They freakin did Totoro on Bob’s burger. Fucking Epic. Lol 🌰🍂🌳 #bobsburger #totoro #igotexcited

Basically, loved HIN ( @importfashion ) autograph signing, photo taking/modeling, streaming the crowd, cool people, made new friends, participated in HIN model search and epically FAILED, thanks for the ride Boogie ( @booogs ) then coming back to SD to my sweetheart ( @jylon_nolyj) …. At least I got to take a picture with Trinity Dang ( @trinitydang ), my girl fantasy has been fulfilled. #HotImportNights #HIN2013 #TrinityDang #Asian #AsianModels #UsModels #girlcrush #igotexcited #finallygettomeether #sheshot #sexy #idied


I never seen a #Hawk in the #wild before ••• #IGotExcited 😁so #BearWithMe ••• Just thought, I would share the #moment.


We’ve been trying to teach Isaiah how to say “Tia” since last summer… He’s getting there, but everyone is still “Mama.” 😂 #IGotExcited #Breakfast #HamAndEggs #HeLovesBreakfast #IWantHimToCallMeTia 😭 #ILoveYou #MyHandsome #IsaiahLeonardo @bri_lunalove @boogs_408

consciouslyhuman asked:

*nods* It was certainly very good of them. *smile brightens* You’ve met Rafael! What do you think of him? I’m curious to know if he shows a different face to others. I think people sometimes change when they’re around their family…Oh, how wonderful! I’ve always admired people who could. How long have you played? I think that’d be a lovely idea, teaching him. *laughs* I’m afraid I don’t know one personally, I’ve only heard from others. I’d like to meet a faun…I don’t know any fauns actually.

Yes Mrs, I know him very well. He’s a good, good father. I can tell by how he speaks of his children that he loves them deeply. -looks at Aislinn a moment then squeezes her hand gently, as if to silently express her condolence- 

How long? Ho hum… -looks around the sky, searching for the answer- I remember when I was very tiny hearing my older sister’s friend play, and from that moment I wanted to learn. But I took a break from it and then went back right after I got married. Oh you should learn too! You have pretty, pretty hands. Perfectly shaped for all sorts of instrument playing! 

-nods- I will do that then. -wraps her arms around herself, slight goosebumps freckling her exposed lower forearm- I’m suddenly so nervous. 

-giggles back- Me too! I’ve met talking beavers though! And horses and oh I love this world, don’t you? 

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Bowling for soup. Playing phineas and ferb theme song. #warpedtour #warpedtour2014 #igotexcited

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I found a firefly, I secretly named his Raymond. #happy #firefly #raymond #disneyreference #imsorryforsayingswag #igotexcited

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