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Call Boy (Taeyong x Reader x Yuta)

Someone please take my computer away from me, this is a perfect example of what happens when I stay up too late. Anyway, how are you guys? This was supposed to be a Daddy type smut, but it got WAY OUT OF HAND. Idk what possessed me while writing this lol But shout out to my homeboy SoMo for being my soundtrack while writing this, Hide & Freak is a blessing.

ps This was the only gif I could find of them together, I’m so shook #STOPYUTA2K16

Part II

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The bright summer sun blared overhead, not a cloud to obstruct its rays as people walked through the busy street, enjoying their weekend as best they could. It was the type of warm weather that felt good for the first few hours you were outside, but quickly wore off as the sweat began to collect uncomfortably on your lower back. That morning when you leisurely woke up to the smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen, you’d checked the weather app on your phone, eyes bulging out of your head at the nearly triple digit number.

You dressed accordingly, knowing you would be outside most of the day for shopping and walking around. You chose a green floral dress that was lightweight and breathable, topping it off with a shady straw hat you’d bought at the beginning of the season. It’d been sitting in your closet until now, finding yourself too nervous to wear it since you weren’t usually a hat kind of person, but the promise of a cloudless hot day prompted you to give it a spin.

You found yourself adjusting it self consciously now, secretly thankful for the shade it gave you. From beside you, Taeyong gave an amused glance while swinging your joined hands, noticing your nervousness, “It looks really cute,” he reassured, reaching over and tugging on the brim playfully.

You gave a small smile, letting him guide you down the bustling street, tugging on his hand when you saw a shop you wanted to look at. He patiently let you peek through the windows, laughing whenever you looked at the price tag with a gasp and shoved the piece of clothing back on the rack. Taeyong picked out clothing that he thought you’d look nice in, most of the choices consisting of soft colors and dresses. You lifted the skirt of a dress he held up to you in appreciation as you laughed, “What’s your obsession with dresses, Tae?”

He blushed and gave an embarrassed smile, “I think you look the best when you wear them.” You giggled at his confession, spinning around to continue sifting through the racks of clothing. You missed the way his eyes dropped down and ate up the flash of your bare thigh hungrily, his fingers itching to grip your supple skin.

Taeyong took a deep breath, putting the dress back on the clothing rack as you called him over again, “Hey, I’m kinda hungry. Do you feel like eating now?” You tugged on his shirt, eyes growing large in an attempt to win him over. Your hands felt shaky from not having anything except coffee this morning.

He laced his fingers through yours again, lips in a soft smile as he gazed down at you, “Yeah, sounds good to me.” The two of you exited the store and he peered up and down the street, nodding towards a brick building, “What about that place? Looks decent enough.”

You picked out the restaurant, seeing the sleek modern front that was decorated with plants and a standup chalk board that advertised specials. You felt your stomach growl, anything was good enough at this point, “Sure, looks yummy.”

Taeyong chuckled as you approached the cafe-styled restaurant, “We don’t even know what they have and you’re already like this.” You got in the short line that led to the host stand, waiting to be seated.

“Hey,” you pouted up at him, lip sticking out temptingly. “I’m so hungry right now, anything looks delicious.”

Taeyong smirked and pecked your lips playfully, “Does that include me?” His mouth lingered just above yours, his dark eyes staring at you intensely.

You gulped, thumb running over his finger nervously as you stuttered, “O-of course it does.” Taeyong had always been so much better at flirting than you, it made you wonder what exactly he saw in you.

He smiled then, eyeing you adoringly, “God, you’re so cute without trying.” You blushed and looked down at your toes, thinking how you didn’t deserve a guy like Taeyong who doted and treated you like a princess.

A host greeted you and led you over to a table by the front window, placing menus down that you snatched up eagerly when they walked away. Everything looked so delicious, but Taeyong suggested that you split something since the portions were incredibly big. You didn’t mind sharing though, knowing you’d get to feed him and see the cute way he groaned when he ate something good. Your order was placed and the two of you chatted about whatever came to mind until your food came out. The way the steam curled from it when the waiter placed it on the table caused a small moan to leave your lips. Taeyong’s eyes shot up at the sound, lips pursing at the semi-erotic sound, but you didn’t notice.

The two of you ate and fed each other happily, gobbling down the tasty food with ease. While polishing off your meal, you heard the front door open and close from behind you, the host greeting them warmly. You saw Taeyong’s eyes widen suddenly, a grin spreading on his face as he stood up, “Yuta!”

“Taeyong!,” a bright voice responded happily, as your boyfriend greeted the newcomer with a hug and a clap on the shoulder.

You looked up at the owner of the voice, breath catching in your throat as you were met with the most gorgeous smile. He was breathtaking to say the least, athletic body, tan skin, stylish clothes, and a head full of soft looking brown hair. There was something strangely familiar about him as well, like you’ve seen him somewhere before. Said boy looked down at you with interest, smile never fading, “Taeyong who’s this?” He stuck his hand out and you grasped it gently, neck craning as you looked up from him in your seat. “I don’t believe we’ve met before.”

Taeyong smiled proudly down at you, squeezing your shoulder lovingly. “This is my girlfriend _______.”

“Ahhh,” he grinned again, bending down towards you ever so slightly, “I’m Yuta, it’s nice to meet you.”

You felt entranced, barely mustering the strength to mumble back, “Nice to meet you too.”

Taeyong looked excitedly at the new boy, “Hey, why don’t you sit here? I haven’t seen you in so long,” the waiter was already pulling up a chair, even when Yuta lightly protested, “But you’re on a date right now, right? I don’t want to be third wheeling.”

Your boyfriend looked over at you for permission, “You don’t mind do you?,” his big eyes were hopeful, making you cave rather easily, “No, not at all.”

Yuta sat down, shooting you a beautiful apologetic look as Taeyong began to talk to him  excitedly again. You couldn’t help discretely looking at him, he was just too gorgeous to ignore and his smile really was beautiful. It was contagious as you felt the corners of your lips tug up when Taeyong recalled a story from when Yuta and him were younger. From the way things were going, you felt like you were the third wheel, making you laugh amusedly.

“Finally she laughs,” Yuta sighed dramatically, his eyes alight with mischief as you blushed.

Taeyong arched an eyebrow at you, “She’s usually so talkative too, what’s up ______?”

“Nothing,” you smiled to yourself, fingers tugging at your dress pensively, “I just thought that it feels like I’m the third wheel instead of Yuta.”

They both laughed and Yuta placed a warm hand on your shoulder, reassuring you, “Don’t worry, I’m not trying to steal him from you.”

Taeyong chuckled, pushing his chair back, “Excuse me, I need to use the bathroom real quick.” The two of you nodded at him, watching as he weaved in and out of servers to reach the restrooms in the back.

