igor persona

  • Igor: Now, imagine someone has handed you a box of items you have lost.
  • Akira: Regular calm life, what's good?
  • Ryuji: I was really missing respect! Thanks man!
  • Ann: Haha, not being constantly sexualised? I miss that
  • Yusuke: How did you manage to find my self belief? Astonishing
  • Makoto: Ahh...The taste of feeling useful...
  • Futaba: How the fuck did you fit my mom in a box-
  • Haru: I've been waiting to be re-united with my freedom!
  • Akechi: Mental stability huh, been a while.
  • Morgana: My memories?? How'd you pull that off??
  • Igor: can you guys lighten up a little
Christmas' Eve
  • Persona 4 Protag: happy happy we defeated ameno sagiri which was the root of all evil!!! And I got to spend a special day with my significant other!!!
  • Persona 3 Protag: you were lucky, I was anxious over Ryoji's incident but still managed to spend pleasant day with my significant other
  • Persona 5 Protag: hold my beer

“ Its all up to him now…”

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