ignoring bitches

  • Anybody: Mega Man is a childish game.
  • Mega Man games: The equivalent of going through hell and back. Fanbase consists of teens and up sobbing over Proto Man. Bass constantly cursing.
  • Me: *looks in the camera like they're in the office*

You know what’s a fucking bullshit-ass offensive as fuck movie that reminds me how good it feels to murder a motherfucker?

Fifty Shades of How Quickly Can I Fucking Offend People Who Actually Do This.

Fuck you, whoever made this. Fuck you. I hope you fucking know how fucking offensive every minute of this fucking movie was, you bitch-ass ignorant fuck.

Lost Title
  • Tyrian: Waaaahhh... Mommy doesn't love me anymore! *sob*
  • Cinder: *breathy noises*
  • Emerald: *out of nowhere* She said "Worry not, brother. She just scolded me and asked if I am a liar."
  • Tyrian: Just where do you come from? Every goddamn time!
  • Emerald: From the shadows of your ignorance, bitch.
  • *in Mistral*
  • Adam: Agh!
  • Sienna Khan: What is it, Taurus?
  • Adam: I feel like I just lost my edge lord title!

anonymous asked:

I work in a call centre, and one thing I hate is that I can someone take a few seconds to process things. When I answer the phone and someone instantly launches into a tirade with all this info it confuses me and I have to take a bit to process it. It's not long, like the span of someone taking breath before I begin to respond. But customers are so rude about it and go "are you listening?!? Hello!?! Stop ignoring me!" Like bitch I am right here let me open my mouth to speak for gods sake

Log Date: 7 January 2017 14:01

Currently I am on day 7 of Seven Zero Seven’s route.
This is my second time playing his route, and I am searching for the rumored Christmas DLC Easter egg hidden in day 10 of the good ending.
The special security system has just been hacked, and Seven is currently heading to the apartment.
I am mentally and emotionally preparing myself for when Seven reveals his cold and angsty side, because I do not do well with getting ignored.
Like bitch, you better pay attention to me or I am whooping yo ass.
Anyways, I am waiting for the next chat to open up.
Wish me luck.

I love that section of Anti-SJW Black Tumblr. The type who only ever shows up for support on BlackoutDay or a viral police brutality case. The ones who didn’t start posting pictures of black women darker than a paper bag and bigger than Paula Patton until 2014. The ones to call you “bitter” for pointing out some light-skinned woman ain’t shit or that black men are trash for the shit they do to all of us. And instead of taking into account why people say the things they do after being “nice” fifteen times, they want to focus their energy on calling you because you’re “too perfect” and “unporblematic” to them without your giving a fuck about marginalized groups. So they let the bigot get off scot-free while trying to tone-police you. If you followed me and observed me for a while, you definitely don’t have a place to call me unhinged knowing exactly what I have. Ignorant bitch.

Just want to say:

•I’m sorry if I ever miss a follow forever you’ve included me in

•I’m sorry if I ever miss a tag/challenge you’ve tagged me in to do

•I’m sorry if you’ve mentioned/tagged me in any sort of post and I haven’t replied

•I’m sorry if you message me and I don’t reply straight away

I would never ignore anything anyone has included me in purposely so if I don’t respond I’ve honestly missed it. Please don’t think I’m being a bitch and ignoring you

things people don’t get to choose:

  • sexual orientation
  • gender identity
  • height
  • weight
  • appearance
  • disabilities
  • mental illnesses
  • race

things people do get to choose:

  • to be an ignorant bitch-faced asshole to people because of things they have no control over

Things people CAN’T choose…
•Sexual Orientation
•Gender Identity
•Skin Color
•Mental Illnesses

Things people CAN choose…
•To be an ignorant, rude, bitch-faced, arrogant asshole to people because of things they have no control over!


cr: @kpoparty for those sunshine edits give them a follow but yeah what i want to know is what is this plagiarism BTS bullshit was is it trending honestly im mad as fuck like why ARMY’S work hard to show BTS we love and support them SO WHY THE FUCK DO Y'ALL IGNORANT BITCHES KEEP DOING THIS like do y'all just forget their human too and if some ARMY’S are tweeting with this hashtag you’re not an ARMY please exit get out your not a real ARMY ARMY’S dont try to intentionally hurt their feelings the fuck im so tired of people trying to hurt our boys but i know at the sky could fall and my existence will disappear one day but i will still love these fools