You turned back to say something to Yuta, but was shocked when you were met with a smirk on his pretty lips, “Staring is gonna get you in trouble, ______.” The hand on your shoulder was like a hot brand, “Don’t think I didn’t notice.”

You felt your cheeks turn red, stuttering, “I-It’s not what you think, I promise. I just-”

He chuckled, sliding his hand down your bare arm until his fingers tangled with yours. He played with them absentmindedly as he mused, “You probably thought I looked familiar, right?”

You looked up at him in surprise, seeing him regard your shocked expression in amusement, “Yeah, actually.” You shifted in your seat nervously, “But I’m probably wrong-”

“You’re not,” Yuta smirked, his eyes roaming around your body, shamelessly drinking in the smooth expanse of your legs. “I just didn’t think you were into those kind of things.” He released your hand and propped his chin on his hand, smiling at your obliviousness.

Those kind of things…?, you wracked your head for ideas to where you’ve seen his face before. An old woman near you snapped her magazine she was reading loudly, sipping on her coffee when you suddenly remembered. You’d been at a friend’s house recently, jokingly digging under her bed when you found the dirty magazine that depicted semi-nude images of attractive men. You dropped it in shock, its contents falling open as you scrambled to pick it up to shove it back under the bed. You tried not to look out of embarrassment, but your eyes happened to fall on a small headshot in the bottom corner of a page.

You snapped out of your thoughts, eyes wide as you stared at the boy across from you, “You were…you’re-”

The brown haired boy bit his lip with a grin, spinning in his chair, “Oh, Taeyong! We were beginning to get worried about you.” His face gave nothing away about the details of your conversation, taking a sip from his coffee cup as your boyfriend rejoined you.

“I thought I might as well take care of the check while I was up,” Taeyong lifted his wallet and wiggled it, placing it back into the back pocket of his jeans. He looked at Yuta apologetically, “We should probably get going anyway, I’m not sure how much more of this heat I can handle.”

Yuta gave another brilliant smile, “Yeah, no problem.” He watched you stand up and retreat to your boyfriend, Taeyong’s arm wrapping protectively around your waist. “Thanks for letting me crash your date.”

Taeyong returned his smile, clapping Yuta’s shoulder once again, “We need to hang out again soon, maybe this weekend or something?”

“If something doesn’t come up with work then I’ll give you a call and we can do something together,” he looked down at you, his hands stuffed in his pockets, “_______ can come along too.”

You forced a small nervous smile, heart still hammering as you watched his tongue unconsciously trace his bottom lip, making your own mouth part at the sight, “Y-yeah, sounds like fun.” You mentally slapped yourself, you couldn’t be thinking about Yuta like that. You had a perfectly fine boyfriend who loved you and whom you loved back. Everything that you were feeling for Yuta was just pure lust, nothing more, nothing less.

You finished saying your goodbyes and as you were walking out you couldn’t help but look one more time. Yuta noticed you again and smiled at you secretively, his dark eyes alight with mischief as he winked at you, “See you around.”

Back on the street, the sun was still harsh, making your head spin a little as you thought of the way Yuta’s hand had felt against your skin, the way his tongue licked his soft looking bottom lip…Stop it, you thought, calming yourself. You gripped Taeyong’s hand harder, causing him to look down at you in concern, “What’s wrong, baby?”

The temptation was too great, you tried to sound as nonchalant as you could, asking, “What does Yuta do for work?”

Taeyong released your hand and slid it around your waist, tugging you closer as you turned down a crowded street, “Oh,” his thumb drew circles on your hips through the thin material of your dress, “He’s a call boy.”

“Oh,” you gulped, accidentially tripping on a crack clumsily as you tried to feign innocence. “That’s an…interesting profession.” So it really was true, he was that same Yuta you had see in the magazine. It made sense now that you thought about it, there had been a phone number displayed by his headshot.

Taeyong steadied you easily, squeezing your hip with his gorgeous, veiny hand as he spoke, “Don’t hold it against him. Yuta’s like you and me, he just works in the sex industry instead of a normal job.”

You nodded, giving an uneasy smile as your mind quickly went south and you thought of all the things Yuta probably did for money. You pictured everything that you and Taeyong did, realizing that Yuta probably had done far, far worse things seeing as he basically had sex for a living. Images of him haunted you all the way home, your head spinning as you walked through the door.

The blasting air conditioning did little to ease your tension, slipping off your shoes and bag as you headed to your room. Taeyong followed you, a worried expression on his face as he watched you tear your dress off and flop down onto the bed, “Baby, what’s up?” He laid himself down beside you, fingertips tracing along the exposed skin of your back, biting his lip at the sight of you in your underwear.

You turned your head to look at him, “Nothing, it’s just really hot.” From the expression on his face, he didn’t buy your excuse at all, but his cool hands smoothing across your skin was enough to distract you just a little.

He smirked, tracing a finger on the waist band of your panties teasingly, “Does that feel good?”

You let out a small groan, burying your face into the bed sheets as one of his rings touched your bare skin, the freezing metal making goosebumps appear. Taeyong carefully rolled you over, leaning down to press a kiss to your stomach as his hands wrapped around your wrists to pin you down gently.

“Tae,” you whined softly, enjoying the feeling of his lips traveling up your body as he stopped at your neck to suck a bright red hickey into your skin. You gave a small gasp as he licked over it, placing a kiss there before he regarded your lips with a smirk, “Hm?”

You pouted, lower lip sticking out tantilizingly as you wiggled beneath him, “Kiss me.”

He leaned down a bit closer, his breath ghosting your lips as his eyes stared deeply into yours, “What do we say?”

“Please,” you begged, thighs rubbing together in anticipation as he watched you squirm.

“Good girl,” he praised, pressing his lips to yours as you sighed in contentment. Taeyong quickly deepened the kiss when he dragged your bottom lip between his teeth, a gasp leaving you when his tongue slipped into your mouth. He managed to wedge a knee between your thighs, moaning into the kiss as you rolled your hips on his leg. You gave a small cry, your clothed heat rubbing against the fabric of his jeans as he broke the kiss to allow you a breath. His hands released your wrists, pulling you by your hips so your back arched underneath him, dragging you against his leg slowly.

“Do you like that? Huh?,” he asked panting, fingers squeezing your hips in a bruising hold. Your fingers flew to his hair, tugging at the white colored tips as you pressed kisses to his razor sharp jawline.

You thought for a moment you were going to come, but the feeling left the both of you as Taeyong’s phone dinged loudly from his back pocket, “Fuck,” he cursed softly, stilling his movements with a groan before looking at you apologetically.

You smiled softly at him, “It’s okay.”

He pulled the phone out, still crouched over you as he unlocked it and read the text, “Yuta says he can hang out this weekend.”

