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!!New Virus/hacker Going around!!

Warning there’s a new virus/hacker running around tumblr again!

I am not very good at doing callout posts, this is really the first time i ever did one, so forgive me if it sounds really choppy but what i can see is that this user (Goes by different names) will send a link to a website and will insist that you click on the site. They proclaim its a ‘dietary’ product and that a friend (random name) recommend it to you. 

Here’s some screenshots that were taken of the conversation from when i received it

Here’s another person(Different name but same ID) that sent the same message to the user @ask-sensitive-bendy

As you can see the conversations shares a similar trait with the previous picture, and even alittle similar with the way this spamuser reacts to the replies

What ever you do, just block/mark as spam the user and ignore their shit. They’re most likely a hacker and probably will steal your account to spread this link around. Don’t click on the link and ignore them.

Sunny bus selfie. Yesterday as I boarded there were already two strollers in the priority zone (there are two on Vancouver buses accommodating one wheelchair user and one stroller at a time - better than most cities).

The bus driver obviously had to ask them to move because wheelchair users have priority (strollers are supposed to be folded up at this point). Of course the ladies didn’t want to remove their toddlers and fold up their strollers so they made it awkward for everyone but the worst part of it was for me - everyone involved referred to ME as ‘the wheelchair’. I am a damn person.

They all also spoke as if I wasn’t even there (which not surprising given that I’m referred to as an object). And here’s the thing - I know it could have been far far worse - in Britain for example there’s a stand off between wheelchair users and parents with pushchairs (strollers) even though the Supreme Court has actually ruled in wheelchair user’s favor (of course! We don’t have a choice in the space we take up and our need for that space is fundamental to our existence in the community).

So, I know it could have been far worse but it just really sucks being spoken about in this way and never TO. The lady decided she could share my space and didn’t even ask me if I was okay with this. Neither of the mothers looked at me once. You know how that makes me feel? Not just that they like to think I don’t exist but that they’d rather I didn’t exist. That I’m an annoying inconvenience in THEIR day, not the other way around.

I had different problems with using the bus before I used a wheelchair and to be honest they were worse but I just implore everyone to think about how you talk about wheelchair users and just address us! Talk to us like any other human being. We are people and we deserve your decency and humanity.

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So Bethesda released their Creation Club service and so far it has gotten a lot of backlash. A lot of people are getting angry at Bethesda's response of calling the content 'mini DLCs' instead of paid mods, selling old armor that already exists for free despite the fact that the service stated that it would offer original content, and the fact that Bethesda is keeping all the profits. So what are your overall thoughts on this; do you think what Bethesda is doing right or wrong?

Bethesda’s Creation Club is a new thing and there are (and will continue to be) the sort of growing pains one can expect of any new service. I don’t think that the growing pains are enough to kill the idea over, it’s just stuff that will need to be worked out. Overall, my feelings on [paid mods] hasn’t changed - I’m generally in favor of them, because I support the idea of developers choosing how they want to distribute their content, and I support the idea of consumers choosing how they want to spend their money. I think that 

Here are some of the more common complaints I’ve seen about the Creation Club:

Complaint: The content currently offered isn’t worth purchase price

This is probably true. There are a lot of items currently available in the Creation Club that aren’t significantly better than the free options out there, which does not instill the players with the idea that there is much value in it (yet). This is not to say that the free mods are the exact same as the paid options - they are not, and this is provable. There are, however, many similar choices and this “is practically the same as” in many detractors’ minds. But this is arguing over small details - this isn’t a strike against the idea of the Creation Club, but its current implementation. It will naturally sort itself out - maybe $4.99 is too high for the current crop of offerings, but maybe $2.99 or even $0.99 could be the sweet spot instead. DLC in general started highly priced but is now both ubiquitous and popular.

Complaint: Creation Club creators don’t get royalties

Nobody gets royalties, not even us devs. The Creation Club creators get paid up front for their work - it’s freelancing. They pitch an idea to Bethesda, Bethesda’s team green lights it and agrees upon a price for it, the creator does the work and gets paid the agreed-upon price. If the offered price isn’t good enough, the creator can always walk away. If the content doesn’t sell, the creator still gets paid for services rendered. If Bethesda has enough difficulty recruiting content creators for the Creation Club, they’ll either kill the project or they’ll raise their offers. But saying that the Creation Club is a bad idea because it doesn’t offer residuals is nitpicky at best.

Complaint: The Creation Club will draw modders away from giving their stuff away for free

I’m pretty sure that this decision ought to be up to the modders themselves. Saying that content creators must make their stuff for free sounds awfully entitled to me.

But they can just get patreons or something!

Nothing is stopping them from doing this too. Adding a new option for them is not removing old ones. It just changes their attractiveness to modders.

Complaint: Bethesda keeps all of the money

If you ignore the sums that the creators agreed to be paid for their work, yes. Bethesda is keeping all of the money, because they are footing all of the cost as well. They pay for the development of the content. They pay for testing, validation, curation, certification, and distribution. They paid for the platform and the development tools. They pay to handle all of the financial transactions. These are all non-trivial costs. I do not believe it is wrong to earn a profit by providing a service that provides value.

