ignoring facts

Jack knew something wasn’t right when he woke up. The covers were too hot on him and his head was pounding like he’d been drinking too much the night before. He shifted, trying to get his bearings, but at some point during the night, he must have pulled the covers over his head. He struggled free, enjoying the fresh air, before noticing a pair of paws on the bed. When he moved his arms, the paws moved too. What followed next was a confusing jumble of panic and incoherent screaming that came out as yowls.

He must have passed out again, because when he came to, he was still disoriented and nauseous. He confirmed that, no, it had not been a bad dream. Somehow, he’d grown four legs and a tail overnight.

After the initial panic, he jumped on his bedside table where his phone was, but he was uncoordinated, and ended up knocking the phone to the ground. He batted at it on the floor, but found that the battery had drained itself overnight when he’d forgotten to charge it.

Cursing and swearing to himself, he wandered his apartment on shaky legs. Thankfully, he hadn’t quite turned off the tap in the bathroom and the dripping of the faucet helped to parch his thirst as he tried to think of what try next. He needed to get help soon. Otherwise, he was going to end up starving to death in his own apartment.

In the living room, Jack found a window that he’d left open because it had been too hot last night. He squeezed out onto the fire escape and tried not to look down. It was strange in this body. Jack never had an issue with heights before, but now, a glance downward to the street had his head spinning with vertigo.

Left with no choice, Jack began to climb upward with the dim hope that someone had also left a window open.

He didn’t get too far before the enticing smell of spices and baked dough reminded him how hungry he was. He followed the smell until he staring into a kitchen where someone was bent over, pulling pies from an oven. Jack called out for the guy’s attention, and when he finally glanced in Jack’s direction, he scrambled to open the window.

“Hey, kitty. What are you doing so high up?” he asked. Jack stiffened when the guy picked him up, but he let himself get rescued from the precarious ledge. “Where did you come from?”

Help me! I’m not really a cat! Jack tried to say, but as expected, it came out in a series of pitched meows.

“Hmmm, okay. You hungry?” He set Jack on the floor to rummage around in his fridge. He set out a plate of leftover meatballs which Jack, losing his composure, attacked immediately.

“I’ll take care of you. Don’t worry, little–uh– guy?” He attempted to lift Jack’s tail to check, but Jack had hissed and swiped his claws. “Okay, never mind. We’re not going there,” he said backing off. Satisfied, Jack continued to eat, though with a suspicious eye on the guy who’d now dropped onto his stomach to watch Jack with a bright smile.

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so like we have no idea what luke specifically went through that would have him arrive at the conclusion that THE JEDI MUST END™

but putting aside nostalgia for the established jedi-sith dichotomy

doesn’t that kiiiind of feel like one of the most organic developments in the NT thus far?

the PT, whether you liked it or not, sort of hammers home the message that the jedi council is inherently narrow-minded and like…dangerously ascetic. their ideals are noble and their intentions are good, but it’s still the same order that coldly instructs students to cut ties from their emotional attachments rather than maintain & deal with their connections in a healthy way.

that restrictive, suffocating ideology is what births anakin. a former slave, he’s again stripped of any of his own emotional possessions. he’s isolated from his mother, told to not save padme and his unborn children. he’s kind of driven towards those bad decisions due to jedi teachings.

i def feel like that message is present in the OT - obi wan tells luke his father is dead and that vader killed him, completely having give up hope on anakin and sowing seeds for luke to hopefully off him before he ever finds out the truth.

once he finds out, yoda reaffirms the mindset and instructs him to kill his father. luke’s like HELL NO and saves vader, declaring, “i am a jedi, like my father before me”

“like my father before me” tbh to me also intimates luke practicing the way his father did, a straying from the ~pure jedi perspective~ through which obi wan and yoda advocate for patricide, something luke rejects. so ALREADY you sort of get that pov that what luke is practicing isn’t the Pure Perfect Unaltered Jedi Way?

so actively making that decision in TLJ sets the stage for allowing a shitton of nuance in harnessing the force and with two characters (rey & KR) already having shown bits of both light and dark in how they harness it…..

from where i’m standing honestly, it feels like a totally natural trajectory

Not to mention the fact I think many accusations of gold digging are bs anyway? I feel like a lot of men pass around this stereotype that women are ONLY interested in men for their money just because some women expect their male partner to pay for more things–either because of social norms or simply because being financially dependent on men can be necessary for a woman’s survival in a patriarchal society. And men seem to ignore the fact that when a woman is mostly or fully financially dependent on men, it’s men who have more power in that arrangement. 

Cry Wolf - Part Five

Summary: Dean loves his little sister, just as much as he loves his little brother, even if she isn’t technically his sister. But there’s a reason his Dad took her in, and it’s not purely out of the goodness of his heart. Could the girl who believes herself to be Sam’s twin really be a bomb just waiting to go off?
Words: 1605
Warnings: Angst-ish. Vomiting (if that squicks you out). Brief talk of suicide. 
AN: *plays dramatically glorious music while raising hands to the heavens* I AM FREEEE. 
I no longer have my dissertation to work on (and I’m presently ignoring the fact I have an exam on friday) and so I can finally start writing again!!! I’m gunna start by finishing this series off. Then work on my others, cos I have far too many series on the go right now. 
I’ve dubbed this the main Part 5, as the previous part was more of a small drabble and so is Part Five (drabble) (which may change cos idek what kinda numbering system I got going on with that.) 
Anywhoooo…. ENJOY!!!!