Your mind jumped at his name, thoughts of him crawling back in as you bit your lip, “That’s good.”

Taeyong clicked his phone close, sliding it onto the bedside table with a groan before flopping down beside you. You could tell his libido was gone, but you could still try as you slid a hand up his chest, “Hey, it’s okay.”

“I’m sorry,” he pouted cutely, a hand pulling you close so he could kiss your lips in apology. You straddled his hips and he looked up at you in surprise, hands resting on your thighs as you looked down at him nervously. “What is it?”

You swallowed, fingers playing with the hem of his red button down, the color always looked so good on him you thought to yourself. “You know I love you,” you began carefully, seeing his immediately worried reaction.

“Did I do something wrong?,” Taeyong murmured self consciously, hands slipping off your legs.

You caught his hands, quickly saying, “No, baby! Of course not,” you leaned down and pressed a kiss to his lips reassuringly, before you sat up, “I was just wondering about something…”

“Like what?,” he asked, eyebrows furrowed together in confusion.

“You probably won’t like it,” you admitted, avoiding his eyes. “But it’s been on my mind all day, it keeps bothering me.” You took a deep breath, finally looking him in the eye as you said, “Can we…call Yuta?”

Taeyong’s eyebrows shot up, eyes quickly becoming guarded as he sat up, “Why? Am I not good enough for you or something?”

“No!,” you cried out, gripping onto his shoulders tightly, “Its just, I wanted to try something different and new with you.” You searched to find the best way to put it without upsetting him further, “I’m just curious about what it would be like. I thought this would be a good opportunity since you know and trust him.” You looked down feeling ashamed, “But if you don’t want to, that’s okay too. I want you to be comfortable.”

His voice was low, but he wasn’t as tense, “So you don’t like him?”

You shook your head, your hopes rising, “No! If we did do it, it’d definitely be no strings attached. You’re the only one I love, Taeyong.” You looked at him earnestly, seeing his eyes soften at words.

“Okay,” he sighed, but his face was stern. “But if I don’t like it then this will be the first and last time we do this, okay?”

You nodded happily, practically bouncing on the bed as he slid you off him so he could reach for his phone again, “Just know he might already have…business tonight.” Taeyong went into his contacts and found Yuta’s cell number, pressing his number and waiting. You felt anxious for some reason, urging wherever Yuta was to pick up his phone and answer.

You jumped, when your boyfriend spoke, “Hey, Yuta,” you noticed how nervous he seemed and realized how awkward it must be to ask his friend to come over to have sex. “Are you, uh, busy tonight?” You grabbed the phone from him and pressed the speaker button, giving Taeyong a look that said, we’re in this together.

No, why?,” came the sweet timbre of Yuta’s voice through the phone. “Is something up?”

“No,” Taeyong worried a lip between his teeth, bringing a hand up to nibble on his pinky, “We, uh,  _____ and I were-”

You leaned over the phone and blurted out, “We were wondering if you could come over?”

“_______?,” Yuta sounded surprised to here your voice, but a little pleased. “It’s getting pretty late, are you sure?”

“Yuta,” your voice was a little weak, the embarrassment of the whole situation made you want to bury yourself under the covers. “We needyou.”

“Oh,” there was silence on the other line for a few moments, making you worried as you realized he might not be interested in threesomes, or having sex with his friends at all. Your heart sank into your stomach, opening your mouth to apologize until Yuta spoke suddenly, “Alright.”

Taeyong seemed a bit shocked, “Are you serious?”

“Yeah!,” Yuta said, once again his confident, bubbly self. “Sorry for the awkward silence, I was just rechecking to see if I had anything scheduled for tonight.” You breathed a light sigh of relief, listening to the sound of other boy gathering his keys on the other side, “I’ll be there in twenty.” You could practically feel the smirk on his words as he said, “Don’t start without me.” With that, he hung up.

You sat back on your heels, looking at Taeyong in disbelief, who mirrored your expression, “I can’t believe…”

“Yeah,” he gulped, “This is actually happening.”

You looked around the bedroom, “Maybe we should clean up?,” you looked down at yourself, “Should I get dressed…?”

“What’s the point if you did, it’d be taken off anyway again,” Taeyong smiled at you amusedly, making you relieved that he was finally relaxed again.

The two of you quickly tidied up your bedroom, turning off the lights and switching on the lamps on your bedside tables in an attempt to make the room more mood appropriate. The minutes ticked by agonizingly slow, watching as Taeyong paced around the room nervously. He looked like a caged tiger, bare feet making no sound on the wood floors as he nibbled on his pinky nervously. “Hey,” you said suddenly, taking a hold of his hand, “It’s going to be okay. This is supposed to be fun, right?”

He nodded at your words, grateful as you sat him down on the bed next to you, “Sorry, I just don’t know what to do with myself.”

“If it makes you feel any better,” you massaged his scalp with your fingers, playing with his messily parted hair, “I’m nervous as hell too.”

Your words were the perfect conclusion as the apartment door bell dinged, causing the both of you to jump at the sound. Taeyong stood up, moving towards the bedroom door hastily and looking back at you, “I’ll get it. Just wait here okay?” You nodded, fingers picking at the bedsheets as you waited with bated breath for your guest to be welcomed in.

You barely heard anything coming from down the hall, only the barest hushed whisper as two pairs of bare feet padded down the hall. Your heart hammered in your chest, suddenly self conscious of your scantily clad body. You quickly grabbed Taeyong’s favorite blanket, wrapping it around your body to give yourself some decency.

Taeyong appeared in the doorway, his face at ease as he stepped aside to let Yuta in the room. The other boy looked absolutely gorgeous, dressed in a simple black button down and slacks, a develish smile already in place on his lips as he took in your form, “There she is.”

You blushed and pulled the blanket around you tighter, avoiding his eyes as you greeted him back as playfully as you could, “Here I am.”

Taeyong walked over to you and ran his fingers through your hair soothingly, as he spoke to Yuta, “If you couldn’t already tell, we’re both nervous.”

Yuta grinned, dumping a small black duffle that you didn’t notice he had before down on the floor, “It’s okay, that’s how most people are. They don’t know what to expect when being with a sex worker for the first time.” He casually strolled over to where you sat on the bed, “Don’t worry, this will definitely be enjoyable.”

Taeyong’s voice was a little mischievous to your surprise, eyes glancing towards Yuta as they shared a look, “_______ was the one to suggest it, you know.”

“Oh really?,” Yuta smirked down at you, your eyes meeting his as he boldly took your chin in his hand, “What a dirty girl.” He spoke towards Taeyong, but his eyes never left yours as he licked his lips, “I need to teach you how to discipline your girl, Tae.”

