Oh my god I just finished reading ‘Monstrous Regiment’ and it was freakin amazing! So much so that I spent way to much time on this fanart

If you haven’t read it yet I highly recommend it! Especially if you like stories about women cross dressing and joining the army! I’ve been obsessing over it for a few days now.

From left to right: Shufti, Wazzer, Maladict, Perks, Lofty, Tonker, Igor and Carborundum. (And yes that is the equivalent of troll leg hair lol)

The lieutenant won’t last a minute, you know,’ she [Polly] said.
‘Yes, but he won’t lithen, will he?’ said Igorina. 'I’ll do my betht with my scissorth and needle to make a woman of him, but - ’
'Igorina, when it’s you talking about this sort of thing some very strange pictures turn up in my head,’ said Maladict.
—  The squad attempts subterfuge. Monstrous Regiment (2003)