Feeling Ignored

When Aries feels ignored: They probably won’t feel ignored, they’re hard to ignore! If you manage to be cold to one they likely won’t notice.

When Taurus feels ignored: They try to test the person to see if they truly are being ignored or not. Being ignored hurts their feelings but doesn’t hurt their spirit! 

When Gemini feels ignored: They just pretend they aren’t being ignored.

When Cancer feels ignored: They ignore you back!

When Leo feels ignored: They just talk louder… or really roar!

When Virgo feels ignored: You will know… they will complain or call you out.

When Libra feels ignored: They try to get that person to talk/acknowledge them again.

When Scorpio feels ignored: They act like they DGAF, but is really angry on the inside.

When Sagittarius feels ignored: They go on with life, but might ask “oh you’re talking to me now” when the person decides to stop ignoring them.

When Capricorn feels ignored: They just want to know why they are being shunned and might get defensive.

When Aquarius feels ignored: They are usually the ones doing the ignoring!

When Pisces feels ignored: They will MAKE you hear them.

Don’t send him a message. I know you’ve been holding onto that message the whole day and you’re just getting some guts to send it. Just don’t send it. He doesn’t care anyway. He might just ignore your message or worst, he might just delete it without reading it. Don’t waste your time to someone who doesn’t care about you. Stop that habit of wanting to talk to him when it’s obvious that he doesn’t want to talk to you.