Help me show Taylor this! It’s so inappropriate and disrespectful to use Taylor’s address as a marketing technique. She should not have her address publicly displayed on Instagram. To clarify: I understand Taylor’s address could literally be found on google, but the fact of the matter is, it’s extremely unfair to use her and violate her privacy to market the building. Please re-blog and help show Taylor and let her decide if that’s something she’s okay with or not.  Thank you:) taylorswift we got your back

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My muse wanders into your muse's room in the middle of the night: Pepper wakes up with a start as JARVIS announces she has an intruder and promptly falls off of her bed as she sees Natasha standing by her now open window. "Natasha!? Why are you- what did you- Did you just break into my house?!"

“I erm, I’m sorry… I should have knocked…”

Drabble - #igotyou

Alright, I know it’s been way too long. I’m currently writing the 2nd part to Someone to Save You (and by writing I mean staring at a blank page/not even staring at a blank page anymore) and I haven’t forgotten your request anon-Elena (who’s probably given up on me by now) and there are plenty of other ideas in my head but very little inspiration and way to much tasks for university. So I don’t know when this blog will return to normal, sorry.
But I felt the need to finally get something out again so I turned on The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack and wrote a little something that I tried to keep as vague as possible (as in when this takes place, who the man is) and here it is and be nice to the baby.


„Just hold me, please, please, just hold me.”

He couldn’t bear it when she cried, felt the tears rolling down her cheeks as stings in his heart, as sharp knifes that turned in his stomach. Her body felt so fragile when she was sobbing, her thin figure bonier than ever in his arms, and her fingernails dug in his skin where she was clutching his biceps to make sure he wasn’t going to let go. Like that was ever going to happen.

“It’s okay, Z, I’ve got you, alright? I’ve got you, don’t worry.”

“Why would he do that? He promised! I… we were happy! We had planned it all out, vacation, marriage, kids, everything! He said we would stay together forever.”

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"Natasha.." Jane started slowly, her glaze locked on the floor beneath them. She was terrified of the woman in front of her. She has learned to fear woman who can fight in heels, those are the one you really need to run from. "I heard of you and Tony." Her voice soft, barely a whisper. "Why?" Jane looked up now. "I know this isn't my business, but now I'm involved, and I demand answers!" Jane puffed her cheeks out, she looked like a stubborn child. "Please Natasha.."


Natasha sighed, and stood up from where she was sat… This mess was going to follow her everywhere…

As she stood, the bruising down her jaw and across her neck became obvious… She really didn’t care anymore

“Why Jane? Why are you involved..?”

If they were going to have this conversation she at least wanted to know why…

“I take it you’ve been speaking to Pepper? Because the last time she sent someone to talk to me, it didn’t go so well”