You saw out of your peripheral vision a small smile appear on your boyfriend’s lips, “Whatever you think, you’re the expert here.” Your body trembled as Yuta continued to examine you, a small gasp left your lips as his free hand took the blanket from your grasp and tossed it aside, “There we go, much better.”

Yuta tilted his head and regarded you in amusement, eyes roving over your exposed skin hungrily, “But you can do more.” He looked over at Taeyong, asking for permission, “May I?”

“No, by all means,” he spluttered, entranced with the way your body trembled from just his friend’s words, “Go ahead.” Some deep part of him liked seeing you being controlled by another man, the natural touch of jealousy pinching at him was just an itch as Yuta pushed you back onto the bed.

“Don’t worry,” Yuta whispered, licking his lips as he crawled up your body, “I won’t keep her for long, you’ll definitely have your fair share.”

When his fingertips touched your body ever so lightly was the moment all doubts left your brain, nothing but the feeling of his touch was left. He saw how willing you were for him, smirking as he leaned down, lips a breath apart, “You want me bad, don’t you? You’ve wanted me to put my hands on you since the moment we met.” His hands grabbed your hips, digging his fingers into your skin, “Am I wrong?”

You shook your head, whimpering as his lips brushed against yours ever so slightly. The smile he gave you was surprisingly cold, “Use your words, sweetheart.”

“Y-yes,” you breathed out shakily, glancing over at your boyfriend for support, but he only smirked at the scene, watching in dark amusement as you struggled underneath another man.

“Ah, ah,” Yuta tutted, nose brushing against yours, “Eyes on me right now, princess. He’ll get his time later. Now,” he smiled, hand coming up to cup your cheek, “Let me make you feel good, okay?”

With that he molded his lips against you, the shock of tasting another person other than Taeyong sent your mind into overdrive. He tasted like apple cinnamon tea or cider, warm, spicy, and addictive. You moaned into the kiss, opening your mouth obediently when his tongue prodded at your lips. He allowed you to pull on his hair, nimble fingers crawling underneath you to undo the clasp of your bra. You blushed but allowed him to slip the garment off, your breasts now exposed for him to grope eagerly. His mouth left yours, tongue messily running down your neck as he circled one of your breasts, your back arching into his mouth as he sucked on them. He left bite marks and hickeys in his wake, your chest completely covered as he soothed each one with a lick and a kiss.

It ended all too soon as Yuta pulled away from you, his lips shining and beautifully swollen as he regarded your mess of a body in amusement, “I think it’s time to punish this dirty girl.” He looked over at Taeyong, who’s eyes were staring at you hungrily, “Don’t you think so?”

He ordered the both of you around, the command in his voice made your womanhood quiver in want, “Taeyong, sit on the edge of the bed.” Your boyfriend did as he was told and Yuta strongly grabbed your wrist, pulling you so that you laid across Taeyong’s lap making you squeak in surprise. “Perfect,” he smirked.

You shifted, looking up at Taeyong through your lashes as you felt the tent in his pants press against your stomach. His eyes were hooded with lust as he caught your gaze, lips parted slightly as he took in your disheveled state. Yuta loosened a few buttons on his shirt, licking his lips as he saw your ass sticking up in the air,  "Isn’t that a pretty sight.“ He smoothed a hand over the skin, fingers teasingly sneaking under the waistband of your panties causing you to whimper.

“Taeyong,” Yuta said, his voice low and full of desire. “Here’s how you discipline her.” You didn’t have time to question what he meant before you felt a hand give your ass a hard smack, making you cry out at the strange feeling of pain and pleasure. It was wrong to feel that way, but it also felt so, so right.

“She’s been a bad girl,” Yuta growled, giving your ass another slap, “Haven’t you?”

You moaned, clutching the bed sheets as the stinging transformed into lust, “Yes.”

Taeyong groaned at the sight, hand soothing the bright red marks Yuta had left behind. He suddenly spoke, voice a little uncertain, “Can I…?”

You heard the smirk in Yuta’s voice, “Teach her a lesson she won’t soon forget.” The brown haired boy crouched down in front of you, cupping your cheek rather tenderly, though the devilish look on his face said otherwise.

To your surprise, Taeyong pulled your panties down your thighs, letting them stay there messily as he breathed in the aroma of your arousal, his pants becoming for too tight for his liking. Without warning, he brought his hand down hard on your ass with a smack, your voice cracking at the feeling, “Tae-”

Yuta swallowed your screams as he brought his lips to yours, pulling away as he whispered lowly, “Call him daddy.”

“What?,” you choked, crying out again as Taeyong spanked you again, much closer to your womanhood this time.

He grabbed you by your hair, knocking your foreheads together as he sneered, “Call,” he popped open a few buttons on his shirt, “Him,” bringing your hands to the black garment to finish the job, “Daddy.”

“Do you like this, kitten?,” Taeyong panted, hand coming down to grip the back of your thighs. He loved your ass and thighs more than anything else, loved to see the way the jiggled when he spanked you, loved to feel them wrapped around his waist as he fucked you into the bed. He’d never touched you like this before because he was scared of hurting you, but the way your arousal dripped down your legs made him believe otherwise. He teased a finger over your lower lips, breath catching at the slick feeling.

You practically ripped open Yuta’s shirt from the sudden contact on your soaked heat, ass driving back on instinct against your boyfriend’s fingers, “Yes, Daddy.”

Taeyong froze, fingers tightening on your leg as he whispered, “Say that again.” He eased a finger inside of you, slowly pumping at a pace that frustrated you.

You trembled under his touch, “Yes, Daddy.”

Yuta smirked from where he was sucking on your neck, tongue coming up to lick the shell of your ear as he purred, “Such a good girl.”

Taeyong added another finger, watching as Yuta left your neck a mess of bruises and bite marks, “Ruin her.”

You gasped at his words, his fingers picking up speed as he pumped them inside of you, “Taeyong, please!…” You needed something more than fingers, you wanted both of them undressed so you could finally lick and kiss their skin to your heart’s desire. Yuta’s shirt was opened, but in your bent over position, you could do nothing except claw at the tan skin in desperation.

You boyfriend’s fingers suddenly stopped, so did Yuta’s mouth working on your neck. His voice was low and dangerous, “What?”

You realized your mistake far too late as you received another smack on your ass, “Daddy! I mean Daddy, please…!,” you cried out desperately, fingers squeezing the bed sheets as tears of frustration leaked from your eyes.

“That’s what I thought,” Taeyong simpered, sliding your panties all the way down your legs and tossing them across the room carelessly. Yuta kissed your tears away before he stood up, looking larger than life from your low position.

“Taeyong, I think it’s finally time to give her what she wants,” he slid his shirt off his shoulders, “Don’t you think so too, sweetheart?” You were completely hypnotized by the way his hands worked to unbuckle his belt, the obvious bulge in his pants practically screaming to be free.

