Thar we go! Intro comic for the GF/OTGW Hogwarts AU, Caerulus Ignus. Note again that this au is NOT a full comic, but there will be a few short ones like these now and then, along with one-shots, sketches and full illustrations. This comic introduces the characters and basically starts off the 5-year story line I’ve got in mind. Grunkle Stan shows up eventually. Teachers at the Head table are not all present; there are less for time reasons XP (Big thank you to mah bestie Serina for linearting my pages 2-4!)

This one-shot is slightly longer than the first, but it’s mostly dialogue (please ignore any spelling errors). Enjoy the first conversation Dipper and Mabel have with Greg and his big brother Wirt.


She loved it when he would scream. Not so much because he was easily spooked—Dipper did grow up in a town where monsters were an every day thing after all—but more or less because he apparently screamed like a kitten.

Even if he had never heard their own cat scream before.

Dipper grasped his cloak over his chest and breathed heavily while his twin sister laughed. Mabel had to let her book bag drop just to keep herself from tumbling over. “You’re so cute!” she said. “That twist you made while sending your notebook flying was just… so perfect! Figure skating Dipper!”

He glared at her, holding back his tongue. There were plenty of things he wanted to say to her, but they were all words he had heard his Grunkle Stan speak. And since he did love her, he made a vow never to repeat those insults to Mabel of all people.

It did not keep him from thinking them though.

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I don't know why but it just makes me rage when people colour an obviously tanned/darker skin toned person, white.

I don’t know if that was like.. Intentional for them to do that… I think it bothers me way to much…. I don’t go into like a rage fit but it’s like a peeve. Like fuck nuggets beaver fuckers they are not pasty white like my white ass. 

Exhibit A:

Ignus from Hexyz Force

I mean… Does this…

Look WHITE to you?


Exhibit B: 

Marik motherfucking Ishtar

I dunno ‘bout you guys but….

That looks pretty tanned to me.

WHAT ARE YOU SCARED OF? I DON’T UNDERSTAND. It’s not like your ran outa the fuckin tanned crayon, most of these are DIGITAL. I doubt the program denied you from colouring their skin the proper colour.  Maybe it’s because I am an artist that it bothers me so much. 


To clear up some confusion, this is ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’, as it were.

On the left we see Ignus’ original design

On the right is the version edited by the DE art team

It seems the main problem Ignus had with it was the head spike they added, and when he butted heads with the art team they butted back harder. Here is an overlap of the two.

Personally, I prefer the original, but think the skirt on the edited version works well to break up all that solid color, but the head spike seems unneeded and it seems normal proportions aren’t good enough for DE’s art team, but that’s just my opinion. Which one do you like better?

- Mod Bun


Planescape: Torment - some spoilery musings about P:T NPCs and Ignus and Vhailor and stuff

One of the reasons why Planescape: Torment so absolutely rocks are - of course - the companions.

They are well written, rounded characters with interesting backstories and strong agendas of their own - and the way they respond, change, evolve and grow depending on your character’s actions and choices, is truly believable, making them seem so much more real and 3D than anything I’ve encountered in other CRPGs…

Ignus and Vhailor, however, are exceptions to that rule.
You’ll get interesting shifts of perspective and you might learn new tricks or improve your stats if you follow the right dialog tracks - but the characters themselves don’t change at all. They remain the way they are, from the moment they join you to the moment you are separated from them. What more, they are both - well - depressingly monomaniac.
I remember how flat and unsatisfying those two seemed when I first played the game - but I’ve come to appreciate them for what they are since then.
They’re ghosts. Specters. Neither dead, nor alive. Both somehow hang in that limbo between the two states and they won’t change simply because they can’t - as is, after all, usual with ghosts. They’re both a reminder of the damage and the wrongs The Nameless One has caused and cannot redress even if he wanted to. And they are there to haunt him - and, by extension, you.
And in that respect, they both function marvelously.
Ignus and his crackling, raspy voice hissing “burrrrnnn” has always given me the creeps - but it’s nothing compared to how terrifying I’ve always found Vhailor.
I’ve never kept him around for long. I just couldn’t stand the fucker anywhere near. There’s just…everything wrong with that guy (and Mercykillers in general).
Once I found out that - if you play as a bad guy - it is him who comes after you in Fortress of Regrets, I kinda regretted I’d probably never see that, as I’m quite unable to play evil characters (I’ve tried many times, always failed) - so in the end I always get Ignus.

Then I found the vid on Youtube.

I almost shat my pants.

One has to give him this: Vhailor is seriously badass.

And I think it’s that time of year when I replay Planescape: Torment. (I always replay P:T around Xmas…)

Animation previewwww Blues and Pinks for the MAP but I plan on doing a regular coloured one afterwards. The first bit of BG totally screwed up, angle-wise, but I have three more days to play with this, so we’ll see if I can change it up. For now, this is pretty much the finished look, besides a few magiks to be added 8)))

Also, the tag on my blog for Caerulus Ignus will still be Hogwarts AU, since I saw a few tags stating that they’d have to change everything XP

quick-step  asked:

I didn't realize chills was a common symptom of a successful spell cast. One of the few times I tried I got a similar feeling but chalked it up to....... idk... nerves? It was successful within minutes of the cast but I was pretty alone in the community of magic users.

Dear @quick-step, 

I often get chills! I’ve known witches to get feelings akin to hot flashes, and some get warmth wherever they view their energy pouring from. I remember one night my witchling, @ignus-maleficus, and I did a spell and she felt like her feet were on fire. Energy manifests differently in different witches, and honestly nothing is very “uncommon” to me.

Love, Green )O(