ignoring the problems

@staff Discord, Google, and goDaddy have all decided to start enforcing their terms of service and ban Nazis its time for you to stop ignoring this problem on your site

I think the safest feeling is when someone knows the sides of you that aren’t pretty or lovable and they still love you.

you can tell them thoughts that aren’t filtered by the mask you have to wear around everyone else. you know it’s ok because they aren’t the type to form unrealistic ideas of you and leave when that’s broken

they listen to you without judgement, they don’t force unsolicited advice, they don’t ignore the problem… But they pick out the good things like flowers so the bad things don’t seem so bad anymore

it’s a strong and unconditional love because they love you, not the idea of you… it’s a soft comfy feeling to know that. The world becomes more bearable around them, they’re like a human form of solace

Erasing trans peoples captions that contain their pronouns is a TRANSPHOBIC ACT against that person!

You are putting them at risk and going out of your way to get them misgendered for your own selfish reasons!
We have them there for a reason….
Your ugly ass blog doesn’t look any better because you decided to be selfish and erase captions to keep it “minimalistic” for your asshole aesthetic.

Just because you “erase all captions” or “it doesn’t bother me so idk why you’re so upset” doesn’t justify it and there are absolutely NO excuses.

If you appreciate our photos or “relate to them” keep them intact.
Don’t be an asshole ( or get your ass blocked and called out publicly)

- a fed up trans guy

I hate when peoples response to finding out I’m vegan is to talk about how they feel bad for the farm animals being mistreated like that’s going to make me like them I mean ????? You clearly understand how fucked up the industry is but you just ????? Don’t do anything ????? And expect me to applaud you for just acknowledging the problem ?????

Like father like daughter

Negative Things About The Signs

(pls don’t take this personally, this is just for fun!)

Aries: Very fiery aka easily irritated, reacts strongly, can be a bit passive-aggressive sometimes

Taurus: Pretends to know everything even if they don’t, stubborn, kinda whiny at times 

Gemini: Cares too much or too little (no in-between), changes their opinion too much, can hate someone one second and love them the next

Cancer: Sometimes too moody, goes from being the happiest in the room to the saddest in the room real quick, you never really know where you have them

Leo: Brags too much, it can get tiring to hear about how great they are at everything (even if they really are great at everything)

Virgo: They always seem so kind but sometimes they can say really mean and hurtful things for no reason, can be heartless

Libra: The stereotype is true, these guys are so indecisive! But sometimes they’ll ask for your opinion and then be passive-aggressive about your answer

Scorpio: Plays the victim a lot, sometimes it seems like they truly believe that everyone is out to get them

Sagittarius: (my sign!) Don’t think when they do stupid things (overly impulsive at times), can be overly optimistic in the wrong situation

Capricorn: Shuts you out when they’re upset, hard to talk to, often runs away/ignores problems instead of sorting them out

Aquarius: Can be very insensitive, someone could be crying their eyes out in front of them and they’d completely ignore them

Pisces: Very dramatic sometimes for no reason, easily offended, quite emotional

It’s deeply concerning to me that the majority of TERFs I run into now haven’t even reached voting age.

Exclusionist ideology have become so prevalent that an alarming number of Gay and Lesbian kids that I’ve seen believe that the community begins and ends with them. They want any queer people that don’t fall strictly into their groups to get lost. They don’t like Asexuals, they really don’t like Bisexuals, and God help you if you’ve committed the unforgivable sin of being trans.

Sure it’s easy to just hit the block button or try to shut our doors whenever we have to deal with exclusionists, but these kids are going to come of age soon and if we ignore the problem of more and more kids buying into that ideology it will come back to harm the rest of the queer community.