A List of Presents I Will Definitely Accept:
  • Money
  • Gift Cards
  • Books
  • Virtually Anything from Carrie’s shop [x]
  • The Cat Whiskers Notebook from the DanAndPhilShop
  • Or Anything Else from There
  • Socks
  • Pizza
  • Fandom Posters Merch
  • A Record Deal
  • Fall Out Boy Tickets
  • An Alpacasso
  • Writing Motivation
  • Mugs
  • Hugs

NOTE: I know this is for my birthday but realistically I wouldn’t mind if you get me them at any time of year ;)

if you’re wondering why I’ve been so mia…
1. I got a job about a month ago so I have waaaay less free time. ;-;
2. I just moved into a new place yesterday and our internet isn’t hooked up.

so, not that you guys care, but sorry for the sporadic posts. :d

but im gonna try to take pictures and post em soon because it’s rly nice! ^.^

Making music is really weird now bc over the last two years, the sort of sound I’m aiming for has completely shifted from like punk, metal and shoegaze to more electronic music with Brazilian and Indian influences and lots of strings and so on. And I play guitar, which I learnt from playing along to Smashing Pumpkins, Metallica, Black Sabbath and now I’m starting from scratch, learning to make beats and play the keyboard properly bc obviously ‘Master of Puppets’ riffs aren’t quite appropriate for what I’m trying to do now and I feel like I’ve no idea what I’m doing, which is both exciting and scary, idek.

i just played through pokemon black and blue and it was really horrible ugh 

not only was it making the trainers look bad but it was also romanticizing team plasma’s actions and trying to lighten the play by making shitty jokes and i just


So I finally went to go play that Pokemon game PETA put up. 

Like legit PETA? I feel like you’re just picking on children’s video games now…


This is not me trying to be a smartass. This is legit what I call Tepigs on a regular basis. 

Not that being a smartass wasn’t my aim

HAHA oh man guys

i was just looking through some old drawings and omg i found my old octascratch from my first dive into the mlp fandom which was like eight or nine months ago

i used to have this sort of-series entitled “the tsundere adventures of scratch and octavia” HAHAH and i had like six pages filled with short stories (kind of) starring them

i don’t know how to explain it but HOT DAMN finding that was p much the highlight of my day

how's your love life?

i fucken hate that question! i dont have a love life, never did & most likely never will. im not like all these other girls that go from one guy to another! everyone knows me as the one that usually never has a boyfriend and is always doing her own thing. im not gunna lie, sometimes i miss all the relationship shit but to be straight up i dont really care if i have it or not! i mean, the dude will come one day or another but im not desperate to see when its gunna happen, if that makes sense. 

I’M KELSEY! 19 years young, florida native. smoke. skate. beach. drink. sleep. I’m happiest on my longboard. i’ve been playing drums for over 10 years now. i believe in respecting the earth, as well as yourself. i like to take pictures, and will someday make a profession of it. i have some amazing people in my life and wouldn’t trade them for the world. i frequently partake in the burning of high quality cannabis buds, and i love smoking out of (and appreciating!) nice glass. i’m an extremely social person, so let’s explore this world together :)