ignoring since it began

They’re up to something,” he said, narrowing his eyes.

Hermione pulled at her lip, looking conflicted. “Maybe,” she agreed. “But who can tell?”

“Ma'foy,” Ron suggested, reaching for another slice of pie.

“Malfoy?” Harry repeated, his head turning towards Ron of its own accord. “What about Malfoy?”

Ron swallowed his mouthful and cut into the new piece. “Well, you could trail him or something. If anyone knows what’s up with the Slytherins, it’ll be him.”

Hermione made an odd, strangled noise. Ron looked up in concern, and a look passed between the two of them that Harry couldn’t decipher.

He shook his head, ignoring their odd behaviour since it was most likely couple-related, and began to think of ways that he could shadow Malfoy. Where would he be likely to reveal the most information?

“Er, actually,” Ron stammered, his face growing suddenly pale. “What I mean is, Malfoy is the least likely to know what’s going on.”

Harry looked up with a frown. “But you just said-”

“The least,” Hermione interjected firmly.

“You’d be better off following Blaise Zabini,” Ron said at the same time.

Hermione glared at Ron furiously.

“Or no one,” he amended. “You could try following no one. I hear that’s a really good option.
  • Vivienne: You must see the value in restoring the Circles, Cassandra.
  • Cassandra: Provided they fulfill their purpose.
  • Cassandra: Too many have suffered since the mage rebellion began, but we cannot ignore the abuses that prompted it.
  • Cassandra: Without change, we risk repeating the events at Kirkwall.
  • Vivienne: Or recreating its opposite. An overly lenient Circle is a comparable threat.
  • Vivienne: Kirkwall was lamentable, but it was the blithe misuse of power, not restrictions, that led to the First Blight.