Your body shook in anticipation, “Yes, please!…,” you craned your head to look up at Taeyong, “Please, Daddy?”

His eyes softened and you saw your Taeyong underneath the shadow of lust, “Of course, you’ve been such a good girl, kitten.” He pulled you off his lap and set you on the bed gingerly as if worried he might hurt you as he noticed the deep red bruises that were printed on the skin of your ass and the violent purple hickeys covering your neck and chest.

Yuta didn’t seem concerned at all with your current state, in fact he looked completely pleased with himself, his pants falling to the floor as he stood before you in nothing but his briefs. As Taeyong got undressed as well, you admired the way Yuta’s length strained against the fabric of his underwear, the outline tempting you as he crawled on the bed. He bit his lip as a hand brushed the hair out of your eyes, “I’m going to let Taeyong go first,” he bent down so that only you could hear him. “Then I’m going to have my wicked way with you, baby girl.”

You couldn’t find words to respond to him, knowing you would stumble over your tongue anyway. Taeyong tossed his underwear aside, crawling onto the bed on all fours like a predator stalking his prey as he approached you and Yuta.

“Here’s how we’re going to do this,” Yuta said, already adjusting his body so that he laid against the headboard of your bed. He held something thin and black in his hand that you didn’t notice before. A smirk on his face as he held it up for you to see, confusion evident on your face. It was a long, black piece of what looked like silk, “Why don’t you come here so I can show you what it does,” he smiled, leading you over to him. Yuta gave you no time to protest as he suddenly tied the piece of fabric over your eyes, your vision gone. He took a hold of your hand, surprisingly gentle, “Lay back, princess.”

Taeyong seemed to catch onto his plan quickly, already moving to position himself in front of you. He was fascinated with the way your lips parted in bemusement, the blindfold completely changing the way pleasure was going to be felt.

You laid back down onto Yuta’s chest, his hands coming up to hold your thighs back as Taeyong prepared himself to enter you. You gripped onto Yuta’s forearms for support, head resting back against his shoulder as Taeyong bent over one more time to give the backs of your thighs a few quick bites that had you writhing from the pleasure pain. You could see nothing, your world was black from the silk blindfold Yuta had tied on you.

He noticed your anxiousness, lips against your cheek as he whispered, “Isn’t the mystery just so painful?” The brown haired boy pressed a kiss to the corner of your lips, “But it’s so wonderful too, princess.”

Without warning, Taeyong entered you, a scream ripping from your threat at the sudden intrusion. He slid in easily, your soaked walls allowing him to sheath himself in you with a groan on the first thrust. Your boyfriend’s hips were absolutely sinful, rolling into you languidly so that you felt every detail in slow motion. Yuta’s fingers dug into your thighs in an attempt to keep you still, letting Taeyong rock into you with a groan, “Shit, baby girl.”

Every touch was magnified by a million, the sound of Taeyong’s pants and the creak of the bed blaringly loud. His touches to your clit surprised you each time, never knowing when his fingers would rub your sensitive bundle of nerves next. You edged him along, now knowing his new favorite thing, “Ah! Daddy, yes.”

As Taeyong punished your womanhood by alternating between shallow and deep thrusts, Yuta was whispering the dirtiest things in your ears, things that would normally make you blush hadn’t you been so turned on. His breath was hot in your ear, “You’re such a dirty girl, _______. Wanting to get fucked by two guys at once. You like the thought of that, huh?” He suddenly bucked his clothed member up into you, “Do you touch yourself to the thought of that?”

You shook your head, biting your lips as he ground up into you while Taeyong continued to plow into you. Yuta’s voice was so low and sensual, nothing could describe how it made you feel, “I think you’re lying, baby girl.” He sounded so breathless and commanding at the same time, “Touch me. Touch this cock while your getting fucked by your boyfriend.”

You were obedient, reaching down to slip your hand under his waistband and grasp his length that throbbed at your touch. Your fingers were already coated with his precum, allowing you to easily stroke his member easily. Yuta moaned in your ear, the sound making you tremble as his fingers tightened on your thighs and he rocked into your hand to achieve more pleasure.

Taeyong was relentless, grunting as he approached his high. You struggled to continue touching Yuta, body shaking as his thrusts became rougher and rougher. You badly wished you could see his face, wanting to see the way his Adam’s apple bobbed and the sweat run down his jaw as he fucked you into oblivion. You felt his gorgeous dark eyes on you, burning holes into your skin as he watched you arch and release Yuta’s member, hands searching wildly for him. You somehow found his neck, following his muscles until you grasped his shoulders, nails digging into his skin so harshly that he growled. You cried out, feeling his hips snap into you a few more times before he came with a groan, his seed spilling into your heat.

He pulled out carefully, collapsing on his back on the other side of the bed as Yuta pushed you off him roughly. You fell on your side, frightened of falling off the bed as you felt around for your surroundings. Yuta’s voice was dark and amused, “Like I said, the mystery is justso awful.” You heard a soft thump, assuming that was his briefs falling on the floor.

You felt his hands pull you towards him so that you laid on your back, legs moving around his hips naturally as he bent over you. He took his time teasing you, dragging his tongue across your skin playfully at a slow pace, knowing that you had no idea where he would touch you next. Your toes curled at the feeling, hands somehow finding his hair after fumbling around and pulling on it anxiously, “Yuta,” you whined, hips rolling up in an attempt to feel him.

You heard the smile in his voice, “So eager.” But his mouth left your body, hearing him groan for some reason as he shifted above you. You felt his member at your entrance, when Taeyong suddenly spoke, smirking, “Do a number on her, Yuta.”

You heard the boy above you give a short laugh, a breathy gorgeous sound that you felt against your skin. Just like Taeyong, he entered you quickly, your fingers leaving his hair to rake down his back as you cried out, walls still sore from your boyfriend. Yuta didn’t give you any time to adjust, immediately starting to pound into you mercilessly, his hips snapping so hard that the bed rocked dangerously. You dug your nails into his back causing a groan to leave his lips at the feeling.

“Oh, fuck,” he cursed, his hands gripping onto your hips for support as he increased his speed. You cried out from the power of his thrusts, the headboard knocking loudly against the wall as Yuta fucked you senseless.

“Shit, I’m close,” he gasped, suddenly pulling out and you could hear his hand move over his member quickly. Curses spilling out of his mouth as he jerked himself to completion, his seed spilling over your breasts and stomach. You squirmed beneath Yuta still, wanting nothing more than to come as you whimpered, “Please, Yuta.”

Taeyong spoke again, his voice husky, “Don’t leave her hanging, Yuta. Show her what you get when you ask for a call boy.”