Complaint: They just want microtransactions in their games!

They already have microtransactions in their games. They already sell DLC. This is a way for fan creators to get paid for their passions too.

Complaint: The technical restrictions on Creation Club mods are too limited to make good content

That’s a matter of negotiation and dependent on engineering support. It’s in Bethesda’s best interests to provide a platform that can provide the customer with products they will like. Maybe the restrictions won’t allow the creation of an enormous sprawling expansion pack, but that doesn’t mean it will remain this way forever. Bethesda will certainly be interested in improving the Creation Club as time passes. They are certainly committing development resources to it for the forseeable future.

Unspoken Complaint: I really like mod content, but I don’t feel comfortable letting others set the price I pay (which is usually zero)

This is the general underlying feeling I’ve seen from people who are so angry about paid mods. It’s the same general feeling that people had when DLC was initially offered - I want this, but I don’t want to pay for it. Mods used to be free (or voluntary donations that the vast majority of mod-users ignore), but saying that some mods will no longer be available without paying for them feels like Bethesda taking something away, and it really sucks when it feels like they are taking stuff away that was previously available. Our brains literally make us feel as if we are under attack in these kind of situations, which can trigger a fight-or-flight response. The closer the person is to the material, the more powerful the response is. Hence the long-term (hard core) community reaction to the Creation Club. The modders themselves don’t seem particularly offended by the Creation Club, but I suspect this is because they don’t feel like they are losing anything. They’re gaining a new option in all of this, which I feel is a good thing.

I’m not saying that the Creation Club is perfect out of the box - very few things are. Players hated DLC when it first came out too, and Bethesda specifically took a lot of flak for their “horse armor” DLC. But I do believe a service that lets modders create content and be paid for it has a lot of potential, and we’re only just seeing the tip of the iceberg. There will be things that need fixing and improving, but that’s fine - everything does. It won’t be right in its current iteration, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to be thrown out completely. PC players hated Steam when it first came out too - why would anyone want a service that requires you to be online in order to play your game? However, Steam became a better value proposition over time. I firmly believe that the idea of the Creation Club as a mod marketplace has value. If creators can earn a decent living by making mod content, it would attract more developers and increase the overall quality of the offerings to players. But that would require people to look long term at what could happen, rather than immediately condemn it out of hand before they get a chance to iterate and improve on the design or implementation.

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Me, someone involved in web design since the mid 90s: One of the beautiful things about technology is that it allows users to override a designer’s structure. There are many reasons for this – eyesight, legibility, or simply sheer preference.

Browsers for at least 20 years: Yes, yes! With a few clicks, we can help people experience the web the way that fits them best.

Tumblr’s @staff who I can only assume consists of a random number generator programmed on a microwave that was stuffed with aluminum foil, turned on, and then forgotten about: “What if instead of addressing advertising load times, mobile usability, a lack of SSL on custom domains despite the impending October 2017 Google deadline, abusive users, and just the sheer laundry list of problems with our site… we implement custom fonts that ignore user settings and do not give end users a way to say “I do not like this.”? Yes. Brilliant. YAHOO GIVE US MORE MONEY.

Me, remembering MySpace and its decline: Alright then.

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Would anyone be interested if I set up a community Minecraft server?

A few friends and I have had a small server up and running for a few months now, and it was actually a really good bonding experience - I hardly knew some of them to begin with, and now we’re really good friends.

This server thingy is mainly going to be a fun place to hang and get to know each other, good for those of us (me included) who suck at casual conversation without a common medium like a game!

Development is still in progress (getting there!), but I wanted to see how many people would be interested in joining? O:
Questions, concerns, comments, warnings, etc are welcome too!

Server will be vanilla with added features. You’ll be able to connect without having to mod your client. The HUGE list of custom stuff is under the cut!

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i. cocoon by catfish and the bottlemen ii. touch by troye sivan iii. mind by willamette stone iv. past lives by børns v. too good by troye sivan vi. love at first sight by the brobecks vii. time by alison wonder viii. king - acoustic by years & years ix. coming over - filous remix by james hersey x. for you - bearcubs remix by gavin james xi. fallingforyou by the 1975 xii. war of hearts by ruelle xiii. ilysb - stripped by lany xiv. in quiet rooms by ollie mn xv. you’re in my head by rusty clanton xvi. bite by troye sivan

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@staff I will literally pay you to keep these fat phobic ads off my dash and off my blog. Want to start a paid subscriber service? Fine. Want to customize ads? I will fill that out so fast your head will spin.

Assuming you are completely ignorant of your user base, I’ll offer you that you have multiple recovery communities on your site that would find this extremely upsetting, at the very least. It’s bad enough that as someone who writes about ED recovery, your algorithm is constantly offering me pro-ana blogs to follow. I can choose, however, not to view that content. Ads however appear regardless.

Pay attention to your users.