Guys, Yarny needs our help!

The game, Unravel is a nominee for Gamescom2015’s Peoples Choice Award!
The only thing is that it’s going up against games like Assassins Creed Syndicate, FIFA 16, and Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes.

This is where we come in.
The fact that Yarny captured a lot of peoples hearts on Tumblr, we have a huge advantage of getting the word out about this! So please, tell everyone to vote for Unravel! Tell your friends, tell your family, heck, tell that one person on Facebook who you hardly know.!


Thank you guys so much! ❤️❤️❤️

PS4 Reveal, the basics.

Currently sat here trying to pretend that I’m in NYC by eating peanut butter M&M’s and laughing at IGN’s Skype ‘situation' 

IGN, other streaming mediums are available, are currently about to connect to the exhibition centre where Sony will (probably) reveal the PS4. And its literally just starting now, so here we go. I’ll try to break out as many key points as I can:

  • Sony’s dedication towards producing amazing content for the Vita, whether they’ve actually convinced more devs to create games for the Vita is unknown. 
  • Confirmed: The event is centred around the PS4. Lots of buzz words being thrown around, encouraging players to explore new business models such as FTP and Micro-transactions. 
  • PS4 has been built around making it easier for developers to create exciting new IP’s. X86 CPU, 8GB RAM, new Dualshock 4 controller announced. 
  • Dual Shock 4: reduced latency, touch pag at the front, share button for social media (allows a share/control system that allows friends to take over control, if you allow them, if you’re stuck on a level!). 2nd accessory is a stereoscopic camera that uses the controller as a Move controller. Ability to use the touch pad to look around live in-game cut scenes.

  • Secondary custom chip allowing multi tasking. When you download games you can play them as they’re downloading…wizardry! You can open up a feature that allows you to share up to 10seconds of video AND!! watch streams of other people playing games live.

  • (watching the stream on IGN’s Xbox Live app and it just powered down, I’ve got a feeling Microsoft are watching…)
  • Ability to access any single PS1/2/3 and PSP title on the PS4 using a connected global network using cloud based services.
  • Released “Holiday 2013” no price revealed…guess we will have to wait for E3!

The Games:

  • Killzone 4: Graphics are phenomenal.
  • Driveclub: Based around team racing, “driving the very best cars in the greatest locations in the world, but crucially…together”. Essentially TDU2 but it actually works. Ability to use smart phones to set new challenges globally, game is set in first person showing exceptional detail.
  • Second Son: A game based around stickin’ it to da man! A Sucker Punch title which takes todays 'Big Brother’ issue and places it in a game where players control characters with superhero powers trying to regain America’s freedom.
  • The Witness: A puzzle based exploration game on a tropical island. Theres a large emphasis on the puzzles not being there for no reason. I can only assume this means each puzzle connects players to other levels/areas of the island.
  • Beyond Two Souls: The epitome of what games should aim to do, provoke emotion by cinematography, dialogue and animation. Beyond Two Souls has 30,000 polygon rendered characters…the demo of their new rendering tool really shows that off!

I honestly can’t get across how amazing these games look, and how the PS4 aims to make them social. Please, search them all on YouTube or keep an eye on IGN’s dedicated PS4 page. 

My favourite feature: The share button, it has to be that. A way to be able to share photos, gameplay, allow direct screen share, game control and an amazing array of connectivity between friends is something I’ve never seen before. 

I hope that’s given you some information on the PS4, but thats just scratched the surface.

Destiny, a snippet.

So IGN have posted their Vidcast of Bungie’s new IP ‘Destiny’ and it looks amazing.

The premise seems to be a console based (Xbox/PS3 only) MMO, Bungie have confirmed that, according to IGN, that it has no attention to port it over to PC. Speculation leads to not wanting their game to be open to a platform that is easily tampered with such as the PC.

Although being an MMO it seems to implement a huge array of customisability, integrating an RPG element too. The trailer that Bungie released also shows how the game will offer external inputs using iOS devices. The trailer displayed, what looks like, the ability to connect to the game and its players using an iOS device. Whether it will be open to Android is yet to be confirmed, and to what extent this will effect the gamers experience is also yet to be made clear.

The game is online ONLY and requires a constant internet connection, we can assume this means having to have XBL Gold and an active PSN account. The games narrative revolves around that age old sci-fi story, similar to that of the Halo franchise. Man kind has been overcome by an unconfirmed [alien] race, it’s your job to work (literally) under the ‘Protector’ to help re-establish humanities foothold on earth.

Destiny will not be based around a subscription model, seems Bungie took notice of SWTOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic) failure to adapt to that commercial viability, or lack of. Its free to play! My guess however is that you will be expected to pay £40-50 for the title and be offered micro transactions at every corner in the game, I hope I’m wrong though.

The most exciting feature to me however is that Marty is back. Martin O’Donnell has been bought in to develop the score for Destiny, something that added another level of engagement into the Halo franchise.

I could go on and on as speculation is being poured out by IGN’s examination of the trailer but I’ve tried to give some brief facts released by Bungie. For more information follow IGN’s dedicated page where you can find a full on 2300 word review of the trailer as well as a FAQ.

Side Note: Bungie have announced that Destiny will be a 10 year franchise, so it seems they’ve put all their eggs in one basket. Thats a good sign that they’ve essentially placed their entire business on this new IP. It could also mean they have a clear indication of the next gen consoles specs, and how to adapt Destiny around them.

Update: IGN have reported that Destiny’s publisher Activision have snuffed any rumours of a 2013 release date.