I hate people.

I am deleting this girl right now.

EVERY DAY she posts about how she has no money, but then she posts this?


I don’t even care that I spelled hear wrong.

Liek seriously, it takes a lot to get me this mad.


I can’t believe society right now.

The "Racist" Card.

We live in a time where it’s easier to label someone racist because of their ignorance and/or insensitivity. Why is it racist when a joke or comment about someone’s race and ethnicity comes into play? Why is it racist when someone wants to glorify their appreciation for that ethnicity and it comes out offending that race instead? 

I guess I don’t really understand. I am an Taishanese-Cantonese-Asian American woman and I don’t get it. (What I’m about to write is either truth or of my own desensitization to race-oriented remarks – a blog for another day).

More than once have I said something that offended someone else. More than once have I made fun of my own ethnic heritage or ethnic upbringing that allowed my non-Asian friends to do so as well. More than once have I been ignorant to cultural references and not cared. More than once have I received race-oriented remarks that made me feel second class. Am I racist? Are others being racist against me? 

My answer: No. 

Have we forgotten that the term racist is defined as believing that one race is superior to another? What we are experiencing these days is not racism, because of insensitivity or ignorance, but just plain insensitivity or ignorance. 

Please, can we stop labeling one another as racists and start calling one another out, as peacefully and as open-minded as possible, to the blind spots that we all possess and are entrapped by? Seek out change, not judgment.

anonymous asked:

Just curious why you aren't recording. Not a criticism belive me, just curiosity. Don't you normally record most interviews? Does the length make a difference. (I am completely computer ignornant still, hard to believe in this day and age.)

I don’t record live streams, It’s just too much work. I have recorded with my phone, but that is never a good option. Also, this is much longer.

I’m usually able to get an interview down from a webpage, so we have it in case it get’s taken down later on.


Today has been one of the bad days. I’ve been consumed in thoughts of suicide and self harm. I really really wish I wasn’t so fat. I’ve tried to throw up so many times but I don’t know. I just can’t. No one even notices me. I met this guy on my kik. He wasn’t one of those weird guys either. He was really intelligent and he loved to read, like me. We had so many common interests. Then, he just quit talking to me. Out of the blue. Guys at school don’t talk to and now even internet guys are ignorning me. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Honestly, I just want friends who get me wihtout me hvaing to be an emotional wreck and explain it to them and a guy who is so utterly in love with me that my looks don’t matter.
There is one guy who is in love with me and has been since kindergarten but for some reason I’m so afraid to date him. Like, his mom loves me and my mom loves him but I don’t know. I have this fear of what other people will think. I shouldn’t, but I do. UGH> Someone please help me. Not that anyone will because no one knows I exist. On here or in reality.

like i havent watched yet but ignorning the meme i would like to see if shes actually smaller looking or if its just the fact that her hair is shorter. bc that should be post that one picture of them on a boat and she didnt look that young then yes???


Phone still at her ear, Mary made her way to the diner counter, a smile on her face as she placed a menu in front of the woman. 
“Can I get you a drink while we both wait for this napkin guy to get his business together?”
In all honesty, the man on the phone was fine, just doing his job. But Mary didn’t want the woman to think she was ignorning her for personal business.