make 2

Rnd1— MR 3 sc (3), turn

Rnd2— inc, sc, inc  (5) , leave a tail to sew to the head later

Body (dark beige)

Rnd1—MR 6sc ( 6 ) 

Rnd2— inc in each stitch around (12)

Rnd3— (inc, sc) 6 times (18)

Rnd4— dec in each stitch around (9)

Rnd5— sc around (9)

Rnd6— sc around (9) stuff

leave a long tail to sew the body to the head later.

Front legs (dark beige) make 2

Version A ( this version is for shorter front legs)

Rnd1—MR 6sc ( 6 ) 

Rnd2— sc in each stitch around (6)

Rnd3— sc in each stitch around (6) stuff, finish and leave a long tail to sew to body later

If you like the longer front legs then keep crochet

Version B ( this version is for longer front legs)

Rnd4 to Rnd 6— sc in each stitch around (6) stuff, finish and leave a long tail to sew to body later

Back legs (dark beige) make 2

Rnd1—MR 6sc ( 6 ) 

Rnd2— sc in each stitch around (6)

Rnd3— sc in each stitch around (6) stuff, finish and leave a long tail to sew to body later

Tail (dark beige)

Simply attach the yarn to the butt, chain 2, cut the yarn , weave in


Cut a small oval shape of nose from the brown felt, cut it to the size you like then hot glue to the middle top of the mouth after you sew the mouth to face.


Felt eyes

Cut 2 big circle in 2cm width from the white felt, , cut 2 smaller circle in 1.5cm width from the black felt, cut 1 tiny white circle to high-light the eyes to create the googly eyes.

I know it is painful to measure tiny pieces from felt cutting, so just go ahead and cut the circles that fit the face of your pug and you can improvise this part. Finally , hot-glue them to the face.Like this picture below:

Safety eyes

Don’t forget to cut 2 pieces of the white circle felt to place under the safety eyes, you can either sew or punch a hole on the felt to insert the eyes and then hot glue them all together to the face. If you are using 8mm safety eyes, the size of the white circle felt is 1 cm wide. If your safety eyes is bigger than 8mm, you can either cut a bigger white felt circle or not using any , still will be cute!

I use 15mm here but 8mm to 15mm will do a good job as well. You can use paint or white-out liquid to add the classic Ohana Craft style 3-white-dots to the eyes if you want. Like this picture below: 


Sew the mouth between round 6 and round 7 of the head, the mouth should cover round 7 to round 9 of the head
Sew the ears at the round 4 of the head at the side like this.

Sew the short front legs(version A ) or long front legs (version B) to body, you can either sew them together in the center or apart a bit to the side like this picture

Sew the back legs to the body , it can be in the middle or apart to the sides as well like these:

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  • This pattern is an original pattern designed by Carrie Lu Fowler of Ohana Craft.
  • Please do not claim this pattern as your own. Feel free to translate this pattern into your language to share or you just want to share this pattern, I’d appreciate that if you would link back to my blog/ FB /IGto credit me as an original pattern designer.
  •  You may keep a copy for your own personal use but please DO NOT sell the pattern or distribute it.
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TO: ##ERROR3312.8847.2

तपाईं दम्भी चुभन, सुन!

आफ्नो गरीब कौशल धन्यवाद, सम्पूर्ण जहाज गए। एक साथ मा एक लाख मानिसलाई। त्यो साँचो हो। तपाईं कुनै बेइमान कारण हत्या गरेका छन्। र तपाईं नतिजाहरू सामना गर्न भएकी थाह छ? यो छैन। तपाईं। सं। यसले मलाई छ! मैले सबै फिक्स आशा छ जो रिसाहा निरंकुश शासकले सामना गर्न छ जो एक, र हुनेछ। र म आफ्नो सबै कुरालाई मतलब। मेस।

यस अस्वीकार्य। बिल्कुल पचहत्तर वर्ष, तपाईं एसिड गरेर सजाय वा मृत्यु सामना गर्नेछ।

एक कतार किनभने त्यहाँ हामी, त्योभन्दा अघि गर्न सकेन। तपाईको असुविधाको लागि क्षमाप्रार्थी।

तर यो तपाईंको लागि के हो। एउटा गधा पाउनु!