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Why was the ground all sticky?

It was definitely not a pleasant feeling to wake up to. Especially when you realised your hair was thick with whatever it was too… damn, you were lying in the stuff.

That’s when the smell hit you. That familiar metallic tangy smell that only meant one thing.

You’d woken up in a shallow, sticky puddle of blood.

For a moment you prayed silently, hoping beyond hope that it wasn’t your own. Then, as reality started digging its painful claws into your brain, you started hoping it was.

If it wasn’t your blood, then that meant…


Well, you’d clearly broken out last night. Again. You’d been doing so well… you hadn’t had a breakout in nearly 10 months.

Slowly, you pulled yourself up into a sitting position. Although you still felt bleary from your change, it was easy to tell you’d made a kill. The corpse of a woman, who looked about 30, was sprawled about a foot in front of you, her chest torn open.

The sight of it made you recoil, but it was the knowledge of what you’d done that made your stomach churn and heave.

You couldn’t even begin to describe the sickening feeling you got once you’d brought up the contents of last night’s meal.

True, it wasn’t the first time you’d killed a human, but it still gave you the same feeling.

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Seventeen- Alexander Hamilton X Reader

request from anon:  Heeeeeeeeello, May I ask you for the obligatory Theater Au, Where Alexander and the reader “HATE” each other. But then they get cast as the leads and slowly fall in love

a/n : i enjoyed writing this wayyyy too much

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anonymous asked:

I love your dimples thing but there is one problem, and that is that Andrew always smiled on his meds. But consider, everyone was always too afraid to look him directly in the eye (or they never noticed but now Andrew seems a bit softer bc Neil so they wonder about him) so they're all arguing about whether he has dimples one day and Neil just walks in like "uh yeah? Guys you've seen him smile on meds of course he has dimples" and everyone's like "oh"

but …. andrew smiled all the time when he was drugged up

turns out my tendency to ignore the fact that andrew’s meds ever existed now ruins some of my cute posts. welp. let’s pretend i meant that fake smiles look totally different from real, soft ones. (bc they do. my bro has dimples and they don’t always show. i swear.)

but anon ur idea is fucking adorable too thank u for fixing my mistake 💕

anonymous asked:

My friend just came out to me!! I am so excited for her and her girlfriend! Any advice from here on out? I am really excited for her, but I'm nervous about meeting her girlfriend. Only because her last two boyfriends were mean and I would call them dicks but they are too fake so I like to call them dildo one and two. Any advice you might have either experienced or how you wish people would have handled your experience?

Omg that’s awesome!! Congrats to your friend!!! And honestly? Different people want different things, but it’s probably safe to assume that she would want you to treat her girlfriend in the same way you treat anyone she’s dating, and yet also don’t ignore the fact that they’re gay/queer (because that ignoring it feels weird too). Follow her lead and let her see what you just showed me – that you’re happy and excited for her and her girlfriend but also protective of her being in relationships and you want what’s best for her (aka her girlfriend better treat her right!)!! :) <3 <3 <3

anonymous asked:

thank you for pointing out that it wasn't necessary to point out out chechnya is a muslim majority region, it had been bothering me a lot when i say the post hoing around but i didnt want to comment on it bc i was afraid i was overreacting

You’re not alone, it’s been bothering me, too. People are using the human rights abuses in Chechnya as a validation of their Islamophobia, ignoring the fact that the victims themselves are Chechen, meaning a significant portion of them are Muslims. Blaming Islam for the anti-gay violence in Chechnya is a great way to blame the victims of this situation for their own religion. (Besides, even though Chechnya itself is a Muslim majority region, Russia as a whole is mostly non-religious or Orthodox Christian, yet the non-Muslim Russian government is perfectly content to allow the violence to continue. Islam has nothing to do with this, it’s homophobia, plain and simple.)

luffy-the-hokage  asked:

Ignoring the fact that the effrct of Big Moms devil fruit powers are really cruel, could you imagine Usopp with her ability? And then using all kind of gadgets and tricks to scare his ooponent (similiar to his fight against Perona or his fake 5t hammer). Also his new title GOD Usopp could strike fear into his opponents.

ohshit like yeah i doubt usopp would be ok with using a power like that but if he did he’d be so good at putting the fear of death (*coughs* fear of god) in his opponents lol.  that’d be beautiful.  it’s a case where trickery alone could make him so horrifying powerful.  you don’t need a presence like big mom’s if you have USOPP HAMMER.

he could probably make good use of the homies too, like putting souls into various gadgets and things that could help him fight….it’s definitely a devil fruit that’s enhanced by its user being clever, and if there’s one thing usopp is it’s clever.


“My baby shot me down.”

Super late submission for @klangst-week: Unrequited Pining/Unrequited Love (Day 1) & Hurt/Comfort (Day 3). Click for better quality.