You felt Yuta’s tongue on your inner thigh as he chuckled, “You don’t have to tell me twice.” Your body shook as his tongue swiped up your folds, fingers once again fumbling for his hair as a cry left your lips. The way he ate you out felt so beautiful, almost choreographed like a dance as he sucked on your clit and licked your folds. You thought your soul was leaving your body when you felt his teeth nip at your skin, picturing that gorgeous smile of his appearing on his face as he fucked you with his tongue. You moaned in appreciation as he hummed and made some of the most sinful noises you’d ever heard in your whole life. His hands held down your hips to prevent you from moving, causing you to fight against him in frustration as your end approached.

You threw your head back in a silent scream as Yuta focused on your clit, your orgasm ripping through your body and causing your thighs to shake from the overwhelming pleasure. You felt familiar lips press kisses to your face lovingly as Taeyong murmured, “That’s right, baby. Let it all out baby, Yuta wants to taste you.” You heard the mentioned boy moan, slurping at your womanhood like a man starved.

You wanted the feeling to last forever, but all good things must come to an end. Hands untied the blindfold and you were greeted by Yuta’s smiling face, his hair a complete mess from your hands, “She lives.” You sat up, even the dim light of the lamps seemed bright as you blinked.

You smiled at him, realizing that you didn’t feel awkward at all after everything that had happened. Behind you, Taeyong kissed your shoulder, grinning cutely, “Was it everything you dreamed of and more?”

You comically sighed, a dreamy look in your eyes, “Yes,” you shoved him playfully, “Daddy.”

Taeyong blushed, but there was a smile on his face, “Sorry about that,” he gestured towards the bruises forming on your ass, running a hand over them softly.

You smiled coyly, tugging him close so you could press a kiss to his lips, “Don’t be. I liked it.”

Yuta smirked, lounging back against your pillows, “So did Taeyong, obviously.”

You crawled over to the brown haired boy, cupping his face and pressing a kiss to his cheek, “Thank you. For everything.”

He shrugged nonchalantly, but smiled brightly, “It’s not a big deal, you guys are my friends after all.” You thought about how it was a smile you could get used to seeing as you leaned your head on his shoulder, playing with his fingers.

“Oh, yeah.” Taeyong, ever the responsible one, got up to find his pants and pulled out his wallet, “Almost forgot. How much do we owe you?”
Yuta waved his hand, “Don’t worry about it, like I said, you guys are friends.”

Taeyong looked a little distressed, “But this is your job Yuta. I’d feel bad not to not pay you, it’s like working without getting any compensation.”

Yuta grinned, fingers tracing over the skin of your arm, “I’m serious, Tae! Think of it as a favor between friends.”

“There’s seriously no way we can repay you?,” your boyfriend’s shoulders sagged in defeat, tossing his wallet on his dresser with a sigh before he crawled back onto the bed. He had his favorite blanket in hand, the one you’d used to cover yourself up earlier, spreading it over your lap and laying his head there.

The other boy, looked down at him in amusement, “Well, I can think of one way.”

You weaved your fingers through Taeyong’s snowy hair, stroking the soft strands as you looked over at Yuta curiously, “What’s that?”

“Call me again,” he said laughing, the same familiar mischievous look in his eyes as when you’d first met him at the cafe.

Taeyong burst out laughing, snuggling his face further into your lap like a happy puppy, “As long as it’s still free. We’d be broke if we had to pay the price your other customers pay.” You smiled at this, amazed how much of a change he’d gone through in one night.

“Of course,” Yuta grinned, also moving closer towards you as he pulled a sheet over himself. “You two are special VIPs.”

You smiled to yourself, so happy that everything had worked out even better than you’d thought it would. Taeyong was still your Taeyong, you felt more than comfortable around Yuta now, everything just fell into place perfectly. The three of you talked into the late hours of the night, until you all eventually drifted off to sleep, a sense of contentment in all your hearts.

Bumping into you

A/N: hi guys!  I normally have a written first draft as a guide for my stories but this one I free formed it and this is the story that came out. I was trying for a sweet happy ending to Rae and Finns story if mmfd s3 has them break up and not end up together, I figured this would be one of many fics to change an ending like that. It turned out to be something different, more angst than I indented but I went with it. I may have overdone it on the ending but idk I’ll leave you lovely readers to be the judge. Any feedback will be appreciated  Sorry for any typos, grammar and spelling mistakes. So hope you like the story and hopefully its not to bad. Word count 6,099  Tagging for smut.

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inevitable-everything  asked:

You know, for some reason after I finished BLLB, I've been thinking about Adam's hair a lot? Like, who cuts it? I'll bet that before it was just his mom in the kitchen with scissors. It would probably look choppy but okay. But now, he probably just goes to a cheap place so he can save money, and I'm just imagining he gets a really bad haircut once, and Ronan is just like "NO. Even I can do better than this." and sits him down and fixes it.

This was an incredibly delightful thing to think about all afternoon while I was ordering images, so thanks! 

I see kind of a lot of fic where Adam or Gansey does Ronan’s shave for him, but I haven’t seen any (I don’t think, feel free to throw it right at me if you have any) where Ronan (or Gansey or Blue, not picky) cuts Adam’s hair. Which is a shame.

I bet a small town like Henrietta has an honest to god barber shop that’s left over from the last century and doesn’t cost much at all compared to the Great Clips or whatever, but is mostly used to doling out the old ‘high and tight’ or slightly floppy dad hair from the 50s and okay, Adam’s never been a cool hair guy, but neither of those looks are really what he’s going for. Still, it doesn’t cost what it could and they’re supposedly professionals or something, so he flips through the dated magazines in the waiting area and shows the guy the picture and in spite of this just ends up with a modified, longer version of slightly floppy dad hair from the 50s. But floppier. Like, the revenge of the floppening. He is Not Pleased by this, but he doesn’t know what to DO about it, because the guy technically did his job, so it’s not like he can not pay him. 

Anyway, he’s even more Not Pleased by this when he gets to Monmouth the next morning or something for forest times and Ronan and Noah are such dicks about it he eventually gives up and just ignores them for the rest of the day. The literal Adam Parrish silent treatment, which Ronan also makes fun of, until he starts to realize that Adam is actually not going to talk to him, on purpose. Adam, he knows, can hold a grudge. And Ronan really hates it when Adam doesn’t talk to him for a large number of reasons that have nothing to do with his stupid accent, thank you very much. Mainly, silence prickles Ronan. He prefers shouting. Shouting he can work with. Silence is an unknown quantity and it makes him uncomfortable. 

