I hate people.

I am deleting this girl right now.

EVERY DAY she posts about how she has no money, but then she posts this?


I don’t even care that I spelled hear wrong.

Liek seriously, it takes a lot to get me this mad.


I can’t believe society right now.

*someone I don’t even know doesn’t interact with me*

ERRRGGHH why are they ignorning me and why does everyone hate my guts :-(

piipersson  asked:

"Black, I gotta know.... what's yer honest opinion on m' Father?"

  ❝ My honest opinion? ❞, he hums and taps his chin
   a couple of times. Titian eyes watch the other, Sebastian
   can lie and the ringmaster would not even know but since
   he has asked for his actual opinion, ‘Black’ will deliver it.

  ❝ What he does to children is rather disgusting but I am not surprised.
   Humans are like this sometimes, they do gruesome things so you get used
   to it. I think your loyalty towards him is blind, ignorning what he does for the
   sake of feeling like you are not betraying a man who has took you from the
   streets in order to brainwash you into doing what he wants. He is quite the
   pathetic man but you manage to be more pathetic than him by following his
   orders even though it is obvious it bothers you.
❞, this was supposed to be
   about the baron! Michaelis fakes a cough and shrugs his shoulders at Joker,
   head canted to the side.
He is the type of person I would not spend time
   around. He is clearly out of his mind and quite frankly, each time he opens
   his mouth to speak I want to drive a knife into the back of his throat.