joannasotomura: It feels weird posting anything that isn’t related to the horrible tragedy in LV…but if you need just a few minutes to step away from reality, I will be on tonight’s episode of @nbc’s @nbcthegoodplace with the lovely @jameelajamilofficial. It’s a fun episode and will hopefully make your day a little brighter 💛 #hanginthere #igotyou #thegoodplace#nbc #comedy #needalaughtoday

Help me show Taylor this! It’s so inappropriate and disrespectful to use Taylor’s address as a marketing technique. She should not have her address publicly displayed on Instagram. To clarify: I understand Taylor’s address could literally be found on google, but the fact of the matter is, it’s extremely unfair to use her and violate her privacy to market the building. Please re-blog and help show Taylor and let her decide if that’s something she’s okay with or not.  Thank you:) taylorswift we got your back

ht tp://www.kodakgallery.com/gallery/index.jsp?&sourceid=568408338903

Copy and paste this link without the space between HT TP and enjoy 200 free prints (plus $2 s/h) on Kodak Gallery for all your summer memories.

*edit* If you’re using instagram or retro camera and want to print out your little square photos, upload them, add them to the cart, and edit each photo by checking “Show Entire Image” to print the whole photo instead of a fraction of it.

ends 9/14

Having patience and putting your faith unto me is of virtue. As I am a man on a mission, striving to reach a goal. Sorry if you've ever felt I've neglected you. I'm trying to work my way to the top, and I need to take this time to myself to get there. I know who's been there for me, and who's done good for me. I know who's done bad, and those who have taken advantage of me. I'm no idiot and have a good judge of character. Have faith in me and the time will come, I will not disappoint.