So after a long day of tromping through the woods he disappears into his bedroom while Gansey sees Adam and Blue off and lets all of them think he’s being a dick. (Or, you know, Blue would say with a shrug, Ronan.) Meanwhile he looks up hair cutting tutorials on YouTube and tears the apartment apart looking for a pair of scissors. He finally ends up stealing Gansey’s crafting scissors, which have glue on them, and maybe glitter, but Ronan figures it doesn’t matter and wipes them against his jeans until they’re good as knew. Then he sets out on his mission, armed with pointy objects and just enough knowledge about hair cutting to get him and the cut-ee in trouble, which obviously also makes him dangerous. 

Adam doesn’t open the door at first, but Ronan is persistent and loud, so Adam finally gives in, mumbling about how he’d like to eventually sleep at night, Lynch, what on earth is your damage? Ronan merely brandishes the scissors at him and Adam very seriously says ‘NO’ and Ronan equally as seriously says ‘YES’ and pushes past him into the apartment and into the bathroom. 

When Adam catches up with him Ronan has his phone on the corner of the sink with a video queued and is standing in Adam’s bathtub still in his shoes. He snips the scissors at Adam menacingly and Adam gives a long suffering sigh and sits down on the edge of the bathtub. Because here’s the thing. He’s mad at Ronan for being a dick, but he’s also mad at himself for being in this hair situation to begin with. Adam Parrish is NEVER going to apologize to himself. Ronan is never going to apologize to him either, but Ronan WILL do something stupid to try and make Adam hate himself less, which is probably more of an apology than Adam ever deserves, given how he gives Ronan just as much shit as he gets, it just happened to be his day on the receiving end. 

Adam doesn’t have a towel he wants to lose to tiny, itchy hairs, so he just squirms out of his shirt and drops it on the floor, thinking it will be easy to brush hair off his naked shoulders and back and not thinking at all about Ronan, whose breath catches when Adam does it and who stands behind him for a very long time before doing anything. Adam sits and waits for him to move, stewing a bit in the tension and trying to place that slippery feeling in his gut. Finally Ronan picks up his phone and watches part of the video and then puts it down again and begins to cut. 

The scissors are not good hair cutting scissors, so the cuts are not clean, but Adam doesn’t suppose that matters. He’s seen more ragged ends on boys who probably paid $150 for a haircut, and if nothing else he looks more natural than he had that morning. He’s back to being boring, someone who can fly under the radar, which is exactly what he wants. He wipes the hair off his shoulders and chest and back into the tub and Ronan watches him do it, but doesn’t reach to touch him or help. Instead he stands with his head slightly bent under the shower head and his hands behind his back. He looks incredibly strange in Adam’s tub fully clothed, but Adam is definitely not ready for the follow up thought to that, so he just finishes and puts his shirt back on. 

When they’re back in the middle of his room, where the tension has enough space to shift and dissipate some, he eyes Ronan up and down trying to decide what to say. ‘Thank you’ is out of the question, because they’re them. He doesn’t know how to say it any more than Ronan knows how to accept it. So instead he says, ‘I’ll write your essay on Hemingway’. And Ronan says ‘thank fuck.’ And that’s that. 

They absolutely do not make a habit of this and Adam absolutely does NOT shave Ronan’s head with the long guard on his electric razor one afternoon when they’re bored and they never tell any of the others about this because there is NOTHING to tell. 

Drunk Last Night (Part 1)

Summary: Jensen and your secret relationship reaches its breaking point after a fan kisses Jensen while at a bar.

Word Count: 2300ish

Warnings: So much angst, drinking, cursing, fighting, insecurity issues

Request: “Can you do a Jensen fic where a fan kisses him while they are out celebrating Jareds birthday at a bar and reader who’s on the show with them gets mad even though she knows it wasn’t his fault because they’ve been fighting a lot lately (maybe no one knows they have been dating and that’s why shes so upset). So she drinks too much and then they get in a almost funny fight on the way home which escalates to a big fight?”

A/N: I decided to split this request into a two-part fic, because I let it get a little away from me. My first Jensen fic! I’m a little nervous, so let me know if I did an ok job at writing him? Listened to Drunk Last Night by Eli Young Band while I wrote it, hence the title. I hope I did your request justice @my-name-is-alice-ayers! As always, like/reblog/send me some love if you like it!

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Originally posted by deangifsdaily

“Happy birthday, Jared!” Everyone cried out in unison, yourself included. Jared grinned and hugged Gen to his side, thanking her for setting up the party and everyone for coming.

You could feel your cheeks starting to hurt from smiling too long, but as happy as you were, you felt your chest tighten a little bit as you watched Jared press his lips to the top of Gen’s head. The two had met on the show and gotten married only a few years ago. They could post on social media all the time, walk around Vancouver and Austin as they pleased. Must be nice, you selfishly thought as you walked toward the bar.

Ordering a beer, you turned and pressed your back against the oak bar, looking at all of your coworkers and friends. All the guys made it, Misha, Mark, and Rob, along with the crew. The only people you didn’t recognize must have been locals, either completely unaware of who you all were or being respectful enough not to bother you all too much.

It was amazing having everyone in the same room when you weren’t working. Ever since you joined the show in season three, no one hesitated to welcome you into the Supernatural family. The fans and the network embraced your character, and you loved coming into work everyday to slip into your character’s shoes. It was your dream role. But throwing a few back with everyone was a nice change of pace.

The last few years had been close to perfect, especially thanks to Jensen and Jared. They welcomed you with open arms from day one, and the three of you has been inseparable since. Jared became the brother you never had, or knew you wanted, and Jensen… Well, Jensen was his own case entirely.

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Blind Date (A Cophine Fic)

Co-written with my partners in crime/internet lovahs tatarrific and cophinaphile (If I’m going down, you’re going down with me lol)

“You what!?”

Cosima smacks the heel of her hand on her forehead and wonders what evil demon compels her to keep participating in these weekly Skype check-ins with her friends.  At first it was a nice way to stay in touch with everyone now that Felix was back in the UK and Helena was off in some undisclosed location, but the sessions always inevitably devolved into frequent discussions about kegels, butt plugs shaped like deities, and, worse, Cosima’s love life (or lack thereof).

“I set you up on a blind date,” the computer image of Alison Hendrix repeats as slowly as possible, as if Cosima has no grasp of the English language. “What’s the worst that could happen?”

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A box of chocolates (part 2)

Part 1


“What about this one?” I ask my best friend y/bff/n.

“YES! You look super hot in that one..Just like how you looked in all the others, but this one has a bit more flare..So definitely that one!” She says with a huge grin.

“Alright, can you help me with my hair and makeup?”

“Yup! Lets get you all dolled up!”

We walk into my bathroom and I take a seat on the closed toilet cover.

“So who’s mister boss man hmmm?” y/bff/n says with a smirk as she starts to apply the liquid foundation on my face.

