Signs and fears

Aries: being ignored

Taurus: change

Gemini: being alone

Cancer: rejection

Leo: being humiliated publicly

Virgo: being bullied

Libra: not having friends

Scorpio: betrayal/disloyalty

Sagittarius: commitment

Capricorn: not being good enough

Aquarius: being replaced

Pisces: not achieving their dreams

Feeling Ignored

When Aries feels ignored: They probably won’t feel ignored, they’re hard to ignore! If you manage to be cold to one they likely won’t notice.

When Taurus feels ignored: They try to test the person to see if they truly are being ignored or not. Being ignored hurts their feelings but doesn’t hurt their spirit! 

When Gemini feels ignored: They just pretend they aren’t being ignored.

When Cancer feels ignored: They ignore you back!

When Leo feels ignored: They just talk louder… or really roar!

When Virgo feels ignored: You will know… they will complain or call you out.

When Libra feels ignored: They try to get that person to talk/acknowledge them again.

When Scorpio feels ignored: They act like they DGAF, but is really angry on the inside.

When Sagittarius feels ignored: They go on with life, but might ask “oh you’re talking to me now” when the person decides to stop ignoring them.

When Capricorn feels ignored: They just want to know why they are being shunned and might get defensive.

When Aquarius feels ignored: They are usually the ones doing the ignoring!

When Pisces feels ignored: They will MAKE you hear them.

Those moment where you’ll lay in bed at night, staring at your phone, waiting for a message until you fall asleep and look at your phone the next morning, still no message, even just a single message from that person you’ve been waiting to miss you.