igor atlus


I just beat Persona 5 last night, and holy shit, that finale was among the best I’ve ever seen in a game, if not THE best. 
By the way, we might be reaching spoilers here. Fair warning.
To be honest, after struggling through this game to the end because I wanted to see how the story played out, I think Persona 5 truly is my favorite game of all time. Even in some of the parts of the game that made me rage quit a little (*cough* Okumura’s and Shido’s Palaces *cough*), I enjoyed myself every step of the way, and I was so absorbed into the story that it made me emotional on multiple occasions. I even teared up a little (a LOT) during the true ending. It’s easy to see why this game is rather high up on the list for Game of the Year. If I had to pick a game for that, it would definitely be this game. The only time it felt “boring” was if I finished a Palace too soon and had to wait a couple in-game weeks for the story to progress. (Like Futaba’s Palace, which only took me two in-game days to finish.) Sadly, I didn’t max out all my social stats or confidants, but I plan on doing so in the next playthrough, which hopefully won’t be until at least January when my co-author returns from his two-year mission in Germany so I can have him play this amazing game. (After he’s settled down a while from coming back here after spending two years overseas.) And I know you can basically date all the girls at once in this game, but I didn’t want to do that. (Makoto is best waifu… aside from Yusuke, of course.) Anyway, this game’s finale was among the best I’ve ever seen. It honestly felt very similar to the finales to Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and EarthBound combined, a very interesting combination, but amazing nonetheless. Descending Mementos from the beginning all the way down the 50+ floors or so, arriving at the depths, hearing the new music (Freedom and Security is my favorite final dungeon theme ever now), and seeing how vastly different the aura of the depths was in comparison to any of the palaces you went through before was the best. The music, aura, and feel of the final dungeon really gave off that “this is it” feeling, and it felt more real than anything. Seeing all those people imprisoned of their own volition within the “safety” and “bliss” of ignorance, hearing their words of depressing truth while accepting death as the end comes… it was all absolutely amazing. The first encounter with the Holy Grail, meeting the true Igor that we all know and love from Persona 3 and 4, saving the other Phantom Thieves from their own mental prisons, and then the final showdown against the four Archangels and then Yaldabaoth, the God of Control, words can’t describe how much I loved it all. Instead of rambling any longer, let me just say that Persona 5 is my nominee for Game of the Year. The music itself, hell, the finale itself deserves rewards, because holy shit, that was amazing beyond words.