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For what reasons would you fuck a pisces? (Not being rude) (Ignorme if you feel uncomfortable, no problem) (Just a very confused pisces)

HAHAHAH I don’t have a problem with pisces I mean you guys can be annoying with playing victim, sometimes selfish, everyone is wrong to you. but what I do like about pisces you guys let things go, creative, bubbly. why I would be intimate with them because they seem playful in bed, not serious probably giggle just to break the awkwardness, gives you ur sexual desires in bed 🤷🏽‍♀️😂

do you ever get that feeling where the world is falling apart? where you feel like everything is closing in on you and your heart is beating through your chest? and you turn angry and frustrated and heartbroken that you let yourself get to this point all at the same time? im slowing losing it again. i hate this semester compared to the last one. its harder, my classes suck. last semester i actually enjoyed going to class and this semester i dread almost every one. i feel like my major causes me to be in a constant competition between everyone else in the major. because there wont be enough jobs and only the best of the best get to the point where you really want to be. it scares me how mean everyone can be, and without even really meaning to. i dont want to feel like this, always worrying about absolutely everything i can do to get one step ahead of the others. i honestly miss high school where we all were in an intense part of our lives figuring out what college to go to, but we were all there to support each other like we were one big team. even if there was competition for the same school, we all wanted to succeed. where is that innocence? or better question, where did all this ignorance come from?