As a part of a new & exciting string of features I will be running now and in the future, Ive enlisted some of the ‘menswear’ elite. The next three posts will be featuring @olvh summer sneaker rotation. A quick intro by myself, then the words at follow are those of Olivers, one key point to pick out are the those magnificent trousers. The original Nike Mayfly was conceived as an extremely lightweight runner, engineered for long-distance races. This Woven Quickstrike overhaul replaces the Tyvek material of the original with full, smooth suede uppers and a leather insole with partial leather lining. The Mayfly Woven QS successfully manages to offer both enhanced comfort and durability, with a forward thinking and contemporary aesthetic. To create this top three has felt like choosing between children. Fortunately I feel like I have had years in practice to realise aesthetically and ergonomically which are my go to summer shoes. Undoubtedly summer means flags up to both suede and lighter colours which barely get a look in when the putrid rain is bouncing off the flags. Part 2 to follow. #nike #mayflywoven #quickstrike #gievesandhawke #menswear #streetwear #streetstyle #manchester #london #glasgow #otf #igsneakcommunity #sneakersscotland #crepecity #sneakerfreaker #6acres #smartsideofcasual #blogger #fashionblogger #scottishblogger

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