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George Weasley in a relationship with a Slytherin headcanon?

  • im not gonna conform to genders so let’s abbreviate the slytherin in question by using *S*
  • okay so it totally started out with *S* being the butt of a prank
  • george didn’t really MEAN to focus on them (they meant to focus on malfoy, probably) but *S* was in the wrong place at the wrong time and it just sorta… happened
  • *S* was a little pissed off
  • they yelled at george and got really mad when george was laughing as he apologized 
  • “you know what? you think this is so funny, you stupid GRYFFINDOR, but you WON’T think it’s funny when you get pranked harder than you ever have before”
  • and george is just laughing (and secretly wants to see it) and he knows how slytherins are so he’s all like “you can’t prank me”
  • and the slytherin (being a SLYTHERIN) is like “. u wanna fucking try me? u wanna BET?”
  • and then it’s on
  • they use every spare second of their day to plan this stupid prank. they gather their housemates. they spy on george to learn his schedule. they overdo this so much 
  • and then when they finally do the prank, george gets owned so hard he stands there for a minute and just laughs.
  • *S* is like …. why are u laughing i just publicly humiliated u. u should be totally mad rn. i want to see ur anger
  • and george is in LOVE OMG
  • he’s all “that was amazing how long did it take you to plan that i cant believe i just witnessed this genius”
  • *S* is…. flattered
  • and a little confused
  • he’s so in awe that he pulls a gryffindor and just. asks them out. to hogsmeade
  • *S* is a lil flustered but is like … okay why not?? he’s a stupid nervewracking gryffindor but he’s cute ig
  • the hogsmeade date is p much just a joking, flirty george w a flustered *S*
  • after, nobody really knows if they’re dating or not. yeah, they hang out. yeah, they hold hands sometimes. yeah, they’re snogging in the hallway - wait
  • it becomes a thing so gradually and naturally nobody is really surprised when it happens, and it doesn’t leave a resounding impact on the school. it’s not a big deal; everyone kinda saw it coming
  • their entire relationship is just george annoying the hell out of *S* until *S* makes him shut up (usually by kissing him but they also kick his ass sometimes, too)
  • it’s so perfect bc u have this goofy, wild gryffindor with this sarcastic, bitter slytherin and they just. fit 
  • opposites attract, u know
  • when george goes a little overboard (he’s not fred, so it doesn’t happen too often), *S* talks him down and brings him back to reality in a sharp way
  • if anyone’s read all-american girl by meg cabot it’s totally lucy and jack, with george being a goofier jack and *S* being lucy
  • on the contrary, when *S* is too sarcastic or bitter or revenge-filled, george is like “ok calm down there, team rocket, it’s all in good fun” or “loosen up a bit)
  • they just compliment each other really well and it’s a nice fit. good couple

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