“His names Luke, and I met him when I was working at the bar last sunday.. We started talking and he actually asked about my day! I was shocked nobodys ever done that, and then we talked about what we have in common and it was great! He’s so kind and really cute an-”

“Whoa, I get it he’s your prince in shining armor!” y/bff/n interrupts me

“Sorry, im just really happy he asked me out.” I say as my cheeks turn bright red.

“I bet you’re excited! I mean picture going up to his office and him fucking you on his desk.. You lucky little bitch.” She says while applying the last of my make up and plugging in the curling iron.

“Oh my god y/bff/n! Shut up, I just met him!” I say while looking at her with a shocked smile.

“Oh you know you’ve been thinking about that since you first saw him.. ‘Oh luke..oh yes daddy fuck me!’” She fake moans while taking pieces of my hair and curling it.

“Oh my god..” I mumble while covering my face with my hands.

Y/bff/n laughs at me as she sprays some hairspray on the curls that she finished and turns the iron off.

“But…What about..” Y/bff/n starts.

“Y/ex/n, ya she showed up at the bar last night when Luke asked me out.. Actually right when I told her to leave and she walked away, thats when I turned around and ran into him, then he asked me out.” I say while walking out of the bath room and putting on my black heels.

“What if she finds out? You know she’ll freak out and chase Luke away..” She says with a serious look on her face.

“I’m gonna tell Luke about it, but for now I’ll try to keep her from finding out.”

“How are you gonna keep your stalker from finding out you’re dating somebody?” 

“I don’t know..I don’t know…”


I show up at the diner and see Luke already sitting at a booth, swirling his straw around in his water glass nervously. 

“Hello.” I say as I sit on the opposite side of him in the booth, giving him a small smile.

“H-hi..” He says as he looks me up and down ,” You look…G-great.” He stutters out.

“Thank you, I could say the same to you.” I reply with a little giggle.

I look down at my dress happy with my choice in attire.


“Wait so you’ve never seen Forrest Gump?!” I ask in disbelief.

“Nope.” Luke says with a laugh

“I love that movie, you have to see it! The saying in it is so true!”

“Whats the saying?”

’Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.’

“That is very true actually..” Luke says with a small laugh.

Luke and I continue our conversation, we order or food and drink iced tea and after we finish we decide to walk around town for a bit.

“I have a quick question..You don’t have to answer it but I just would like to know..” Luke says to me as we walk along the side walk of a quiet neighborhood. 

“Go ahead..” I say with a comforting smile, so he knows I don’t mind.

“I over heard you talking to your ex yesterday, what do you mean by having a restraining order against her?” He asks while looking down at his moving feet.

“Um.. Well I dated her for a about 3-4 months, then she started to become very clingy and would start to follow me to my work and everywhere to be exact.. She started to search through my belongings and became paranoid of the fact that I would leave her and that we’re supposed to get married.. So I left, I old her we’re over and packed my things… Later on I started to go back into dating and when I was seeing this other girl, I started to get these notes at my front door and the girl I was seeing was getting death threats… The girl I was seeing went to the police and so did I and that’s when I realized it was y/ex/n, she was stalking me ever since I left. She moved into the apartments near my place and was watching me, she was still following me to work, and she started to get into my social life and my dating life. So when I had enough evidence to get a restraining order, I went to the police and got one.”

“Wow… Im glad you did that, that was really brave in a way.” Luke says as he stops to face me and he places his hands on my shoulders, looking me in the eyes.

“I really want this to work out, but I get it if you don’t wanna see me anymore.” I mumble, looking down at my feet so I wouldn’t have to meet his gaze.

“Hey..” Luke says as he lift up my chin so I can look back into his baby blue eyes,” I don’t care if I get death threats from your crazy ex, all I want is to be with you and nobody will get in the way of that.. Except you, because im not some crazy clingy person like her.” Luke says with a little laugh.

I wipe away the little tear that was rolling down my cheek and smile at Luke, I place my hands on his shoulders and pull him in for a hug. He holds me close, his face in my hair and my head on his chest. We embrace each other for a bit as we stand on the sidewalk for a while, not caring about the world and our problems. Luke holds my waist and I look up at him as he places his forehead on mine. We look each other in the eyes and lean in. I close my eyes as Luke does the same and our lips barley touch, I graze my upper lip across Luke’s bottom lip and pull away. Luke looks at me shocked, yet happy and sad. I let out a little laugh and wiggle out of his grip, walking away from the blond giant.

“Come on mister boss man… Its getting late!” I say as I turn around and continue walking away from him and he starts to catch up.

             ~~~Next Day~~~

I hear the sound of my ringtone as I still lay in my bed, trying to ignore it and sleep. I think about it, but then I realize that everyone I know, knows I work at night and not to call me in the morning… So the only reason (A/N 5sos pun, wassssuuuup..) someone would call is an emergency… I sit up and grab my phone, not bothering to see who is calling and answer it.

“Hello?!” I ask

“Y/n, hey its Luke!”

“Luke? Why are you calling me- Wait no, how the hell did you get my number?” 

“Oh, ya I called the bar and asked for your number and if you could have today off.”

“What!? Luke whats so important that I had to miss work today?”

“I want you to come to the office… “


“Becaauuuse..” Luke says with a small giggle

“Becaaauuusse what?” I reply with a laugh.

“I kinda wanna show you off..” Luke mumbles in the phone

I can’t help the blush that grows on my face as I bite my bottom lip.

“Alright, I’ll be there.. But where do you work?”

“Hemmings inc.” 

“Wait.. You mean you work for the Hemmings? The biggest home manufacturing company in the US?” 

“Ya, actually.. Im the owner, my full name is Lucas Robert Hemmings.. People here call me Mr. Hemmings, but you get to call me Luke.”

“Oh yay! I feel so special! I get to call you Luke, can I call you by your other name?”

“And what is my other name?” Luke says with a laugh

“Shit bag..” I say with a little giggle

“I like it, and yours will be..?”

“Main bitch or Queen, I honestly prefer you calling me Queen.”

“I was expecting you to say mistress actually..”

“Oh thats your kink! Little Lukey likes to be dominated!”

“Shut up.” Luke says with a little giggle, practically hearing the blush through the phone.

“I’ll see you soon Luke..” 

“See ya soon Y/n..”

I hang up the phone and start to get dressed, putting on a nirvana t-shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans because I don’t care what the people at his company will think about me. I grab my phone, my wallet and my car keys so I can go to Luke’s work… A lot of people wonder why I have a car but don’t drive to work but its just that the bar is in the downtown area and parking ain’t free. I step out of my apartment and lock the door, but when I turn around I look down and see a piece of paper on the ground in front of my place. I reach down and unfold it to see cut out letters from magazines forming sentences. I read the letter and feel my throat become dry.

‘You think I don’t know?’


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Part 3