I never ask you guys for anything but BRAZIL NEEDS YOUR HELP!!


Please take a moment to read this and please share it to your blog, we are trying to reach the international media because Brazil’s media is IGNORNIG it!


November, 5, 2015.

The world’s largest mining waste burst over a city, leaving over 600 people homeless and 280,000 people without any water.

The tragedy was caused by the break of a barriage which was containing 62MILLION cubic meters of mining waste, and as it broke the mud started to escape dragging down everything on its way. It took half an hour to reach the nearest community, but NO ONE helped. It continued along the way ‘till it reached Rio Doce, one of Brazil’s biggest rivers.

The mud contains metals such as iron, arsenic, barium, lead, copper, mercury, nickel, and the list is even longer. It’s needless to say the river is POISONED.
All aquatic life in the Rio Doce river has been extinguished, as the toxic waste reduces the level of oxygen to close to zero. Some fishing communities are attempting to move fish to nearby lakes. Meanwhile, the fine imposed upon Samarco is less than half the value of its donations to political campaigns in 2014.

The cities around the river have absolutely no water, no home, no food. The water gallons are being sold for R$ 30,00 or 7.79 dollars which most of the families can’t pay for it. They are stealing water from hospitals.
On this friday 5,000 people queued up for water rations in the city of Governador Valadares.
Samarco is told to be the company responsable for the tragedy, and it’s owned by BHP and VALE.  On a media pronunciation VALE said that the mud wasn’t toxic, liying to hide the very truth behind it. Scientists analyzed the water, and it has thousand times over the treatment capacity. The water will still be poisoned in 100 years from now.

The media is hidding it, they say it’s nothing to worry about.

Please share this so the world will know. WE need help.