Essay Part 1:

It is a place, out of which perpetual dreariness trailed themselves into your life forever and ever, and you end up never getting an escape. This path had drainage that ran purple ill-smelling waste substance, brick houses with grilled windows where no light can shine in, and a pathway which, no one goes through. 

People tend to disdain the alley, where things are abandoned to eradicate. Moss-covered concrete and the drain are taught to be sordid, and cracks on the weathered walls are left untouched. This is the place where I sworn never to set foot on, yet this is one of the overlooked wonder that I find myself being more and more mesmerized in day by day discovering, finding inspiration and serenity.

The pavement narrows towards the end of the photo, which gives me a sense of distance and emptiness yet, the fascinating stillness of the picture somehow replaces the barrenness.

Walls are up and windows are down, only hearing muffled sounds of inhabitants conversing inside the dwellings. I go through this ghostly passage in search for an anchor, the unending desire for a getaway from this dreary area, moving ahead. And I found an escape; it is a different world to than what is made to appear at the fronts of the buildings.

The woods discarded on the sides, the cast-offs of tiles like garbage sit around waiting to be utilized, or thrown away, the untreated weeds dangling out by the gates waving at me as I pass through; these are all the things that humans condone. If only this place had feelings.

Essay Part 2:

The sky.

It is what I thought just a sheet of bleakness that exists in Malaysia unlike the untainted atmospheres in German or the Carribbean. However, the thought died down since witnessing the marvel atmospheric ocean of air in that fine evening.

The atmosphere high above ground level is the most obvious yet the most unobserved entity humans could encounter. 

We’ll have to step back, stand still, and scrutinize the protector of the earth, even in our busiest moments.

Glimpses of the warm golden yellow sun sparkled brightly across the distance within the deep blue sky, laying in the sense of tranquility to my head and leaving me in deep thoughts that spread across my head like the clouds dispersing into the distance. The luminescent light coming from the horizon creates silhouettes; daylight is gone and clouds are moving further out as if fading away preparing for the nightfall to come. By evening, the Sun has traveled to the western edge of the world producing the glow of sunset, reflecting on my long journey of thoughts under the environment.

To have a clear view of the sky is a deeply humbling and enriching occurrence. This unpredictable ambience always seemed surreal. I was fortunate enough to capture this beauty in this locality and had look upwards to realize this. For the darkening surrounding the neighborhood rushed in like lightning, leaving the sky in the state of melancholy madness.

The sky lays captivating, allowing me space to breathe.

Essay Part 3:

How could I not see the scenic picture on top of that breathtaking mountaintop that was always nestled right outside my window before? I have to admit, it is far of from looking like the beautiful sights of the mountains in Switzerland or the Himalayas, but this wasn’t expected of from the monotonous vicinity. 

Throughout the rainy evening were the hazy mist dispersing itself across the mountaintop like oil spreading into my troubled sea of thoughts, the heavy clouds capturing the heavy heart and the serene sky sweeping the atmosphere as fast as a lightning bolt, incarcerating how I felt before in a swift, leaving me at peace. 

We pass through the roads adjoining this mountain as a route out and back home only to continue the customary cycle daily, oblivious of the discarded rich nature that surrounds us. There is such thing as life beyond this abundance, but the dreary environment in this locality leaves no trace of awareness in the oblivious minds, constructs no inspiration to the eyes and creates no movements in the hearts. 

This photograph could have only seized an aspect of this panorama that I believe only human eyes can really appreciate and absorb. The subtleness of the clouds dissolved in the sky really brings out the eerie feel to the photo, a sort of ominous feel to it, at the same time there is an element of calmness. The wires disappearing through the mist created a mysterious feel leaving my eyes to wonder where it leads to.

That night, a fire broke out from the electric power grids burning down the mountain.

I learned that, while becoming so fixated in shutting my eyes close to this vicinity and trying to find escape, I don’t even realize what surrounds me until they perish. Simple things in a location, spread out right before our eyes, yet we only look that far enough in our daily cycle to find that beauty. Through this challenge I realized there is more to this place I call home than meets the eye.